[] Drain Essence Death Knight -> CR 4:21 + 170ex naked 5:30/ SR 110/ Ravager 1:18 + Callagadra 1:27 + Mogdrogen + Crate

Hello, this Drain Essence Death Knight (using retaliation for damaging :scorv: ) is very fast build able to take all content but it’s very gear demanding too. Probably going to be nerfed to the ground next patch like all my other retals and combining it with “rework” of SR it will not be updated probably. Treat it like showcase more than a guide.


It’s just stacking casting speed + OA + retaliation and tanykness to survive everything. Gameplay is pretty simple, hold right click and cast other skills from time to time.

Crucible 4:21 (4:15 buff time) - from my tests and other scores it’s possible to grind somehow way to sub4 with buff time. In this run first round was pretty badly, my best one so far was finishing wave 160 with 1:4x.

SR 110

Crucible naked + extra spawn 5:30

Callagadra 1:27

Ravager 1:18

Mogdrogen - extremaly annyoing due to his stun every attack, I couldn’t stay in meele range next round because simply I couldn’t use drain essence, was stuned over and over again during starting animation. Not hard boss altough, just impossible to speedrun with this build


SR 80 all bosses pulled



I hope not they nerf this, impossible green items :slight_smile: What do you think a legit version can do?

Edit: medal is ok, I actually have this.

Without any greens it will not be so fast due to giving up all offense. Altough it can work good if you find Korvan Spaulders and Ikrix Scale with a lot of resistances (elemental especially), boots you can change for Storm Titan Treads/Stormbearers/Stonetreaders and armor for Octavius - it will be better choice than Dread Armor if you have no very high conversion rolls on weapon and shoulders.

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I do get you need those greens, but legit ones, like maybe overlord of thorns shield, and either seraphim or of blades on shoulder and boot.

Overlord of thorns or any other suffix is alright. Shoulders are important for conversions more than retal stats. Epic medal like Mark of Stone Will gives massive amounts of usefull resistances as example but not OA - and in this case OA can be gained from rare soldier belt with good mods (and resistances still are mandatory). Gladiator’s Distinction is only a little DPS gain.

There are a lot of possibilities due to being no-set but everything depends what items do you have and what stats they have. Clearing crucible fast and killing celestials require a lot of OA for proccing Assasin’s mark fast and crits.

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More like retaliation but I guess now nerfhit into them may be very hard considered what was going on this patch.

Too good to be true build, what a monster!

PS, didn’t realize you already post it. Of course build is polished and tested against anything the game can throw at you.

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did not x1x1x1x2 have this build or was that oppressor?

Was oppressor

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So I have a question.
Can’t you use non mythical circle of five for less spirit investment? You don’t lose much cast speed and still get all + bonuses. But overall, Recktal Power!!

I could but isn’t it impossible to farm it on high levels with 58 req?

And I am asking it with all these perfect rolled greens :scorv:

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I’ve got a couple while leveling, just get lucky lol (:

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Have a dedicated low level farmer. Make sure to die now and then before you level up

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You can also use Crucible/Main Campaign Experience Lock

Monster totems scales with area too. Perhaps just running totems in late normal with high level char can be efficient

I’m totally a noob. The calculator link is great for gear and attributes, but how do you know what skills/devotions? Am I missing something?

You click on the same button as in the game.

Thank you so much. Looking forward to trying this! At 97 on an acid Oppressor. Once I finish ultimate campaign, going to try this build.

@AlkamosHater i hope you can tell me which boss or where to farm that shield.
So far i only know SoT sell it.