[] Bloody Madness! Fevered Rage Bloody Pox Conjurer. SR-80 & Gladiator 150-170

I very recently posted another Bloody Pox build that I just wanted to share with yall cuz I thought it was a fun build to goof around with… but why not try to take it to another level and be more “serious” about it?

And that’s how this build was born… :clown_face:

It basicly stacks three Pox-like abilities (Bloody Pox, Necrosis & Plague of Consumption) while you kite stuff around your Wendigo Totems & converted Storm Totems while debuffing with Curse of Frailty & Devouring Swarm.

Shout-out once again goes to roman for piloting the cruci run :heart: & Monccc who suggested adding Storm Totems in as well. :+1:

But enough talk… here’s the builds GT, devos, stats & vids:

Grimtools: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/D2pyRoJV








Gladi 150-170:

Your feedback, suggestions, criticism, thoughts and all that good stuff are as always very welcome & apreciated! :sunglasses:

Feel free to also check my other builds!

Cheers, Mergo! :crazy_face:


make bloody pox great!!

any relevant updates in recent patches?:smiley:

Truth be told I havent rly been playing much GD in the past months cuz been rather busy.

So you would have to check the recent patches for pox related stuff urself. :eyes: