[] Oleron - 2H melee physical Cadence Warder, Ravager killer, very easy SR 80+

And one more skill. As I said everyone can do these little changes as they like.

It can kill Ravager, I think survivability is fine for me. Yes loosing elemental res on augments and medal is better for survival. Dude, you are just full of it as usually. Just stop posting in my threads.

Surely you can find plug Elemental resist to make a build better overall?

Good enough for me.

Aren’t the Wps counter intuitive with the way Cadence and Upheaval work? Pretty sure Cadence can’t proc Wps and Upheaval only works if your basic attack crits and that excludes Wps/Cadence.

Edit: Well it looks like you got banned, so see you in 3021


You are correct, but he only spent one point in upheaval so. And from my experience playing almost the same build - it is not worth dropping Zolahn and/or feral hunger just to proc upheaval more often.

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Do you have a grimtools link? Levelling with a primal strike warder since I never tried that skill before. Very flashy and fun. Would like something to respec into at level 94. Do you feel physical 2H warder is the best warder?

Hello Mad Lee. Can I ask you something.

Since converted physical damage is not mitigated by armor , does the game actually increases / decreases the DPS accordingly between what is mitigated and what is not when i attack an enemy?

Let’s say , I am using Cadence and I have additional 30% Elemental Damage converted to Physical Damage from Brute Force. If I hit an enemy for 10K Damage, will the game separate 7K damage to be mitigated by armor and 3K not mitigated by armor?

No it doesn’t calculate armor mitigation, also don’t expect mad_lee to ever answer again since he is perma banned.


The dps tooltip in game does not know about what the armor of the monster is so it can not account for that. Neither does it know about resistances and crit damage etc

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Sorry I wasn’t more clear. I meant for your version of this build. There seems to be plenty of debate as to whether this build is “good” or not and I wanted to get some other opinions. Also what’s the deal with so many people getting perma-banned?

It is good build, but can be made better/different.
Avenger set warder is a very strong concept.

Some people just behave bad on the internet, has been like that since the dawn of mankind.
They are not permabanned, they will be back in 1000 years :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick reply. Once I get to level 94 I’ll see what I can put together. I believe I should have all of the equips. Any thoughts on different equipment? If it’s just minor skill changes that should be an easy change. I’ve never been able to beat ravager without pets so I want a build that can take him on. Other than retaliation and pets this build certainly promises a lot.

check this out [] (2H Melee) You wanna Crush? Let's Crush! - Avenger Warder [c+] [sr+] classic savagery and WPS avenger warder build.

For cadence avenger warder, you can basically just read my replies above.

What do you think is the stronger build?

you can download his (afansheknov dude) build and see if you like it. Just compare them on your own and make your own version. I never understood the point of copying other ppl’s builds, where is the fun in that?

Some people enjoy following guides; there’s nothing wrong with that. Let people play the game how they want to.

People can play how they want yes, I just said I did not understand it and asked what the fun is. I think snozz is adult enough to answer him/her-self :slight_smile:

What are your thoughts, what is strongest - avenger warder savagery or cadence?

I wouldn’t know since I’ve played neither.

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there are different setups for each playstyle - avenger for savagery and Voldrak crusher/Warborn for Cadence. I personally see zero point in combining this stuff.