[] The Lawnmower: Acid Eye of Reckoning Sentinel for SR 75-76 farming (up to SR 85) [sr+]

I missed playing with EoR so I thought I’d have a go at trying to update an old set. It’s not exactly an original build as this owes credits to grey-maybe’s Acid Dervish and x1x1x1x2’s Dunefiend Dervish that it was originally based on. More in the build explanation below.

updated GRIMTOOLS (thanks to grey-maybe’s improvements)

(original) grimtools

character sheet with all buffs on

Build Explanation
  • Dervish vs Sentinel - I originally went with Dervish since I hate pressing additional buttons but couldn’t get enough res overcaps to make it work without throwing more greens at it. Sentinel works out fine and has better flat damage thanks to conversions.

  • Gear Choices

  1. Basic Dunefiend set gives us 100% Lightning to Acid conversion which explains getting the boots to get more Soulfire ranks.

  2. Rings and belt gives us 100% Vitality to Acid enables us to squeeze some flat damage out from Second Rite as well as Scales support

  3. Greens are just to fill holes in capping resistances and EoR.

  • Crafting - Craft helm for slow res

  • Stats - It basically has 500k sheet dps, capped attack speed, enough OA to hit, low DA, 18% life leech and 40% phys res to survive. grey-maybe explained it well in his build that getting crit on Acid isn’t worth it and so we don’t bother with OA other than the bare minimum and stack flat damage instead.

  • Skill Choices - I like streamlined builds with less buttons to press and the fact that you have to interrupt your spin to cast something is a DPS loss anyway so I keep it simple with just EoR and minimum buffs/debuffs. Path of the Three because CDR is one helluva drug and it’s the only reason why I bothered with this build at all. I use Amatok’s Breath purely for convenience but maybe someone has a better idea for the medal augment. Also, you can take points off Solael’s Witchfire if you overcap attack speed and put them somewhere else.

  • Devotions - Credit here goes to grey-maybe (and some input from tqFan) as it’s a near copy of his Acid Dervish setup with Ghoul and Scales and it just works. I’ve removed the bit saying Tainted Eruption is a dps loss. I just had it bound to Guardian and it works fine so it just additional damage you don’t need to worry about.


It plays better than it looks actually, mowing down packs of trash pretty quick as long as you skip Nemesis bosses (if playing SR). The only thing you pay attention to is your Ascension cooldown and circuit breakers (Resilience, Ghoul, Prism). I don’t really play Crucible so I can’t say how it will go. Giving it more damage and HP sounds good though.

Shattered Realm Performance

I don’t record video but here’s a screenshot for proof. It’s actually my first time going past SR 76 ever and especially with this hot mess so it can be done. It’s best to stick to SR 75-76 for easy farming and less headaches though.

So, is it worth it?

Not really unless you really really miss EoR, just to manage expectations. The set still lacks stats. You’re pretty fragile for a melee build and need specific rolls on green items plus the pain of farming for Shuroth rings. It should be fine for farming SR 75-76 and below though.


Devotion choice
I was thinking (Stag, Panther) instead of (Yellow, Blue, Sailor, Lion)
It’s 1 point more efficient so we can get that Tainted Erruption but if there’s a DPS loss
(from confusion and monsters spreading around?)
then maybe to swap Rat with Bat?
-2% total Physical Res loss not sure if this is valid but Bat + Panther seem really good.
This would also allow Oklaine’s Lantern instead of Lotus (but you don’t seem to need AS) or full Yugol.

Devotion bindings
Another thing is that Rumor is bound to Guardians by mistake I think?
Guardians, especially only 2 of them, do not proc that well imo.
They have like 27% to proc per their combined double hit whis is like every 1/1.2s and if you’re unlucky it can take a while.
EoR should be much better for the job.

However if we take Bat as I mentioned before,
Curse of Frailty is not that good of a proccer on a single target (or even 2 targets) for Bat
so maybe then EoR to Bat and Rumor to Guardians / Frailty / sth else to Rumor ensure the best Twin Fangs rate in every situation
which would be defensive skill binding (tbh I haven’t played EoR I just assume it’s a very good proccer)

Scion of Dreeg
The third minor thing. What the heck? I hope you haven’t played like that :wink:

The ‘fewer buttons’ thing
If you really like fewer buttons to press then we can reduce them by 5 with GDAutocaster:

-1 from autocasting Blood of Dreeg all the time (or maybe every 30 second / rarely so that it’s available for the heal if needed)
-1 from autocasting Ascension when you attack with EoR
-2 from having Curse of Frailty and Plague of Rot cast once automatically when you start channeling EoR (I mean holding its button)
-1 from from combining Vire’s Might and Augment movement skills into one button
so that when you hold it, they alternate which does not interrupt your movement / EoR
which makes farming and zooming through Cairn incredibly comfy

You can also have all your permanent buffs cast with one press of a buttons. For example in the build I’m working on at the moment I have 4 Guardians and 4 buffs so it allows me to have them all cast with 1 press of a button instead of 8.

It’s one of those builds that you can automate to a very high degree without losing any performance.
The reality is that many people refuse to play piano builds and the program is meant to be a remedy for that.

It was pleasant to read by the way and I also like neat / simple builds.

I’ll try your devotion suggestions since I honestly suck at it lol.

Ah, sorry. This is what happens I post a build without sleep lol. Rumor is supposed to be bound to EoR. I did have Bat, Scales and ghoul at the same time in a previous iteration but it was somehow worse off. I had EoR bound to bat for the first time as well and it was decent (with rumor for guardians)

And yes, my actual build does have the point in the mutator haha. :sweat_smile:Thank you for catching that. I’ll fix it in the next update

I actually thought about using your GD autocaster since Plague of Rot’s CD lines up well with Curse’s duration nicely to begin with. Renewing temp buffs has actually a pet peeve so far and this may be the breaking point to try that out.

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Since you put my suggestions in the OP, I felt obligated to test devotion bindings so more on single Dummy in Homestead:

  • EoR is indeed an insane proccer, Twings fangs shooting like from a machine gun even at low AS
  • EoR is the only good proccer on single target and I tested DEE with modifier, Judgment (it has a whooping 75% proc chance but cooldown sucks), CoF, Doom Bolt, Guardians

So unfortunately on single target you need EoR for both Twin Fangs and Rumor
I don’t know how to proc Rumor well then (on groups CoF will work great due to multiple chances + Rumor spreading)

but not machine gun shooting Twin Fangs is such a waste for sustain. Maybe someone can figure out how to proc both of them on single target very well (I mean Twin Fang machine gun + quick certain Rumor application)

Crucible guys are probably fine with Twin Fangs on CoF because they mostly fight in group situation whereas in SR if you focus on single bossed pulled / fought one by one it kinda changes things.

That’s why I love Shaman for his Wind Devils with Maelstrom and Storm Totem which are both insance proccers and it substantially boost his damage potential from devotion powers.

Remake your toon to Acid Shaman Caster with all this Lightning to Acid conversion + Acid Wind Devil conduit and it twill solve this problem.

I tried your setup with bat for one SR run and it was okay though the boss room was horrible so I would need to test more. The tradeoff at first glance seems to be 10k dps for more sustain. My other concern for the switch was losing slow resistance from Sailor and more DA. If you can find a way to squeeze more DA out, I’d like to hear it.

So it would be an Occultist / Shaman Acid caster then? I actually want to try elemental to acid conversion Obliteration to see if i can get hourglass and enough cdr to justify near-perma ascension (like Nery’s DEE sentinel)

Let’s take Cyclone Mark
you don’t need attack speed on your current medal (you have more than 200%)
and this one has more DA and far better resists. For the slow Res the common solution is craft for the slow res :slight_smile:
DA is slightly better than the original and OA is like 40 more
I also improved your Pierce Elemental and Aether resistst

In the end I only make Acid Tricker which was the worse version of Cold Trickster and I didn’t succeed with any caster (although I tried) so it’s up to you.

But to really boost DA of the build let’s use this medal
and go crazy with the affixes (there’s one with +2 Soulfire)

I’ve tested scales vs bat+GG on EoR (but that was dervish), and scales won there.
As for Sentinel, CoF and Plague are good proccers so not quite sure, mb it’s better to go for bat+gg, unless you have huge energy sustain problems.
UPD: I would give up Yugol’s proc in favor of +100% damage, granted that you already have DR from soulfire.

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Damn it. I’ve tried Basilisk Mark https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4NOq3POV
and I’ve only pulled like 100 DA.

The reason is that is has only Acid Res which we don’t need and it makes your hands tied.
It if was not a case one could use of Protection suffix on it and boost DA considerably.
All other affixes are not really available to be changed.

Not on a single target. Try it in Homestead with Rumor or Twin Fangs and have a good laugh.

ah, thanks! For some reason, I kept thinking in my head that those 2 stacked.

oh, nice find with that medal! Since we now have enough res overcap, maybe we can switch out an augment or two for the one that adds 30 DA each?

I already did that. I put one DA augment and that’s the most I could afford.
I even change one of your jewellery augment to arcanum dust (forgive me :wink: )

But the super nice thing is +3 to Aspect of the Guardian and +2% PHys res from that.

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I would go for the mark of the forbidden - fumbles and IA give a lot in terms of survivabilty.

Yeah, that is a nice bonus too.

I tried your suggestion with some reverted devo changes and this is what it looks like https://www.grimtools.com/calc/bVAdPdl2

It comes out as 100 DA less than the basilisk medal in exchange for basically 15% chance to dodge?

edit: wrong link

I would get rid of double rares, cos these are almost impossible to farm:
that’s what I came up with - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/eVLOlOM2

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why did you mention at the end that it isnt worth it unless u miss EOR? whats not worth about this?

It has to do with the set lacking stats. You’re pretty fragile for a melee build and need specific rolls on green items plus the pain of farming for Shuroth rings. It should be fine for campaign or low shard (75-76 and below) farming though. I’ll update that part to remove the confusion.

Thanks! That does look a lot better. I tried it out for some runs at 75-76 and 85 and feels a lot more consistent in the sense that I got one shot less while some boss fights like Aleksander and Gargaban were more bearable. The only change I did was to put more stats into cunning to wear the swords since they require 511. I’ve updated the original post with your link.

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glad that it helped.

one day they’ll fix his second phase.
one day…

I was messing around with GDAutocaster and thought I would make you a 2-button config for all your 6 active skills
(Left + Right Mouse button) to test the program and as a good showcase. Bindings are here as follows:


Functionality (order same as in the config file):

  • Tab to turn everything on/off; sometimes needs to be pressed 2 times after maximizing the window / running GDA for the 1st time

  • Blood of Dreeg and Ascension spammed while you’re EoR whirlwinding

  • Blood of Dreeg spammed while you’re moving with Left Mouse Button

  • (new feature) Vire’s Might on double LMB press
    hold the button after double press to have it spammed so that you’re moving and it’s cast as soon as off cooldown
    you can add your 2nd movement skill (5) here after comma, i.e.

  • Curse of Frailty and Plague of Rot cast once before you EoR when you press RMB (holding if afterwards is recommended)
    (this order of these two skills worked better for me)

  • all your permanent stuff (put it on the 2nd hotbar) cast by pressing R
    T set to change hotbar in-game
    Guardians bound to 1, other skills on 2 - 7 in any order



[periodic casts]



[combo presses]


new version needed: https://github.com/kowariantny/GDAutocaster/raw/master/GDAutocaster.exe

I think low OA and DA maybe?

OA is fine with Vulnerability debuff since we don’t need crit damage.

If you like green items, you could always get another one like a Stalwart Basilisk Mark of the Dranghoul medal to bump DA past 2900+.

put that build whit green items :stuck_out_tongue: