[] (2H Melee) The King in the North - 2H Melee Trickster, superboss killer [c+] [sr]


sorry, Jon Snow, but this is how the TRUE King in the North looks like.


OFFENSIVE SETUP (@mad_lee’s one)



  • Sword - BiS here, with very good damage, aura and +2 to both masteries;
  • Shoulders - very good overall bonuses and bonuses for 2handers;
  • Belt - probably strange choice but it covers gaps in resists and boosts OA;
  • Boots - can be changed for M. Amatok’s Step but I prefer these ones for better %damage and better proc.
    all gear is crafted for stun res



  • Very good both solo- and AoE-damage;
  • High RR - up to -124%;
  • Build is sturdy, with very good phys res for a 2hander and capped CC-resists like slow and freeze res.


  • Hard to get a good number of OA/DA and resists so well-rolled green belt is needed;
  • Kubacabra is somewhat a problem but in terms of time taken to kill it, not in terms of threat.






Special credits and thanks to @mad_lee for improving the build and making the Crucible video, and to all Safarel Discord Community.

All my builds are available here: Afanasenkov26’s Build collection


Urg. Bringing up GoT brings back PTSD of the final season. D&D can eat a sack of shit.


Let us leave past in the past, and D&D forever forgotten like Korvaak!

The North Remembers.

P.S: This will be my last off-topic comment.

Totally worth a watch if you want to laugh…and also cry a little on the inside.

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2H melee ftw!

How funny that you named in like this, look at how i called mine :smile:

And good thinking on Korba, i totally overlooked it when i built mine, and made it around PS conduit. As a result it had insane dmg with PS but it was dying too often because you need to chagre Savagery which makes everything inconsistent.

So i just tried Korba on my build and broke my personal 150-170 3+1 record at 5:50 min! Not sure how that happened, didn’t look at the mutators. Here is the spec in case you wanna give this rendition a go:

Wow, what a coincidence, man! :smile:
So, cold PS is in a really bad state?
Haven’t tried it personally.

And wow. In your setup you have about 10k more damage but I see some things like low slow res and absence of Ring of Steel that confuse me a bit. :thinking:

You need a higher slow roll on boots and a slow craft on the helm. Didn’t take RoS cause it’s just +1 button to press. I think trash dies to rings+relic procs and boosted aura.

Edit: I think Thunderous Strike sucks period. It sucks in the same manner on full Rotgeist btw. It only works on Ultos - just because Ultos is built for it. TS really needs some help and the easiest way to buff it is to increase Savagery charge decay to 4 sec.

But I still think 30% fumble is great :thinking:

I’m not actually sure if it’s a problem of TS as it is very powerful itself or a problem of other damage types and builds like 2H melee vitality. But the idea to increase the stacks’ duration is great, imo.

Nice build, love to see cold Trickster! :heart_eyes:

Funnily enough, I am playing currently build with exact same weapon.

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And what’s your build, actually?

I am gonna post it tomorrow, it’s a Spellbreaker.

wow. looking forward to see it!

hi, im very new to GD but i love the idea of this build, would someone be able to show/tell me how to do skills and devotions while leveling this build? idk what to prioritize or take