[] Set the arena on fire! Infernal Tome of Atonement Pyromancer


Which class sounds proper for fire/burn builds? Of course it’s good old Pyromancer. But these pyromaniacs are often outclassed by Purifiers, Shieldbrakers or Sorcs. So here’s something weird, that should not work. It’s caster with multiple spells on CD and devotion procs, lot’s of them.

Credit to @afanasenkov26 for the original idea, which I used as my inspiration for this build.


  • pic with permanent buffs

GRIM TOOLS :arrow_right: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/8NKdn0x2


Decided to use Infernal set and always wanted to build around Tome of Atonement off-hand, which isn’t that strong item. But was buffed and here it is! DEE have almost 5 seconds CD, so decided to skip it and use Sigil for sustain. Other gear I am using:

  • Weapon - Grim Fate. Useful mod on Mines and also boost Sigil. Really decent weapon.

  • Relic - Korvaak. I use the skill as nuke with high WD, also nice stats stats across the board. And I need the DA and OA.

  • Medal - BWC support.

  • RIngs - Little bit awkward. Converting the Bat damage is nice, also both are covering my resistances.

  • Amulet - Conduit for RR to Curse of Frailty.

  • Pants are for slow and Boots for stun. Also nice bonus on mines, DA and OA, proc to help defensively. Gloves are suited for Demo caster.


The idea is stack multiple damage effects on target. BWC, Korvaak relic proc, devotion procs, etc. Build is powered by excellent RR. Just see 26/16 mines, CoF and conduit.


Since Pyro isn’t the toughest class, multiple defensive layers are present - Blast Shield at 14/12, Possession % absorb, flat absorb from boots, Turtle and Phoenix. Also sustain with Bat and Ghoul, some health regen with Giant’s Blood proc and kiting style to avoid damage too. Physical resistance and heal from Blood of Dreeg helps too.


Build have nice clear rate in Crucible but it’s not immortal. Slow Nemesis waves can put you on some trouble. Speed is very different depending on which enemies can spawn. Bad mutators paired with spawns with Maiden, Grava and other fire resistant enemies can make build hellishly slow. So speed vary from 5:45 to 6:55. Here’s video 5:43 my :four_leaf_clover: run.


Wow! Grats on posting it. Also seems very similar to a spec I’ve given you long ago :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah it is. It was my inspiration to do this build. Let’s edit the credit to specify it!

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+1 simply because it is Pyro.

Also nice job.



Pyro needs more love. I tried Darkblaze and it’s good, posted fire caster. Always is nice to see forgotten vanila classes still have something to offer.

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Great build Nery, good to see more Pyromancers. Infernal Knight is a fun set to play around with too :+1:

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How dare you not use DEE?

I will compensate then, next build will be pure DEE :rofl:

No Fire DEE? But Crate wanted you to use Fire DEE!

But sick result and super solid build!

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Now that is great idea for a build!

Sadly you can’t have both IK and Blazeseer at same time, cause they both occupied same belt slot. Maiden is faster with non mythical Blood Sigil but Blazeseer have a medal. So:

  • GT shows average values. Items can roll with different stats. If you have multiple copies of same item or use GD stash you’ll likely will have better stats than GT link.

  • Guardians Gaze will be cool with 100% chaos conversion . Also the proc have AdctH.

  • About SR I don’t have that much experience and Pyromancer didn’t seem like the best fit for SR. But what helps is to have multiple layers of protection. Damage absorb like Phoenix or boots proc is good. I can’t see your devotions from my phone but also Giants’ blood and health regeneration is valid method for sustain. Also good is the defense against physical damage. BWC mode and Physical resistance from Aspect of the Guardian is good start. Perhaps more physical resistance and Ghoul are helping? Damage reduction source against direct hits. And finally health pool. Pyromancer is usually struggling with decent health.

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The fact is to fully use of 100% chaos converted to fire, i max out Hellfire Mine and Sigil/Destruction line, so i lack many skill points compare to your build to have shield absorb or health regen skills like Blast shield or Vindictive flame. And for devotion with Guadian Gaze and Phoenix i got 5 purple points (my 1st set up didnt have GG, till i saw yout build) so i can get max Chariot constellation (it gives huge OA and its proc is better than Behemoth since my base health regen is low). Yeah maybe i think it’s a fair exchange: got more dam for lower shield/tanky. I got Ghoul too, but seems cant squeze anywhere else for physical res :frowning:. Maybe you are right, Pyromancer wasnt meant for high SR…

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I don’t know what is considered high SR realms but both my and yours should do 65, maybe even 75.

Ghoul is always nice, chariot proc is meh. But Blast Shield is must on every caster. 10/12 and 14/12 are the break points. Vindictive Flame at 11/16 or 16/16 is fine too. In SR you have to sacrifice some offense for defense. So Blast shield is must. Also possible is Wendigo on skill with no CD. Healing proc, also physical resistance on third node :thinking:

The problems mostly start at SR 70 and above (solo). Maybe then i’ll try to lower Sigil/destruction skills for cap Blast Shield and a few more to Vindictive flames. I got so much fun with this build in multiplayer, and hardcap Hellfire mine helps my teamates a lot (like 45 RR aether and chaos for a pure fire build). Change my build right now and test it asap. Tks for your quick reply and your fantastic Pyro build :slight_smile:

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I have very similar build with a slightly different devotions setup (https://www.grimtools.com/calc/d2jypOlN). It’s fun but confusing part is that clear 150-170 is simpler than kill Morgoneth or Lokarr. Kiting is the very core of this build. You stop, you dead. IK set cries for more phys res.

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