[] Shattered Sorcerer 5:12 CR/110 SR/Celestials/75-76 farmer Update
Decided to update my second build posted - lightning canister bomb sorcerer in Shattered Guardian set. I did not record videos when I started on forum but now they are here. 5:12 Crucible run, Ravager + Crate kill, tilting sr110 boss room + 3rd chunk, sr80 and 90 full room agro.

Credits go for @mad_lee, took his devotion route from Ulzuin version because it works great with that concept.


I had troubles to overcap resistances with some items I would like to use but managed to do it. That’s why Cindertouch is there instead of Wyrmbone, needed chaos resistances. I had better results with these gloves + Ulzuin Torment belt instead of wyrmbone + multiresistances + OA/DA rare demolitionist belt. Maybe it could be opposite with some double rare godly rolls on belt but I wanted to avoid it. Otherwise red tornadoes are cool.

Crucible 5:12 run - run was good in terms of spawns and monsters positioning but my pc started lagging a little bit, I don’t know if it’s visible on recorded video. Lost some seconds because of it probably. Average is 5:2x usually. Faster pilot probably can do sub5.

SR 110 - very tilting room because of Kubacabra and Kaisan (his autoaim doom bolts…), it was don’t get hit or repeat. I’ve commited crime here either, after dying vs Kaisan at his ~5%, raging hard and dying very tilted few more times without going under 50% I swapped belt for Tinker Ingeunity and medal for Mark of Divinity. I did not want to give up after sitting there for 40 minutes and fish for easier bosses so there it is.

SR 110 3rd chunk - build is very comfortable and I did not have to throw bodies at 1-3 chunks (as usually at these deeps) so decided to record how it looks.

SR 80 full room agro

SR 90 full room agro vs lame bosses. I wanted to record some more entertaining room, even took pharma expecting long and hard battle but RNG was not on my side. Maybe later I will try to fish for more dangerous combo. Im adding it anyway.

Crate boss - easy.

Ravager - I usually don’t record videos with kiting superbosses but I made exception.



first of all congrats.
what im about to to say it could be wrong but ur damage is alitle bit low even ur oa i mean the this build is rly tanky but i think u did focus only on the defansive side and u forget the ofensive u got me ?

As I wrote above, change auguments in jewelery so you will have +3.2/3k OA ingame and more damage. I wanted to play like that but at 93 chunk Reaper killed me with one hit from like 80% hp? There were +60% monster crit mutator too. I changed it then to reach +3.3k DA and there were no more oneshots.

Going for more damage would require totally changing devotions but core of this build is massive health regen and damage absorbtion, without it it’s squishy and it would barely farm 75-76 probably, with agro abuse and kiting included - and I wouldn’t be surprised if it would be slower in final effect.

Damage is poor for one target (not every boss, depends of resists) but AoE is very good so you can race through chunks killing only trash mobs and fight bosses 1vs2/1vs3 (1vs all in low shards) very high because of kiting potential so you don’t waste time for one target, you go for most of them but it must be played very carefuly, one big mistake and it’s done. Valdaran is hell (easy but very slow) and Iron Maiden, for rest damage is decent. Mad Queen is very dangerous either but thanks god she has low spawn chance and I didn’t meet her after 80.

Remember it’s build for maximum pushing (wanted to go over 100 but this annyoing af crashes) so I had to sacrafice some damage.

SR99! ? Wow … amazing! Congrats.:smile:

The strongest enemy we can never defeat.xD

My client starts to become unstable after 90, and sometimes crashes, so I probably won’t clear.

Thank you but it’s not full potential as I said (maybe MQ or Iron Maiden would stop me), gonna do it for sure with deathly waystones, game crashes won’t defeat me again :sweat_smile:

If SR set will be (at least should be) nerfed before then I will go with ulzuin set and no total rambo style.

E: Try to make lowest possible settings, run in administrator mode with windows 7 settings. Somehow it can minimize crashes but not totally as I thought till today.

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Thank you for posting these extremely tanky builds! I really like them. It’s also something you don’t see too often here. Much appreciated!

I already copied your BM setup. Made me like my BM again, who had become a little too squishy for my tastes after the latest patches…

As soon as I’ll find the time, I’ll definitely try this one, too.

Keep up the excellent work!

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Thank you :grinning: Tanky builds are not for everyone taste ofcourse but I find them pretty fun to myself.

This build is imo better than belgo tank, way faster in farming, safer and tankier “in time” even if numbers looks squisher on the first look. Chains of procing damage absorbtion and massive health regen and other defensive mechanics can save you in every situation. If you are afraid to die - just run for few seconds, you can be sure all effects will be refreshed and health is regenerated to 100 in second.

I don’t think you have enough HP regen there.

On a more serious note…

^Do you just reset whenever you get this mutator? Because I would imagine it to be rather crippling

2nd EDIT:

LMAO. Dat triple absorption stack :rofl: - ancestry, turtle, crab

3rd EDIT: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/62ayLjB2

Made some tweaks to skill point distribution to get more into maiven’s

  1. IMO, blastshield is either a 10/12 or 14/12 because those are the breakpoints for +1% to max res.
  2. Starpact should always be left at an odd number because those are the breakpoints for CDR increase.

For 75-76 it’s not big deal, it doesn’t work like as example:
Health regen is 1000
Health regen is 250 now. I am not good at math in GD and overall but it only slightly decrease it as I saw in hero sheet, at least for basic regen, probably more for maximum (+4k). It works with more mutators, +60%hp monsters is not really noticable.

With intention to pushing I had to reset run 5 times before I have started because I was afraid how it can works in high shards, there is a risk to get this mutator on 81 too.
I wouldn’t push now with Time-Warped mutator too, because of Iron Maiden’s skill:
Menhir’s Will
Activates when Health drops below 15%

45 Second Skill Recharge

8 Second Duration

30% Health Restored

Because of bad single target damage and her resistances she can’t be killed with that mutator over 95, that’s why I had to facetank her to squeeze as many damage as I can.

But it really matters for highest performance.

Edit: You are right about skill points, didn’t notice it. I thought about 1 point into grenado and skyfire for more resets and additional crowdcontrol for killing trashes but I resigned at it. I don’t know if it’s good idea.

Thanks for that quick explanation. Why not leave improved casing as a 1 pointer and dump the rest into grenado for better single target?

I feel like even 1 point into each of the 3 nodes would be better than nothing.

On a random, tangential note - I really find the builds from the chinese community (yours included) very interesting. Very different approach to how the regulars here craft. So keep them coming! :+1:

I feel like I’m the only chinese player here who still makes glass cannons :rofl:

EDIT: JSYK, %CDR breakpoints for both starpact and PoT3 are the same.

'nado, canister bomb, and stun jacks all reset reset independently of one another.

In other words, just because CB resets, that doesn’t mean 'nado will.

Before I have maxed grenado to 26 with less focusing on defensive skills and damage from it was horrible, I was killing only with Canister bomb, that’s why I resigned from this skill totally. I will give it a try again but more for simulation in MQ or something, I can’t really push with it again, it’s tiresome af for my body and mind, I had something like hangover next day after 7-8 hours run with maximum focus in one sitting :neutral_face:

I will try to make some more concepts in future, fun will start in 1.1.5. I found some interesting builds and inspirations in chinese forum for experienced players from @ABCbarbecue. I found battlemage who looks “bad” on the paper in terms of defense but guy pushed it to 105 somehow and facetanked Callagadra :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Looks like there are a lot of interesting mechanics to learn.

Life, amirite? Learning never ends.

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I also found this extremely interesting. IMO 'nado with 22/12 high impact hits extremely hard.

I’ve seen 500k crits in unbuffed/unbannered crucible (edited)

If curious, here’s the link:

This is my favorite build that’s been posted in quite some time, congrats! Health regen caster without the typical bat/ghoul that I see on every caster these days, it’s refreshing.

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I have jumped into game right now to check how 25 points into grenado, 1 for rest passives works and without Canister bomb I could barely kill white monsters in 75. Imo not worth to use it, at least not maxing it - build would suffer in other aspects. Maybe one point for it and skyfire should be nice for more crowdcontrol but it’s not gamechanger too imo.

E: Highest crit in character sheet for this build is over 360k, not by grenado definitely.

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I was on the chinese GD forum last night. Apparently HP regen is quite the rage there.

Saw a chaos DB spamming pyro with Giant’s blood, ToL, and vindictive flame conduit doing high shards.

Was very surprised.

Then I thought to myself…spell “HP regen” backwards and what do you get?

“WEAK DPS” that’s what :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for that clarification. Also, this highest crit was probably done with shard buff I’m guessing yes?

Well, I have no idea how it was made :smile:

However I am afraid a little about future performance vs some nemesises like Valadaran and Iron Maiden because there is coming HUGE rework for monsters resistances and RR, reffering to Adoomsgood words in discord.

The way I look at it is that its kinda like life. Nothing lasts forever, and the only thing that can be known with certainty is the fact that everything ends.

So if Z redoes GD in a way which kills all my builds, so be it.

What can you do about it?

On the plus side, it must mean there’s a whole new puzzle to now try and solve.

Doom was talking about a mod he is working on, not official changes.

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That’s right, I am up for changes anyway, reworks/buffs anyway, more challange to creating characters and solve some issues. Because of new waystones I can and I will just fish for better runs like in D3 times.

Well, I rarely go to discord so it’s must be my misunderstanding because of context and language barrier. Thanks for explanation.

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