[] Dark One's new adventures - Acid Sentinel + bonus build


Dark One vitality builds are some of the most popular ones in GD and usually the set is known for it’s vitality qualities. But both items and proc boost equally % acid damage. So decided to make this caster with multiple skills and effects doing fully acid damage :slightly_smiling_face:


  • pic with permanent buffs and Ascension, which should be permanent as well.

GRIM TOOLS :arrow_right: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/w26LvR8Z


The idea is to spam Biting Blades and have multiple support skills/procs doing AoE damage. So items are my try to support all the skills in my rotation - Sigil, Pox, 3x Guardians. Decided not to use DEE, cause I lack skill points for proper investment and it’s too much cringe to have Dark One and not Dreeg set DEE build.


Core here is target farmable set Dark One. Also:

  • Weapon is Pandemic, nice boost of Guardians, big % acid boost and CDR.

  • Off-Hand is Nardin, +1 Occultist and acid boost to Pox, pretty decent for this concept.

  • Amulet is Radaggan for Sigil mod and +1 Occultist mastery.I like it here, even just for the thematic purpose. Plagues of Dreeg amulet is also an option.

  • Rings are 1x Shuroth for the proc and vitality to acid conversion and 1x Lifegiver for +2 Guardians skill point boost and also mediocre defensive proc.

  • Medal is my only green item here, it boosts Sigil of Consumption vitality damage, which will be almost fully convert to acid. NOTE: I use Oathkeeper prefix with +2 Guardians, without it I can’t reach 24/16 for the extra summon.

  • Pants, relic and belt are standard acid items. Boots are Grey Magi, looks suitable here with their resistances, DA and spirit.


The goal is to take Aeon for permanent Ascension, in same path is Korvaak with nice DA/OA shred proc. I choose Guardian’s Gaze proc as well, together with Korvaak are mega cool! Revenant is for flat RR, Ghoul helps with the defense.


These days I enjoy creating builds more than actually playing them but this one is real fun. And pretty easy to pilot as well, mash them keys and spam BBlades.

in Crucible build have good clear rate, although MadQueen can’t be facetanked and some waves requires some focus. So I died once in 9 tries. My times are around 6:25 on average with fastest run being 5:55, video:

In SR tried it few times in 75, some combinations are hard but in general build looks decent candidate for farming it, video from full shard 75:

Additional Information

I remember that I had old cheaper Sentinel caster version with Dark One set and leveling guide for Sentinel, you can check it as well.:

Bonus Build

So this one is inspired by old @mad_lee Witch Hunter. It’s Witch Hunter using full Dark One set and Quillthrower of Dreeg 2H ranged weapon, so it’s ABB/Biting Blades range hybrid. It’s durable build, not very fast and I personally prefer the Sentinel.

  • permanent buffs only, DPS for Biting Blades.

GRIM TOOLS :arrow_right: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4NOPAO42


Acid/Poison Occultist build that performs great and has 0 points invested in DEE despite decent bonuses to it. Ouch, says a lot about DEE.

That’s a very nice build tho. One thing I have to ask, why these devotions? Yeah, perma Ascension sounds good, but how does the build fare with classic devo map? Also, it seems like one of the builders in our Discord might have figured out a new meta for Acid builds with this belt and Shuroth ring - it’s a map with Scales.

Also, it might be that Salt in main-hand as opposed to doesn’t boost your racial damage globally but just for weapon damage attacks, but I am not sure.

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Devotion map with Hourglass is balanced with better stats and slow resistance, Korvaak have nice damage as well and I still get 2x acid procs. The question is are Abomination and Yugol better pick? I think for melee builds and without chance to perma Ascension I would pick them and never go Aeon but for caster I prefer my route.

Scales with full conversion will make acid build pretty tanky, for deep SR run is suited, I agree.

Purified Salt, being on weapon isn’t a problem to my understanding but who knows :man_shrugging:

Hi Nery!
This build seems weird a bit for me. I’ve never thought SoC or Guardians are noteworthy. Devotions are interesting too.
But performance is extremely impressive, build is well balanced!
Gratz and GJ!


Thanks a lot!

I want to use Sigil and if you see it have some skill mods and almost perfect conversion, not monster amounts of damage but in piano rotation is fine. Guardians are not big damage dealers but I also have some skill mods and conversion.

I also expected worse results to be honest.

PS, you are rarely active in forums these days, do you still play?

No, just check new builds from time to time.

Nice Toxic build

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angry mafia noises


Build have one green, not toxic enough. :smile:


Acid Purge?


Hate to use same meme twice but you throw Kirk against me :smile:

To be honest Acid Purge feels awkward and I have to interrupt it constantly to use piano skills and that’s bad for channeling skill. And you can’t go wrong with Biting Blades on acid build.