[] 1,900 Base Regen Obsidian Juggernaut Commando [SR 85, Avatar, Crucible Video]

Props to Eardianm for his Obsidian Tremors Pyromancer

Though the Obsidian Juggernaut has +2 Soldier skills to it, Soldier has never really been considered for a Tremors build. With Menhir’s Bulwark recently been changed to apply to 2H melee builds as well as shields, the 50% Physical to Chaos conversion inspired me to see how far I can take the Soldier’s passives (as Tremors would be the only necessary attack). I wanted the Dying God + Abominable Might route, so I chose Demolitionist to cover for flat RR in Blackwater Cocktail as well as having huge Chaos RR with Hellfire Mine.

Menhir’s Bulwark + Menhir’s Will + Vindictive Flame combines for some especially ludicrous Health Regen, so I arrainged for a way to max out Vindictive Flame (as 26/16 also gives you 22% Total Speed for near capped base casting speed). I’d like to go for 12% Leech to go along with that, and I provide a few different ways to reach that in the gearing section.

[] Obsidian Juggernaut Commando GRIMTOOLS

Obsidian Tremors Stats

Skills + Health Regen Stats

5,000 Health Regen when all procs are activated; combine this with 12% Life Leech and you can survive a lot of situations
Effectively facetanks Crucible with little fear of dying
Capped Slow Resistance + high overcapped Run Speed
Nearly Capped Cast Speed before Dying God (capped with Dying God)
No problems with Energy Regeneration, assuming you get some sort of suffix with Energy Regen in either the Ring or the Medal

Very difficult to cap resistances without using Green items or switching several gear pieces around (a double-rare Gollus ring is practically required, no matter what gear combination I use)
Doesn’t have the extended Mines radius, so applying RR is a little trickier than normal
Reaper in higher SR is a slog offensively with a chance for near OHKO damage spikes defensively (can’t proc Blast Shield and Menhir’s Will if you go from 75% to dead)
Slower in Crucible than Eardianm’s Pyromancer version
Every Obsidian Tremor’s Nemesis: Stairs


  • Obsidian Juggernaut + Ekket’Zul helmet together provides +3 to Soldier skills while also giving +4 each to Hellfire Mine and Agonizing Flames to grab as much RR from both skills as possible. The %DA bonus on the Ekket’Zul helmet is especially helpful.

  • Doomtouch gloves gives much needed Casting Speed + Hellfire Mines points.

  • 2-pc Rah-zin’s was chosen because: a) to get that 120% damage boost, and b) both the chest and shoulders give Physical resistance while giving other useful bonuses. Slight Bat conversion and Racial damage for the Chest, and Aether + Chaos resistance for the Shoulders.

  • Belt is mandatory for the Vitality to Chaos conversion and to hardcap Hellfire Mines.

  • Boots is Golemborn for points to Menhir’s Bulwark & Temper for flat Physical damage, Physical Resistance, and more Armor.

  • Amulet gets us 26/16 Vindictive Flame, gives us more Health Regen, and a really, really good proc that is half converted to Chaos. If the Vindictive Flame mod from the Conduit is not nerfed, you can always go with that as long as you find ADCTH elsewhere.

  • For rings, Voidheart is necessary for the good Chaos RR and Fire conversion. For the other ring, a good-rolled Gollus ring is impossible to beat, especially with how much regen you can get with it.

  • Pants + Medal I went for maximizing Temper to get as much flat Physical damage as possible, but if you have trouble getting resistances capped for a legit version, I would attempt the following:

  • Medal: Salthasar’s Crest (for casting speed, flat Energy Regen, and Bleeding Resistance), Wendigo Tainted Mark (Chaos damage & flat Energy regeneration), Mythical Combat Medic’s Mark (flat Energy Regen + even more healing), Black Star of Deceit (if you’re replacing the amulet and need more health leech), Mythical Mark of Kalastor if you want to keep Temper capped while also having more Armor and better resists, or Mythical Mark of Divinity if you want better Elemental Resist + Health Regen.

  • Pants: There’s basically no Chaos pants, so the sky’s the limit with this one. I’d go with Grava’Thul’s Leggings for the DA + Elemental Resistance, but there’s also Solael-Sect Leggings for the ADCTH and Aether resistance, Mythical Anchorite’s Leg Armor if you want to cap Vindictive Flame, Really Great Pants if you need energy regeneration, Mythical Chausses of Barbaros for the Battle Cry proc, or Arcane Harmony Leggings if you want more DA and want to switch jewelry components as you no longer have to worry about skill disruption. If you need a particular resistance checked off, the crafted Rimeguard Chausses gives Physical Resistance and only requires crafting materials.

Crucible 150-170 in 8:45


Obviously not as fast as the Pyromancer version, but makes up for it by being effectively immortal. As long as you don’t jump into Anasteria’s 50% resistance debuff and tank 4 Nemeses simulataneously, you’ll be able to beat any combination of baddies. I use the 4 storm banners + 3 blessings; 2 runs gets you up to 86 Blessings (if you start at 100), so a 100-170 run can be used to get some lost blessings back.

SR 85 Complete

SR85 is as high as I’m comfortable taking it; Reaper’s probably impossible anyway without sacrificng for a lot more defense. Shattered Theodin needs to calm the **** down with his craziness, but most of the other Shattered Boss enemies are a lot easier.

Avatar Kill


Grimtools Link: Just_Overcap_Lightning.exe
The consumables I used for this fight are at the end of the video. You can cycle through them and refresh their duration as long as you have Blast Shield / Menhir’s Will on standby to take any large hits. As long as you have potions not on cooldown to catch any damage spikes, you’ll be fine with this fight.


love the remnant FW icon on the grimtools, super confused me at first because i don’t read things before cliking links :joy:

also props on the build :+1:

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I feel attacked by those screenshots :rofl:

Nice work, glad you tackled the now better supported soldier side!

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Isn’t the last node from Dying God a better choice than the 3rd from Torch? Trading 1% crit damage for 5-18 flat chaos seems like a good deal to me. Nice build by the way!

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