[] 2h melee cold spellbreaker, SR 70 viable

Hi, let me preface this build by saying that I’ve been a lurker on this forum for quite a while. My first GD char was one that I shamelessly nicked off this forum and played through the game just following it. While the game was still so much fun I knew I had to go about it differently the second time and decided to use grimtools to make my own. So this is my first actual build and since it turned out better than I expected, I wanted to share it here. Boi how exciting.

I didn’t know what i wanted at first so I went with masteries that caught my interest. Nightblade had some fun skills and arcanist has a very nice skilltree background color, but I wasn’t going to dualwield and I definitely wasn’t playing a caster.

So here it is: GRIM TOOLS

Since I dislike kiting, a large part of the build are defensive measures like barriers, life steal and phys. res. Soulreaver+Alkamos ring set may be a better fit for the build but I’d sooner try mining gold in my backyard than farm those things.

Stonetread, ancestry, turtle, crab, thats my problem-free philosophy, hakuna matata. Of course it ended up somewhat lacking in damage. With about 60k sheet dps with buffs, it is, as my gf would say:“smaller than average”. I tried using beronath but it didn’t do much for me.

I didn’t expect it to get far in SR and the build was lackluster when I first came up with it but since I grew to like it, the lust to improve it and push it further made it possible to use in certain end game areas, of which I have a few vids to share.

MQ facetanked without mirror or pots
Kra’vall the same

Dungeons are a faceroll, but their final bosses require using buttons not present on the mouse.
I also skipped elite with a merit and let me tell you, going through the first acts with -20 poison resist is a once in a lifetime experience, totally recommend it.

Here is a whole shard run of SR 70, got a bit hectic in the reaper+zantarin 1v2 in the end.
SR 70

Grava facetank SR 70 -I heard he’s supposed to have some special move, is that why I lose buffs twice in the fight?

Pretty much any boss can be facetanked in this SR range 1v1 and most 1v2, there are however some troublesome ones:

  • Fabius - takes a while to kill as you can see in the vid
  • Kuba - with regenerating mutator takes like 3-5 minutes to kill
  • Kaisan - does a lot of damage
  • Reaper - seems to have a high crit chance
  • Moosi - preferably 1v1 but doesn’t take that long
  • Aleksander - dips my hp a lot but I can’t remember the last time he killed me
  • Zantarin - needs to be kited since life steal seems weak against him
  • Sentinel - the single hardest boss for this build, requires good skill timing even 1v1

It can go a little higher but the last time i tried it, I met Rashalga in 73 who upon flicking one of her long, shapely, luscious, sinuous legs promptly ended my optimistic journey in one stroke, so that’s where it gets too unreliable.

  • Mogdrogen - he just stuns and kills me
  • Ravager - he just kills me
  • Callagadra - I’m sure you can imagine

Feel free to point out potential nonsense in my build, I won’t call anyone names, at least not pleasant ones :slightly_smiling_face:.

Bonus: Punching Bysmiel’s good boi to death -Is it done entirely with punches? No. Is it a measure of the builds strength? No. Am I still gonna put the vid here? Yes.

Thanks for reading.


Thx for posting, cool build! I’ve been playing the shit out of SS lately, and it’s been nerfed af but still produces some of the fastest runners itg. Here’s my latest SS build for reference, and here is the classic Morgo - the holder of all time record in Crucible.

One question (out of a thousand): why the boots?

Also a small suggestion: get NJE at least to to 12. It will be -0.6s to SS cooldown. It seems like nothing but when you build SS, you fight for every 0.1s cdr, and it’s always worth it. Also, at least cap Nightfall. Both dmg and healing are great. Last, put your SS on LMB since it’s the stronger skill than ABB. Then you can walk and activate SS as soon as it’s off cooldown with the same button.

With the boots i thought they’d be good for survival, but it seems more consistent damage/lifesteal is probably better than another arbitrary barrier. Especially in SR things with 20 sec cooldowns are probably not worth it.

Phys res and da from Wraithwalkers would be better than armor from Stonetreaders. Wraithwalkers also got 5s of +20% dodge every 20s. Normally I would suggest the obvious Amatoks but you got slow res covered by Iskandra.