[] Cold DW with Belgo set, non-stop rush with cold Vire's Might and 18 winds Druid. Some memes from a bored tryhard

Every once in a while you need to break away from “serious” play, whether it’s MC, SR or Crucible, HC or softcore, and play some memes.

GD provides vast posibilities for meme building, and when you are locked up in your flat for months, your mind start producing some… unorthodox ideas.

First stop is cold DW melee with Belgo set. Funny thing is it’s almost as good as pierce Belgo because cold base patches the natural lack of AoE on pierce builds.


Next on the menu we have cold Vire’s Might. Have you ever farmed Alkamos rings and had good drops on his sword? It is inferior to Bane of Winter King even with fantasy rolls… unless you like to skate around. Three movement abilities with high dmg and very low cooldown - isn’t that fun?


Last thing for today is a girl called Windy. She has a windy character and doesn’t go outside unless accompanied by 18 winds. All of them are player scaled pets. The majority of the dmg comes from Wind Devils, of course. Other winds serve a ulitily purpose, to send a signal: don’t bother hitting on me, i’m not here for long anyway.


Cheers everyone and be safe! :v:


Cool builds. I especially like the last one with all the player scaling pets.

I have a personal hunch that player-scaling pets are gonna take over the meta, or I hope so :heart_eyes:


YES I HAVE :smiley:

On the Spellbreaker, is it really worth to grab Manifestation? You do not have that much flat physical damage to convert.

Druid was very nice, looks awesome!


IEE transmuter

Oh lol i didn’t even know it’s name :smile:
Yeah, just some more cold conversion for the main hand and Belgothian Shears. It’s not mandatory.

Should call it the Ice Skater

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Love all of the builds here, especially the Cold Vire’s Might one. Great minds think alike on the last one as well, though yours looks much better with the full Cyclone set :grinning:.

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Is effect on volcanic stride changed to cold?

Unfortunately, no.

That should be changed.

Unless it also gets a 100% Fire->Cold skill modifier, doesn’t really make sense for it to change. Global conversion never changes skill FX because it can’t on a mechanical level.

So it is like torrent on primal strike?

Not my initial point but now that you mention it, it might be. If so, that means not even a skill modifier like the one I mentioned would change the damage on Volcanic Stride.

pneumatic burst can give you 100% fire to cold global.

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These are awesome man, thank you so much for sharing! I really wish more people shared fun memes! To me they’re the most interesting builds in the game. Should make a thread “Meme Compendium”.


Item Skill Modifiers can be added to items and item sets to change these Secondary Skills (i.e. Explosive Strike, Torrent, etc) but Zantai said they won’t do it since it would be confusing and contribute to tooltip bloat. Kinda sucks if you ask me. See my suggestion thread for more info:


In this case it should be changed, so that we can have Freezing Stride :slight_smile: