[] Shattered Sorcerer 5:12 CR/110 SR/Celestials/75-76 farmer

Look up this thread: Klick

Powbam, ABCbarbecue and me have posted a few GrimTools-LInks.

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Apparently HP regen is quite the rage there.

We path of exile now.

Never played it :stuck_out_tongue:

Added author of the first concept (health regen + canister), found him on chinese forum. I have tweaked camera agro abuse too. Because monsters relly on our vision sight -> just zoom camera on your character :laughing:

Still no agro.

If they agro, just walk away with zoomed camera, they will lost interest very fast, easy to reposition them on map however I want to if I have to. Red dot is Fabius, invisible on map, lost interest immediately.

i was ok with the aggro abuse but this is taking it to another level where you can aggro abuse specific bosses. Surely this is a bug and not intended??? :face_with_monocle:

It’s not a bug, it’s how this game is made. Vision range depends of monster type (like Kuba got very high, Zantarin very low) but also about your so zoomed camera = less vision from you, less from them. I think Zantai know about it. I have no idea about programming but I guess correcting it would require more changes in code and it would screw something, making all bosses attack you at once even.
People were using camera abuse before by walking near the wall, they just didn’t know about it, me either.

At this point it really defeats the purpose of multi-boss in SR, you might as well combine them into one for a better experience :disappointed_relieved:

I don’t think it’s that bad feature. More builds are able to climb or just farm with consistency. You can play something like mind game with bosses, make space for fight, learn their patterns, make a little slap in realm’s rng :stuck_out_tongue: Tryharding like that with camera on normal farming is not necessary, for maximum push it’s necessary to fool monsters a little. Lacrimosa did 111 shard in 1.1.2 (with snapshotting but it’s still impressive) with infiltrator, he was dying often to reposition monsters and find good opportunity to execute them. Was it pure RNG and patience? For 36 shards with insane difficulty and scaling so high that every nemesis was just superboss? Some mechanics, even unfair are needed, delete them and there is no point for challange anymore, too much dependency of RNG, even for farming for majority of builds. If it’s intended game feature, it’s ok. Zantai would change it before FG release if it’s bug, he knows how it works.

我就想问下 你是国区哪位朋友 23333

I don’t know chinese but translator says “where are you from” or something like that? Poland, I don’t know chinese, too hard to learn :sweat_smile:

Sorry my bad. I always had this feeling you are from our community. :crazy_face:


haha no, just I like playing characters tweaked for realms more :smile:

that’s a brother talking!!:love_you_gesture:

SR is way more profitable than crucible. This a hack N slash game. Gear-looting is key of everything.

Edit1: that’s the reason why our community make it a rule to build alll BDs around SR than crucible.

I like SR more mostly because of randomness, it’s more fun to play on changed maps and being forced to adapt.

Gearlooting seems better too but at this time I’m messing with GD stash a little, last 700 hours was farmfiesta, I need a break :sweat_smile: It’s less popular tool in your community I heard?

In our commnunity there is a strict rule for those join in.
1 GD stash can only be used for two types of players, BD therocrafters and those who want to beat the system and have less patience for the game.
2 Both of them are not allowed to join gear trade in the community.

That’s our way to help to regulate the trading market and pursuade people to play the game with love and heart.

Edit: Anything thing that’s not original function is deemed as cheating in our community.
But sometimes BD therocrafters would have to use these type of tools otherwise their BD might never come alive.

That should be good way to make stashed items away from trade.

Personally I play only solo self found on my “cloud saving account” to make stashed saves away from legit ones. Wanted to trade only one time in act of desperation for missing alkamos ring but found it right after making post in trade topic :sweat_smile:

GD stash is imo very good tool to theorycraft, sometimes it can be very punishing to craft whole build in game, make components, farm for them and then it’s become total crap and many hours are wasted - done it :neutral_face: I like to test builds before I make them in full legit way.

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Tools are free of any sins, only people who applys them in the inappropriate ways are.
Like there’s a type who craft items out ot GDstash and sell it to those in need at a price of real cash.

Selling items from GD stash for real cash? :laughing: That’s some idea for a business :thinking:

Why would anyone buy items in grim dawn for real cash?

That baffles me as well . All I can say is there’s people and people.

Edit: This reminds me of a story Zantai once told me. Some pirate users would PM him for a pirate copy of the game. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


What blacksmith bonuses are ideal?