[] Fire&Brimstone, the og glass cannon Darkblaze Pyromancer!


Darkblaze Pyromancer is pretty cool and fun build, it’s one of the chars with the highest single target damage and melts even enemies with high chaos resistance. But it’s glass cannon, kill or be killed. With build’s definitely improved, especially defensively.

Credit to previous posts of Darkblaze Pyro to @sir_spanksalot and @korsar


  • pic with permanent buffs only, sheet DPS is by Fire Strike

  • now with Dying God and Abomination active

GRIM TOOLS :arrow_right: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/RZR8J4j2


As I’ve said it’s OG build, so no greens here :sunglasses:

Key items are full Darkblaze set and Exterminus as secondary gun. Other items are all with %chaos damage. Jaxxon rings can provide another WPS skills but they don’t have chaos damage, so they are not better to me. Voidrend gloves are selected over Harbinger, they provide better resistances. Korvaak relic for stats, I don’t need the skill it provides.

  • Lone crafted item is with stun resistance.


Standard chaos route with both Abomination and Dying God. Also Ghoul for defense and Revenant for flat RR. I also choose Fiend proc over Bat for extra AoE damage.


In Crucible build melts everything, even Reaper and chtonics enemies. You have to be aware of CC debuffs and DA shred.

Did few runs with average time of 5:15-5:20, my fastest run is 5 minutes dead but there’s ground for improvement, cause I lost precious seconds in few waves, video:

Also video from campaign, Fabius killed in around 6.5 seconds and Mad Queen ~7.


Uhhh the second pic has the exact same stats, might wanna fix that.

OG darkblazer! One of my favorite AoM builds updated for FG’s 1.1.8. Surprised noone did that it in such a long time.

Good job Nery!

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One of my favourite sets and classes. Great job! :cowboy_hat_face:

For those who want to take Guardian’s Gaze and Eldritch Pact Relic i have an alternative devotion setup (also some components),

Edit: misslinked :sweat_smile: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/b28bk7GZ

minus (-):
Sailor’s Guide

added (+):
Scholar’s Light
Guardian’s Gaze

Flat resist reduction comes from switching some points to Agonizing Flames (loss of Revenant).
Adds 50% more Elemental Resistance (wich were slightly overcapped, Fire Res lol (Pyromancer kek)). Rest is quite similar,
slight loss in AS (5%, wich is still overcapped at procs), Crit dmg (4%), but ~50% more chaos% with 3k more weapon dmg (Grimtool).

0% Freeze resist is worrysome though (dropped from 18% wich is also quite low. I mean someone has to drink all the potions wich gather dust right?).


Thanks, I will try it!

Only downside is the loss of auto applied RR by Revenant, that’s why I prefer it over Agonizing flames but looks good!

I have noticed no Darkblaze builds too.

Screenshot is corrected now, I was pointed by @Bananow9393 too.

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Thanks for this update, Nery. I had a Pyro stuck in the mid 70’s levels for a couple months, had left it alone for awhile but now you’ve given me some inspiration to get back at it to try this build out. :+1:

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Darkblaze Pyro has a special place in my heart. Even if Purifier is more colorful, Pyro doesn’t have to deal with seal, it’s a lot of fun.

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can i request for 1,1,9 update? of is it still the same build?

I would say the posted versions are perfectly functional still. I just leveled a Pyro a few days ago to use Darkblaze and then found this forum thread. My version so far has landed closer to what @Nola posted. I’m still tweaking for overall balance with more health and better CC resist coverages while trying to hold on to the great high damage output that Pyro brings. I need to bring a few more points over into blast shield for the “ah crap” moments still. It’s becoming one of my favorite pistol builds to play so far, I’d say go make one!


Hello Nery. What do you think of this? I am torn between this or yours.


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Hmmm, depends. Chaos DW Pyromancer is extremely glassy specimen and if you go for more defense, might be more comfortable to play. I like mine version for damage with DG and Abomination for SR I would go for defensive devotion route. Not sure if Chariot is useful on a build without CDR. Idea is to use map with Ghoul/Scales duo or to fit Korvaak.

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Ahh ok it depends on the endgame purpose. I suppose I will stick with your devotion guide. How does the gear look? Thanks for the response (and sorry for the ridiculous looking URL​:joy::rofl:)

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I like my gear but most of it is flexible. Green faction shoulders with +3 Possession might be better than purple I’ve been using.

To shorten the URL, you can just generate new link of the same build in GT, then copy&paste.

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As long as same min/maxing is achieved and resistances capped the gear is flexible, right?

Sorry for the questions I’m a noob

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Not needed, just copy the part till ? instead of the whole link.


Min/max usually is referred to certain combinations of gear. But if you look any build, there are core items and support. Core are your set and gear with skill modifiers and other equipment intricate to the build. Other are just stat fillers or used for skill bonuses and such. I try to list the key items in my topics. Usually you can replace support items with cheaper alternatives and build will continue to work fine.


Hello. Any leveling tips for Pyromancer until 94 is reached? I was using FS with all nodes maxed but I kept dying in Elite so I switched to BWC. Currently level 55ish. Following your devo path. Trying to keep gear updated, and get resistances to a decent point.

You forgot about something.

Grim Tools link

Ahh so sorry my wifi is down for the weekend so unfortunately I will not be able to post one.

Do tethering :slight_smile: (mobile router from your phone)

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Unfortunately I live out in the country so mobile service is shit, I tried looking at a GT link earlier and it wouldn’t even load. :pleading_face: