[] MORGO (sr+) (Crucible Champ)

[] Record Breaking Morgoneth Infiltrator

Here’s a total glassification of Morgoneth infilitrator. A joint effort of @Plasmodermic and me with meaningful advice from @Mad_Lee and @Nery. As well as Crucible (4+3 no pharma) world record of all times by @banana_peel.

GT: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/1NXjnO8V

Crucible 4+3 (3:38) by Banana

Crucible 4+3 (3:52) by Plasmo

This is a total fantasy, 100% glassified setup made with the sole purpose of breaking the world Crucible record. It features Leviathan for extra oomph at a great cost of defense. For a more “normal” and universally playable setup that’s somewhat more realistic wtihout fantasy affixes, I suggest something like this: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YZe4JGXV with maybe rings of Ice and Fire, Eternal Haunt or Elemental Balance ring-set as an alternative to the unobtainable magi rings.

[] Morgoneth Infiltrator

Hello world!

I bring another installment of Crucible sub-5-madness: Morgo DW Infiltrator. But first, respect and recognition where it’s due: Mad_Lee, Nery, thejabrixone and Poisonman who already posted some other Morgoneth builds. Pardon me if I omitted someone.

Today, two setups: fantasy one and a friendlier one with no rare affixes and better health and resistances. Here’s a quick mix of the two:

(no procs of any kind, SR mutators)

FANTASY SETUP: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/r2BWQjWV

NO-RARE balanced SETUP: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/r2B1gpwN (thx Mad_Lee for some suggestions)


It’s green but - as a principle - only where it needs to be. Anyways,getting Morgo set and Magi rings alone is a hardcore grind so it’s not just the greens that make it fantasy. Build combines:

  • maximized cold Shadow Strike with over 50% vitality to cold conversion for the mods and Nightfall DoTs
  • 100% lightning to cold conversion with sofcapped Storm Box of Elgoloth for the debuff, proccing and more reliant DoT action (I mean being able to leave enemies unfinished without the fear of having to get back to them later)
  • very very proccy (Mogro procs - set and boots, 100% cold Ultos, Blizzard, double Magi Eyes in full cold which is kinda op but Zantai’s never gonna click on this :smiling_imp:, Nidalla, etc., etc.)
  • some minor wps melee action when SS is on cooldown
  • very good sustain

Some cons:

  • Health looks ugly. But Morgo set got no flat health and getting it up to symbolic 5 digits wouldn’t really make a difference but would hurt precious dps a lot.
  • No Seal. Had to make way for dps. But build moves so much it doesn’t really matter. And heals to full every SS (against 3 or more) so you can always break away when you spider-sense a deadly crit and get back to action a second later in an instant. Actually, Seal often gives a wrong impression that your elemental resistance is alright when it’s not outside of it - and this one is outside of it a lot.
  • Magi rings might be nerfed next hotfix. Or won’t. Unpredictable.

the videos are privet… nice build btw

Cold and no seal? :wink:
The videos are private but good times for melee!

Sorry about that, connections break down all the time where I live, and there’s new regulations on YouTube. But times are solid.

No surprises here. Overtuned inquis, overtuned set. Morg set was already destined for a touch up in, this will probably just tempt harsher changes instead of addressing the real root cause for this specific instance.

i feel u me to XD he’r in africa everyday network problem

Nah it’s the SKILL :wink:

But seriously, neither the set nor infiltrator are overtuned. It’s just this combo of things synergizes and gets what’s required to get good Crucible times. If anything, it’s the ring procs and the belt. One Magi Eye deals 270-625 cold (and 8% wpn dmg).

I’ve been waffling on pointing out the belt as an offender since up until recently its only grace had been putting cold reaper on the map. Average rolls make the belt functionally a ~150/s frostburn AoE which is good but not exactly a grand outlier in terms of conversion belts.

Morg set provides abnormal durability for its offensive bent and heavily focused skill bonuses reminiscent of past renditions of Lights Defender.

It’s no surprise when you pile so much on top of the overbudgeted inquisitor skills it can blatantly ignore seal and push such numbers.

What attack do you use for triggering the wps ?

Generally you’re just holding down SS, WPS come out when SS is on cooldown.

ah, the wps come from normal , standard attack?

Yes. Between SS (on such a low CD), blade burst, RoS, mobility rune, travel time and uncapped AS there’s not enough auto attacks being thrown out to justify using bero shard.

So sick times! Needs to try again my Reaper :smile:

Or to build something else with this set…

Need to get 2 more set items ^^

Insane results Ya, congrats! BTW, all of your videos are in private and there’s no GT link for no rare setup.

I will make DW version with legendary weapons in the near future. This morgoneth SS just remind me of how fun SS is…

btw, it seems like you put a youtube link at the no rare setup section lol

Vids and links fixed, thanks for your interest.

It is fun. Very mobile. Very explosive but at the same time very “DoTy” with good consistent AoE like Devils or Totems where you don’t have to hack the last health point out of every single enemy. What I’d really wish for is some health, though. Gotta go out of your way to get health up to even 10k. Build is very consistent though, thanks to adcth, but for some reason it feels stupid to have health in 4 digits only… :joy:

How are drop rates on it?

Only dropped on the hungers so far.
Got glove, shoes (no set, yes), legs (…), and shoulders.
In maybe 20 runs.
But felt more ^^.

Magi rings are apparently worse than Alkamos to farm, though, or so I’ve heard. They are extremely good on this build even with zero aether.

Number I saw mentioned was 1.6%
Combine this with a 2/7 chance at magi spawn and you’re looking at something 4-5x as rare as alkamos rings. Is TotH a faster run than SoT by a significant margin?