[] Endless winter with Bane of the Winter King: <5 mins Crucible, SR75-76

I’ll make this quick because i’m not sure about this weapon’s near future. This is not a full guide, more of a weapon test. A guide on Morgoneth Infiltrator can be found in here. For a good Bane of the Winter King build look over there.

This sword was probably one of the two best two-handers in the game with it’s all around decent stats and whooping 18% cold RR aura which is much more powerful than any RR proc usually found on weapons.

This patch the sword received an addition of up to 9% CDR making it even more tempting to forge a Shadow Strike build with it. So here it is:

SS cooldown is 1.5 secs

Crucible 151-170 performance:

Shards gameplay:

Poison conversion from Morgo set combined with 22/12 in NJE and Nightfall provide high frostburn for a low cd SS. -93% cold resistance aura together with reliable Rumor and 20% RR from the Viper act as a multiplier for that high frostburn. It allows for fire-and-forget gameplay against any enemy with low cold resistance.

For comparison, same build with a very rare, CDR dedicated weapon for Nightblade (with very good mutators):


So MorgoBane only slightly < top fantasy MorgoLox? :face_with_monocle:

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Kudos for your times, impressive results!

Tag @norzan and bring popcorns. :sunglasses:

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I just planned to test my morgo infiltrator with winter King today, and here you are stealing my thunder. :sob:

Oh well, for the clueless ppl that think bane of Winter King is OK with that CDR, here you go.


Don’t be like that :smile: You were planning another build with more RR but no acid conversion. It’ll be interesting to see how how it fares.

4.16 in Cruci - yep definitely a #dead weapon. :rofl:

I am actually pointing out to how OP that sword is.


Let’s forget for a moment how the different opinions to this sword were raised (which led to the closing of the other thread so I guess Zantai has read the other postings nonetheless).

Grim Dawn is no rocket-science (anymore). Yeah, there are a lot of synergies and one has to look at the “Big Picture”. But sometimes the synergies like here were there before a buff and made even better. And this can be seen before even playing it (there were other examples in the past which were nerfed back later).

It’s not about #deadbuilds here. It’s about something too strong. No compensation was demanded, just shown why this buff was too much.

So perhaps stopping the bickering and the personal issues and focus on the topic at hand would help a little bit.

6 cents on early morning.

Bane was a good competitor to Soulrend even before, now it just makes it irrelevant.

  • How much CDR does SS have without those 8%?
  • How much CDR does SS have with Soulrend?

Considering Soulrend leads to very similar results plus having 10% more CDR: Why do people care about Bane since and never about Soulrend?

All honest questions, dont wanna be sarcastic here.

Bane has 18% more RR (on an aura, no less), considerably more base WD, and phys res. It hits harder, boosts any other cold-based skills you have, and boosts defenses in a way Soulrend doesn’t.

Alright. Dunno the exact SS-CDR-values yet, but. Shouldnt the 10% more on Sourend kind of compensate for that?

#dead as in dead in the next patch :rofl:


Soo - buff Soulrend instead? :slight_smile:

From 100+ SoT runs i have had 1 drop with 14% CDR vs Bane which drops all the time and i have 2 with 99% rolls - choices choices…

Another reason to just make Winter King solely a Pet Item :3

But @Norzan told me it was not op! How come??

Could it be that builders that predicted that Sword is gonna be broken right after they saw patch notes were right? No, it can’t be, can it???!


Sounds more to me Morgoneth needs more nerf instead :scorv:

Never said it wasn’t, all i said that no one had evidence for it. Now, was it so hard to come up with evidence? Now we can move on. And don’t think from now on the devs will take your word for it, they still want evidence instead of just saying it without it.


Some times empirical data is enough. You know walls are solidly build without need to bang your head against it and collect evidence.

Still Banana’s build is the living proof of how strong could this sword can be. I like it before too and used it in cold CT Spellbreaker. So nice item before, CDR now is putting it in direct competition with Soulrend.


Evidence is still the best thing you can show regardless if something looks op or not. I could make a list of things that looked OP on paper but underwhelming on paper, and weak on paper but actually too good on practice, and it would be a big list.

When experienced builders say something is op or weak it’s not because they want their build buffed or nerfed or for internet points. It’s because they know this shit and they have tested it. I have tested Bane of Winter King pre-buff and I know it was extremely strong already, strong enough to carry gimmicky concepts like Cold Blade Arc for example. Seeing those buffs made me realize that nearly op item is now officially op.

It seems like no matter how many times spot on feedback was provided by builders and how many times Zantai balanced endgame around the builds we post there is still a certain level of distrust and rush to ridicule our feedback among some prets and Zantai. We just know endgame better than you, guys, it’s been obvious for quite some times.