[] Har'Zin's 2H Ranged/Doooom Bolt Deceiver - Crucible Farmer with 1.600k Crits (3Buffs;1Banner)

Build-Update -
  • Components: exchanged Sanctified Bone in Head/Chest for Prismatic Diamond/Living Armor (nerf of racial bonus)
  • Components: exchanged one Bloodied Crystal in Ring for Runebound Topaz (more HP/DA for a bit Armor/Bleed Res)
  • Gear: exchanged prefix “Thunderstruck” in Boots for “Renegade’s” crafted with Stun Res (fits better for Resistances [Stun, Pierce, Aether] and frees some spots for other Arguments)
  • Devotions: skipped Solemn Watcher, Fiend and Spear of Heavens for Hydra, Eye of the Guardian, 7/7 Dying God and Blue Nod Crossroads -> thanks to tqFan (if you wanna go more def -> exchange Eye of the Guardian with Quill and skip Hawk for Ghoul)
  • Skills: skipped Sigil of Consumption/Destruction (2 Points)
  • Skills: reduced Curse of Frailty from 7 to 5 (2 Points)
  • Skills: took Horn of Gandarr (1 Point)
  • Skills: Bursting Round from 6 to 8 (2 Points)
  • Skills: Storm Spread from 7 to 8 (1 Point)

There are some item-changes in the patches since like the Stun-Res mentioned before. Every change in numbers are included in the following results.


  • HP 10.520 -> 11.091
  • OA 3.149 -> 3.237
  • DA 3.010 -> 3.131
  • Armor 2.098 -> 1.966
  • Stun-Res 61% -> 77%
  • Physical Res 32% -> 33%
  • Slow Res 68% -> 80%

The build won from to and with the above mentioned changes.


This build was born in this order:

  1. I am a big fan of the Harbinger-Set
  2. Rah’Zin’s Torment’s benefits (rr + default attack)
  3. Synergies between the Occultist and Inquisitor class in terms of chaos damage, ranged combat and rr


Touch of Chaos spam with 79% WPS (Bursting Round, Chilling Round, Storm Spread, Burning Void) + double DOOM BOLT via Time Dilation.
Use the heavy burst damage from Doom Bolt to kill Bosses/Nemesis really fast - sometimes with one hit. Average damage in Crucible Gladiator with 3 Buffs and 1 Banner is ~400k, above 1.000k are not rare.

Blood of Dreeg, Word of Renewal, Hungering Void, War Cry, Deadly Aim, The Harbinger, Prismatic Rage

The Harbinger! Awesome Circuit Breaker in addition to good overcapped primary resistances and good secondary resistances + 3.100 DA/2.000 Armor/Damage Reduction (24% Impaired Aim; 20% Reduction; 230 Flat Absorption; 20% Absorption)

3.237 OA, up to 3.921% Chaos Modifier and whopping 168 rr (25 Rah’Zin’s + 25 Word of Pain + 10 Curse of the Void + 8 Combustion + 10 Ignaffar’s Combustion + 35 Eldritch Fire + 20 Harbingers Mark + 35 Doom Bolt)

Head, Hand and Weapon = The Harbinger
Neck, Chest, Shoulder and Waist = Rah’Zin’s
Rings = Voidheart/Mythical Combustion Band
Leg = Mythical Demonbone Legplate
Relic = Ignaffar’s Combustion

Boots/Medal = I prefer craftable Stoneplate Greaves and Mythical Black Star of Deceit

Aeon’s Hourglass, Dying God, Kraken, Solael’s Witchblade is a must.
Revenant, Hydra is recommended.
Rest is a matter of taste. Take Hawk+Eye of the Guardian as offensive choise or Quill+Ghoul as defensive choise.

Crucible Gladiator 151-170 with 3 Buffs and 1 Banner in 7:42min
Mad Queen in 6s
Kra’vall in 10s
Kubacabra in 17s
Dummy in 16s


I would be grateful for your Feedback!


Very nice build! Something similar have been done in early FG days, but this is more finished product.

Do you think you it’s possible to include Abomination without sacrificing something too valuable? The weapon damage btw is really crazy!

PS, now that I think Aeon is here for doom bolt, right. So it’s should be better than Abo.

Seems like a solid build! I can’t see GT obviously, but why Black Star if you have Revenant? Have you tried non-mythical Chton’s medal?

I’ve made something similar before - 2 Doom Bolt using TD, and I had a lot of fun with it. Mine wasn’t as strong, but it was a safe and reliable farming character for me to clear all content and so forth. Looks like a solid build! Just a question: how do you solve the energy problem? I found that 2x Doom Bolt shredded my energy in no time.

RR on Black Star is on top (Doom Bolt/Revenant/Black Star provide same sort of rr -> Doom Bolt covers not all enemies; Raise the Dead mostly focus on one target so Black Star rr helps). I take it primarily for adctl. The Star also provides 5 skillpoints.

Yes, tested it at the dummy with no significant diffenerce in kill time.

Added some more videos.

My Doom Bolt drains 206.1 energy/cast. DB CD is 3.7s, TD CD is 13.1s. Assumed the probability of triggering Time Dilation with Doom Bolt is 100% (it’s 84%):
t0 = 2x DB
t1 (after 3.7s) = 1x DB
t2 (after 3.7s) = 1x DB
t3 (after 3.7s) = 1x DB
t4 (after 3.7s) = 2x DB -> CD of TD is ready 2s after t3 but we can’t trigger it without DB so we have to wait. One cycle is 4x 3.7s = 14.1s with 5 DB. Energy consumption = 5x 206.1 = 1,030.5. Energy regeneration in the same time = 25.68x 14.1 = 362.1. I do not use DB linear/that often + energy absorption/leech neraly covers the difference (see the crucible video, no potions are needed).

I switched to an Abomination devotion route on this build, back before when the lack of energy meant double Doombolt was unsustainable.
The damage goes way up (grimtools damage per hit went from 35k to 47k top) but resistances and OA/DA really suffer.
I lost about 200 OA and 100 DA and I really couldn’t afford to. I ended up having to use 3 GDStashed MIs to cover the holes it made.
In particular, Aeon provides a ton of resistances, including Slow res, which is critical.

Edit Also, I’m pretty sure your RR is wrong (on the low side) OP.
Harbinger’s curse mark gives -20.

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You’re right, forgot the Harbinger Mark :slight_smile:
Must be up to 168 rr!

Makes sense. Maybe Chton’s medal is a bit overrated here, but if it was me I would test it in Crucible nevertheless.

The term is “Rahbinger” :stuck_out_tongue:

Great build! How do you feel it plays in campaign (or are those 18 deaths indicative of that)? Yours is fairly similar to what we came up with a while ago but we never did much with it because we felt it was too squishy to practically tackle campaign content.

It’s certainly more damage but for Rah builds you kinda don’t need that. Stacking flat Chaos is pretty easy and you wind up hitting diminishing returns therein. I agree that spreading RR from several sources feels like a better, more consistent call.


Can you post a screenshot of your skills, both inquisitor and occultist?


I agree. The reason I suggested here is racial damage and OA, flat is almost irrelevant.

The amount of lifesteal on this build is great. And when you consider than Doombolt does 240% (I think that’s correct) weapon damage it’s always going to heal you to full.
Blood and Word of Renewal are also good heals. With Aeon and if you take the 2H transmuter for it WoR is up ALL THE TIME.
Armour is low, but not ridiculously low. Haven’t had any problems in campaign since I finished the build.

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I leveled DW Inquisitor -> Big mistake, no fun AND 18 deaths. From level 94, with this set up main campaign -> walk in the park (added some videos from campaign bosses).
I’m following the discussion of Harbinger-Builds in this forum for a long time. I saw it like you, either the damage output was to low or they feel not viable.

It would be worthwhile to put a point in Vulnerability for the DA shred I think.

And I’m not sure where your Vitality res is at, but other than that Arcane Empowerment should give better returns than Second Rite.

Possibly the strongest ranged chaos build out there, the synergy on this is crazy.

Awesome build! I like it.

Btw, add 1 more point to Storm Spread for 4 projectiles. Maybe remove 1pt from the 2nd node of Word of Pain.

Thank you. Good one! Added.

Vitality res is by far overcapped. Took Second Rite für +damage/a bit flat damage through vitality to chaos conversion. Arcane Empowerement means a bit more damage. I choose the lazy/quality of life way with Second Rite because i’m not always on the seal. Here is the mandatory skillpoint distribution in my view:

10 points are free. I would put 5 in Second Rite and 5 in Vigor.
Edit (thx to ya1): 4 Bursting Rounds/2 Chilling Rounds/4 Vigor

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You should put 1p in Vulnerability. Then I’d fix Vigor to to 6/10, wps to 10/10-8/10-7/10 or get Wasting. Returns from wpn dmg on wps are huge as this build wpn dmg is huge. Wasting would allow you to get more offensive augments (I guess you’re using Ravager’s Eye?) or better res (another guess - a couple of Dreeg’s 30da augments?). Returns from Second Rite are not so great. Good mostly for Doom Bolt and you don’t use v-decay from it. Or Arcane Empowerment which is never a bad investment for ranged where your playstyle isn’t too dynamic.

Sorry for the guessing game lol. So much you can do without grimtools…

Boi, this build is exactly what I’ve been looking for so long. I never saw an actually good build wich features 2 Handed ranged weapons and chaos damage. I am so eager to use that for my next HC character, can you send me your devotions, or even better, just write down the order in which you took them?

EDIT: I am blind, I found where you posted your devos. But well, you said the rest is a matter of taste. As a matter of fact, I am biased by stupid brain cells, so maybe you have a few recommendations.