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Special thanks: Safarel, ArchHeretic, mad_lee, KoS9K and Ricardi0

I also want to thank all Safarel Discord Community



Stun Res in game doesn’t match Grimtools because items have been crafted for Stun Res

so no self healing???

what do u mean?

build have Word of Reneval skill
and Twin Fangs in devotions

both heals very well

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:zap: Build Update :zap:

It also has massive life steal on Aegis of Menhir

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~16% ADCTH (2x Seal of Blades + Restless Remains + Bat) is pretty big for hard hitting skills like Aegis of Menhir.

Seal of blades in weapon will not give more lifesteal to Aegis of Menhir…

I have no idea why the build has seal of blades in the sword, probably for more armor

Aegis of Menhir has % Weapon Damage on it, so it has to work with the Seal of Blades. Why wouldn’t it?

Yes but Aegis of menhir uses the off-hand as source of damage…

I wrote that it will ignore adcth you have on the main hand weapon.

adcth on weapons are not global but is used on each weapon specifically. Exception is on caster off-hands, those counts as global adcth.

Do you have an aegis of menhir build in real life or only in Grim Tools btw? if you do have in real life, hover the mouse over the skill description of aegis of menhir and also on “life steal” in the second char tab. There you will see that it separates main- and off-hand life steal.


Sorry for noobie question but I like the build… What’s the point of storm box and WoP? Do you actually cast them? I didn’t notice them used in the video but I’m probably missing some devotion trigger mechanic or smth

I’ve used Box and WoP only to activate devotion
This build is so bright so you need to look at skills toolbar if you want see then i used skils

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I bet you play this one with those special sun glasses that one uses to look at solar eclipses and sun spots :stuck_out_tongue:


You’re absolutely right :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I use special Emerald City Glasses ftom The Wizard of Oz

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ok next video you do, make sure to include face-cam as well xD

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I have 2 five-digit ICQ numbers
But I haven’t been there for a long time
Let me think… More than 10 years I’m not login in it

What’s ICQ? :angel:

It is a special kind of IQ