[]Uncle Ray Ray the Physical Aether Ray - Battlemage

*Uncle Ray about to unleash his physical ray

So, the other day I was scrolling through the grimtools looking at item that convert damage to physical and got an idea what if I convert AAR to deal physical damage? I have no experience in playing caster in Grim Dawn as I much more prefer an auto attack build, so this also my first time making a caster build. From reading threads about AAR I got the conclusion that the bane of this type of skill is the high energy cost, so my first goal was to get high energy regen to be able comfortably casting it without worry that my energy depleted. Skill, devotion, and item may not be optimal since I mostly focus on energy regen, but in the end here is the build that I made:

GRIMTOOLS: Physical Ray ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Due to the removal of % Damage from Disintegration DPS is dropped to 142K.

Update hit the build a bit, dps got reduced by about 6k so it perform similarly with the version.

I decided to remade the build from scratch, changing equipment, devotion path, and the focus of the build and still maintaining full 100% Aether and Elemental converted to Phsyical. In the end compared to previous build this one offer greater survivability, damage, and critical while still providing tolerable energy regen (must use energy potion once it reach half bar). This recreated build actually already done in but I decided to postponed it after released. Thankfully the change to Inashkor off hand in actually increase the DPS by about 8k, so it get buffed in this patch.

Physical Ray DPS
Physical Ray Damage
% Physical Damage and Stats
CC Defense

Compared to previous version build have much more easier time clearing SR 65-66 without death and within time limit. I don’t playing crucible mode so no clear time included. Build is capable of doing SR 80 :grava_yes:. Kupa and Reaper with lifesteal still an *ss though.


Physical Ray

MI obviously GDStashed :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

No Green Setup with Krieg sets

  • New update increase DPS to 141k while physical AAR damage increased by 1k from new mod on offhand
  • Ray now yellow and it actually beautiful
  • Slight increase for OA/DA
  • Resist and Defense are unchanged

This build convert 100% Aether and Elemental damage to Physical damage, with the amulet provide as the source of life sustain, it have no problem with energy regen (previously it reach as high as 400 energy regen), it can nonstop channeling 24/17 AAR for full 53 second with 293 regen, and have reasonable armor as a caster, but weak RR with only -42% for physical. The only time I struggle are vs Rylok, Obsidian, and other construct/golem type of enemy that can’t be lifestealed.

Character Sheet (only with toggle buff)
AAR Physical Damage
% Physical Damage, Casting, Cost Reduction
CC Resist

Build can do MC but not yet tried with Mogdrogen or Callagdria. Since I’m not a Crucible or SR player and have bad piloting skill, I don’t know the full potential of this build in those mode. SR can do 65-66 struggling with neutral mod. On the Crucible died in 160 vs Aleksander + Kupacabra and other purple boss spawn, but I think others might be able to push the number to reach and finish 170.


Hmm…mine looks different.


At first I thought you gonna make this build https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stillbirth

But look at that upgrades… :money_mouth_face:

This item looks insane! What a nice upgrade. Can’t wait to try it :slightly_smiling_face:.

This patch should be called a battlemage patch… seriously so many battlemage stuff… and it’s awesome! :3

https://www.grimtools.com/calc/d2jxm14Z possible setup for physical AAR? :thinking:

With the upgrade tease on Inashkor Head, now it just needs it and decree of the circle of the five to achieve full physical ray build, and Krieg set may support this build again but it didn’t have much energy regen for 5 slot set, and with 26/22 i think you need to have ±350 energy regen to not worrying about energy

May I request for the mod to be aether instead of phys? For ummmm… reasons :wink:

https://www.grimtools.com/calc/L2J4jvaZ thats my theory craft of a physical battle mage

We need more battle mage builds. :wink:

Looking at build compendium make me realize how few it is a guide for battlemage, was it because the lack of RR on both mastery? :sweat_smile:

Probably yes. Having literally 0 rr is kinda bad :S War Cry is 30 phys rr if you go physical bama, 15 rr if other damage bama ;(

Ok, just retrying SR and Crucible again today, SR results are still struggling in 65-66, meanwhile Crucible got it to 160 and died vs Aleksander and Kupa (perhaps was stunned by random heroes and meteor drop on Kupa pool).

Yes, and OFF is an unreliable RR vs bosses except if using specific item to reduce the boss freeze resistance

@arivus Creative concept that definitely was improved with the new patch.

:+1: :+1: to the improved Fashion Dawn as well!

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Retrying old idea to tweak the build using krieg set and increasing physical RR into like this:

Turns out build is much weaker in practice, losing 30k dps (due to bladetwister also convert elemental to physical), 2k base AAR physical damage and 500 armor for an extra -20% RR and +1 soldier skill. Build now struggling more on SR 65 against Grava. At least the build have more easier access to gear than 4 piece MI.

Try Combustion band instead, yes it has 2 less RR but it doesn’t have conversion on it

Oh yeah, I forget about combustion band although I use it on both my chaos and fire build :sweat_smile:

Using combust band increase the dps to 120k ish but now the RR is -60% compared to 141k and -42%, I think it is quite even. Now the problem it has is the loss of 500 armor, I’m gonna change the ring component to bloodied crystal for extra armor but losing about 30 energy regen which I currently think its okay since in game it actually have 290 energy regen. The build now like this:

I also have question, previously I use War Cry/Break Morale to reduce enemy physical resistance by flat 35, but since I’m using Krieg set I got the skill Krieg Wrath which reduce all resistance by flat 20. So, should I keep using War Cry/Break Morale or spent the 13 skill point on them and use it on other skill and using Krieg Wrath for flat RR. Both skill have 5s cd.

If changed, it will be like this: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/nZoBW8EV

Hello, was wondering if the latest hotfix impacts this build at all:

Bull Rush, Maul and Blind Fury can now be bound to Channeled spells such as Albrecht’s Aether Ray and Drain Essence.

I don’t think there’s an impact, athereach change only affects the pet parts which this build didn’t use. While the change to Bull Rush, Maul, and blind fury can be used with AAR, this build didn’t take any of those devotion skill, as the devotion path in this build is the main source of energy regen for this build, so it will be harder to tweak the devotion if you want to use that devotion skill.