[] [HC] Abaddoth Deceiver, chaos Rune of Kalastor & Doom Bolt & Sigil

Another build for my HC collection with a new farmable 1.1.8 MI, meet the Abaddoth Deceiver, a true betrayer of Menhir indeed.

^stats in grimtools

1.1.8: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/M2gmazBZ


Highlight video:

first tries vs:


  1. use Word of Pain for early levels
  2. once you have a Bloodsworn Scepter and Abbadoth’s Sermons add Sigil of Consuption, Rune of Kalstor and Doom Bolt and drop Word of Pain to 1/1/12 keeping it just for chaos RR.


RR = resist reduction, OA/DA = offensive/defensive ability, CS = casting speed, CDR = cooldown reduction, HC = hardcore, HP = health points, %WD = % weapon damage

Feedback & Final Words

Build is solid, don’t die to Ravager. Fang of Ch’thon might be a little OP tbh, feels like the chaos version of pre nerf Wrath of the Ascendant.


Rip in peace beefy Deceiver. :cry:

Was not expecting chaos RoK to be that resilient, though. Great stuff as always!

I’m actually a big fan of how Fang is designed-- the ability to contribute to chaos and vit, melee and caster, but each use feels unique because you seem to use a different cross-section of its utility every time. Using it for chaos can be a bummer sometimes, though, since you scroll through grimtools and often find zero compelling alternatives. Is chaos Fang a bit OP? Maybe (though it’s also worth asking if the builds taking it are actually overperforming with it). Is the remainder of chaos itemization a little sad sometimes? Sure. Just my 2 cents, though.

On a different note, I’ve noticed you seem to take Chariot of the Dead quite a bit more frequently (read: at all :smile:) that just about anyone else. Do you have a good sense of under what conditions it becomes a worthwhile option? As constellations go, it’s a little hard for me to figure out.

In the context of your build, gimtools seems to suggest that swapping Chariot and Red crossroads for Hawk, Jackal, and first two (5% DA) nodes of Obelisk is already an interesting tradeoff. You lose some OA, 15% slow res, a little health, and the healing from the Chariot proc (stun res is capped without Chariot), but you get crit damage, comparable DA and armor (vs Chariot proc up), and 100% uptime for that extra DA and armor. IDK if this particular trade is necessarily worthwhile (nor have I done enough searching to know if there are better alternatives out there), but more broadly, Chariot has enough nodes and generally seems to take me far enough adrift of my tier 3 affinity goals (via it’s own affinity requirement) that every time I use it, I can’t help but wonder if there’s something better to grab for the same price. Thoughts (particularly from the HC perspective)?

I was waiting to see a build with the new off-hand, good job!

Build is interesting, since you count on multiple offensive spells for offense and Sigils bring the balance with healing, along with the tools of the Deceiver - Possession and Seal.

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Was waiting to see this done as well, the new off-hand fits perfectly with the belt or Bloodsworn Scepter. Great job Rekt :+1:.

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Throne + Chariot is the best devotion route for stun res right now, which as you noticed is maybe not as needed as in some other cases here due to my affixes. If I had one less stun res affix these devos would be even better. Also slow res is nice. Feel free to use some other devotions instead. Throne + Chariot is kinda what I default back to whenever I have some spare devos and need stun res + OA and I don’t wanna use another tier 3 that badly. In this case Abom is decent, but not as amazing as on build with lots of %weapon damage, so I chose to skip it this time.

Yea as I said above, feel free to use other devos, went for chariot + throne for OA + cc res for a little extra safety on HC (wasn’t safe enough). Should’ve maybe tried to get more phys res instead (at least vs Ravager). You are definitely right about Chariot being kinda pricy at 7 points.

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How do your tankier builds always die xD

overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer… or just a ravaging fast killer sometimes :rofl:

I’m really starting to wonder how badly my willingness to GDStash for affixes (and consequently, my ability to Thunderstruck … of Kings my problems away, so to speak) has affected my perception of the value of these constellations. In any case, this

makes a lot of sense to me. Thanks!

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Since I’m all out of Fangs, until I get it, what would be decent alternative weapon?
I see that Bloodborn repeater/scepter give nice conversions to doombolt/sigil.

Go with scepter imo.

Scepter, yep. You definitely want its global conversion over anything the gun can offer.

Hey there, didn’t had much time to follow your stream lately. But this build looks sick! Awesome to see nice caster builds for HC. Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

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This just dropped:

I need some input on affixes. For me they look great, physres, %chaos, loads of damage. They could be +2sigil, but this ain’t bad also, right?

I am still missing helm and chest, but I just entered Ultimate, and things go down fast.

Apart from missing +2 sigil it is really good. Phys res on offhand is awesome!


Also, opting for Anasteria pants is for +AoG alone, or am I missing something else of such value worth going hostile with Outcast?