[] Dreeg's Dreidel - 2H Acid EoR Dervish - Beginner friendly MC farmer!

Ah thanks, I did it right then - cheers!

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Thank you so much for this detailed post and many good elaborated answers to many questions.

I’m a totally new player and I made 5x lv 40 characters, following all kind of guides. Conjurer (pets), Cabalist skele (pets), DW Dervish, 2H Vit Ritualist and a Bleed cojurist caster just to see what seems to be the best for me.

Then I stepped into this one. Comparing all the toons on lv40 (roughly equally geared), this ons rips a second and third ***hole into everything I come across. I just gear all items with +elemen resist and fill out the other resistances as I go on other stuff.

Awesome. Supergood and very newbie friendly to read.
+3 STR on this guide.

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In the past I have refused to try EoR builds, due to the fact that most are DW, and I am a lover of tanky S&B builds.

However, recently I decided to have a go at a 2H build, and I picked up this, and started to follow your guide.

It’s still early days, just level 35 so far, coming up to Homestead, but I just have to say WOW!

I play only with self found gear, but so far I’ve been mowing through enemies like a hot knife through butter. I’m having so much fun, I hardly even notice enemy heroes or bosses until I get that text on the screen saying “Enemy boss/Hero killed” or whatever it is that it says.

So yeah, really enjoying this. I think the forums really lacks more builds with a leveling guide like this one.

Just one question.

Would it be possible to add a word on Factions?

Like which Faction to go for, or if it really doesn’t matter. I think that’s the only thing missing in order to call this a really beginner friendly guide, even for first time GD players.

Anyway, thanks for posting this guide, I for one really enjoy it!

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Thank you for your feedback! Much appreciated!

As for factions, it really doesn’t matter. It all depends on what resists you are lacking at the moment.

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Thanks, just wanted to make sure I wouldn’t mess up by making a wrong choice along the way :slight_smile:

I am running this build atm - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/8NKLgQp2. It’s based on Stupid_Dragon’s Virulent Dervish guide.

The thing is Dreegal’anore just dropped and i wonder if i should switch to the Acid EoR build instead.

In order to do that, would i have to make many adjustments to my gear? If there are some improvements I could make (by crafting faction gear or farming some affix-less MIs), would the Acid EoR build be more potent than the Virulent one?

My current build kills stuff very fast, but i still die sometimes, but only because i am pretty careless in my gameplay and try to facetank bosses that i should kite.

You could definitely give it a shot. Would have to change a lot of skill points. Other than that, maybe just swap the helmet and slap in the Dreegal’anore.

what about the devotions? what helmet would you suggest?

You can keep the devotions at this point. They are not too far off anyways. As for the helmet, the non-mythical cowl of the venomblade is really good.

Is this build is good on Shattered Realm and on Crucible solo and in party?

In Softcore - yes. For HC - a lot of optimization is needed. It is possible to reach 16-20k life with good greens. Still, it’s not a warlord or vitality leech-tank and can’t carry a group in high SR.

If I see this correctly, with the devotion setup from the original post, you’d still have to use Shadow Strike like every 3-4 seconds? I just tried it out for some minutes and I find it a bit disturbing, it interrupts the flow of eor …

SS is a teleport skill first and foremost. It adds to overall mobility and clearing speed. Not to mention the near perfect sync with some devotion procs. You don’t have to disrupt your EoR though. Just use it when you need to reposition or advance faster.

Complete newb here have been playing about a week now and after testing out a bunch of diff classes into the low 30’s and getting stuck with with a couple of my made up builds, and a few guides I tried to follow. I decided to do some research and came across this. Just completed normal veteran including the expansions. Normal veteran was a breeze compared to my previous attempts. Will be pushing through elite over the next couple days. Thanks for the guide! Here is a link my char when i finished veteran at 59. https://www.grimtools.com/calc/w26ln1KZ

Edit: Only thing I can’t figure out is how I can’t find a weapon that does more dmg then that one yet. Ive put the same augment and the other craftable thing on seemingly better weapons with more acid/pois % and flat poison with conversion and this still significantly out dmgs them.

P.S. From a new member of this forum and to this game, really feel like more detailed beginner guides similar to this one are desperately needed.

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The non-mythical Dreegal’anore is a random level 58 drop, and would be your best weapon till level 94. Other than farming easy elite bosses and treasure troves, you could try gambling for it at Tyrant Hold with Etram Fald - celestial smith. If you have tons of mats to blow away, it’s about a 1/100 drop chance when crafting random melee weapons.

hi there Contragor.

Any changes you would make to this build in ?
Between your Immortal pet build and his one, which do you think is better ?


That’s the question I’m trying to answer now. Let me do some more testing. One thing is for sure, the Conduit of Night Whispers is now a lot less useful for the pet build.

Hello @Contragor.
I just want to say that this build rocks!
My first toon is arcanist lvl65, got Dreeg’s 2h sword drop and then saw ur build, till now im at 91 and starting ultimate (grimtools:) I dont know if I can handle SR/Crucible 170+ now tho :frowning_face:.

p.s: my only maldening is, korvaak’s brand is avoiding me.

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You would need level 94 gear to improve armor and especially DA. DA won’t be easy to bump, it’s a combination of rolls, component, augment and devo changes. If you can hit 2.8-3k with pneumatic burst active, should be able to handle crucible and SR. 170 without farma would be hard.

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Woah I got replied. Thank youu… :smile:
I’ll try my best to update my gear and hit that quota. Once again, thanks for the input–!