>< 2H Melee Gutsmasher Physical Warlord. SR 75 ,Mogdrogen Kill

Attention: This is one of my older builds and in the process I improved the 2h Melee Cadence Warlord setup but instead of updating this thread, I created a new one. So please ignore this one and follow the link below! which is a better build in every way and will be more up to date.


It needs better lifesteal for more consistent SR, we already talked about it. 12 % is low. You can have that on a shield build but not on DW or 2h melee.

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I’m aware as I experienced the difficulties againts multiple nemesis/boss combinations. I just wanted to see how far it can go as it is right now. I’m going to make a version with Leviathan with more lifesteal after I digest the new patch :slight_smile: But now with upgraded crimson claws things can go wild :slight_smile:

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And it went wild. I used the opportunity to change the flat physical augments to flat pierce augments and they have 70+ defensive ability on the ring ones(I don’t need 3300 DA) so I reset the attributes and give most points to cunning now I have better sheet dps, better OA, better DA, and higher Cadence damage along with much better aoe. I had no time for long try but I farmed SR 70-71 without any devotion change and I can say the build is stronger now. I’ll update the build when I’m free.

Build is updated for in order to new modifier on Crimson Claws.
I was using Grasp of Unchained Might before now using Crimson Claws. I changed all physical flat damage augments to pierce flat ones in order to avoid false numbers on the dps sheet because of the individual armor check of flat physical bonus on the gear.
The build has %12 lifesteal before and it was inconsistent due to two regular hit before cadence. I improved it to %17 and gained %8 physical resistant.
The flat physical augments were giving OA bonus but Pierce ones gives DA, so with the loss of the Ulzaad and having enough survival skills with better phys resist, better lifesteal etc, I changed most of the physique attribute to cunning in order to compensate the lost damage. Now the build have better and true sheet dps but less proc. However it worked better in the end. The build was very inconsistent in the 65+ before but now 70-75 is easy except two run with bad mutators and I also never get the -physical resist mutator while trying so I wasn’t lucky on the screenshots. I’m leveling with too many characters at the same time right now so I don’t think I’m going to push it further than 75-76 in any time soon but aware that it can do better.

Hi fordprefect, I was running a 2h Warlord, with moderate success. I was wondering if you would give me the “order” to pick the devotion points. I’m not sure how you were able to get to some of the outlying constellations. I know it is lazy of me to ask, but if you don’t mind providing guidance, I would appreciate it.

Hi, can i level with your build? Is it ultimate viable? What are your opinions in your early stage building and can i just use self found gears for your build?

Hi, now both of your questions are related I’m gonna explain the whole leveling process I used.
First of all, it depends what skill are you using? I leveled this build with Blade Arc-Judgment combo with Baldir Set and other self found green-epic-legendary gears until 94. I had already have Guillotine when I reached 50 so I used it until 84 then Gutsmasher. After 94 and Warborn set I changed the whole devotions and skill points to Physical Cadence setup.

Now my first suggestion would be don’t level with Cadence so let’s start with Blade Arc leveling setup. I suggest you to use 2H weapon all the time, shield and blade will slow your pace.

Skills: Take Blade Arc and Blitz( just 1-2 points for mobility) first. Then Give 1-2 points for Menhir’s Will for survivability. Give atleast 7 points to Blade Arc then go Oathkeeper line. Give a few points to Resilience and Presence of Virtue then take judgment after that you go for laceration. You’ll have something like this when you reached the level 35. https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YNnOMmG2
The rest is much easier, overcap BA and Laceration, give some more points to Judgment and Crushing Verdict(DA reduction).

Devotions: Take Dryad first, very good stats and proc at the beginning. Then take Fox>Sailor’s Guide>Kraker>Jackal>Empty Throne>Huntress>Ghouls>Ulzaad. The rest is not important because you gonna change it anyway.

This and this item will make your leveling easier. When you reached level 65 this will be very useful https://www.grimtools.com/db/itemsets/154

Playstyle: Use blitz to go among the pack of foes. Use judgment, then spam BA. Most of the time you’ll be overkilling enemies on Veteran. You’ll be one-two hit and they bleed out to death. Very fun playstyle actually but be carefull BA consumes your mana too fast and it’s kinda slow againts lone hero or boss monsters.

But in case you insist on leveling with Cadence. The early game devotion setup would be like this take Bull> Spider> Eel> Kraken> Ghoul> Fox> Empty Throne< Ulzaad

Thanks for the detailed leveling guide…appreciate it…i am just starting my soldier with cadence…

Then get one of these from Smuggler’s Pass before you reach the act 3. Focus on soldier side first, You should have something like this https://www.grimtools.com/calc/D2p5JzLV

Alright! Shall follow your guide…and any opinions on devotions?

Check the grimtools link, I put some point up to 35-40 level.

Thank you fordprefect.

You’re welcome and I guess I missed one of your questions about how I get the outlying constellations. Use this order;

  1. Blue, Yellow and Green in the Crossroads
  2. Take Sailor’s Guide and Fox
  3. Take Kraken
  4. Take Assasin’s Mark
  5. Take Dryad
  6. Take Ghoul
  7. Take Empty Throne
  8. Take Typhos
  9. Take Crab
  10. Take Azrakaa
  11. Remove blue,green and yellow nods from the crossroads
  12. Give 3 points to toad to get lifesteal
  13. Give 3 points to Wendigo to get attack speed and physical resistance

Great, thank you for the follow-up. Much appreciated.

now that i reached level 35…what’s your opinion on the leveling process till later stage?

Can you send me your character’s grimtools link please? So I can make suggestions that can practically work out.

Hi fordprefect,


First of all, Blade Arc isn’t an auto attack modifier so weapon pool skills like markovian advantage doesn’t work with it. You don’t need fighting spirit in this level so save those 3 points to somewhere else. Unless you switch your main skill to Cadence. Your devotions looks fine. Change your ring components to corpse dust and leg to ancient armor plate. After taking rend bind it to blade arc, go for ghoul it helps your survival and bind dryad to judgment.

Okay, thanks. I read up, after your comment, about default weapon attacks. I didn’t realize there were so few, and that you couldn’t just assign whatever to left click and have the passives proc. Thank you.

I appreciate you took the time to respond.

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