[] Physical Caster Sentinel -> Crucible 5:05/ SR 100/ Ravager 1:30 + Crate

Hello, I want to show one of my last interesting build - no set physical Sentinel based on chaos/vitality/elemental->physical conversions with various sources of damage. It is using Guardians, Doom Bolt, Sigils and Oblivion for killing enemies, everything is converted in our primary damage so AoE is decent and single target is great.

Thanks for @mad_lee for discussion and some suggestions to test and for @valinov for showing me his Oppresor (similar concept) so I could change offhand and devotion route.


If you want to make this build and have no any rare with Redeemer prefix do not worry - Guardians need to be on 24/26 and it’s possible to get after using double Lifegiver Signet or Double blue seal of basti/combination of them.

Gear choices:
Helmet - because Guardians are one of our damage sources and they hit hard it’s BiS, the more of them the better.

Off-hand - Inashkor https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/12603 sounded for me like obvious choice due all these conversions, bonus to Doom bolt and just everything but after taking a look at Valinov’s setup I changed it into Tome of Names and both Crucible times and Ravager decreased for ~20 seconds. Constant DPS and %RR seems better than some burst. However if you wish to have yellow DB go for it.

Rings - Black Matriarch is BiS on every (or almost every) physical build but Redeemer suffix on helmet/amulet is needed. Go for double Lifegiver without it.

Amulet - Kaisan or Peerless Eye, everything because of skill points. Even Wilhelm or any +1 Oathkeeper is okay.

Weapon - Beronath because two conversion we need to make build works. Every single skill we have benefits from it.

Shoulders - these rares just for Doom bolt bonus.

Boots - Boneshatter provide both damage/oa/slow res, however Voidwalker footpads are good too for sigils.

Armor - current choice for big flat damage and life steal, another good one is Devil’s cage.

Belt - core, no other choices. Converted vitality is one of our primary damage and everything in Occultist tree benefit from it.

Relic - converted Oblivion has over 100k sheet dps, weapon damage and big healing. We need some WD skill to survive and it’s perfect.

Medal - It’s easiest to build around Kalastor due to all these stats. Another good choice is Beast Slayer’s mark, however harder to cover all resistances.

Gloves - mostly casting speed + pure damage, Riftwarped Grasp for DB bonuses works good too.

Crucible 5:05 with horrible mistake, I forgot to bind Oblivion and lost around 10 seconds because of it. However my best run after finalizing build, average is 5:1x. Can go sub5 for sure but I am too lazy for fishing it.

SR 100 with bugged shar’zul tornado, it was permanent and was catching me around :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Ravager 1:30 (armor auguments changed for DA/health to not being crit in 2nd phase)




Great build, so heart… :heart:

But seriously it’s always fun to see these physical builds based on conversion and how they worked. I had my sketches around Guardians Shieldbreaker some time ago but I haven’t posted it.

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That sword enables so many funky builds, it’s insane!

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Congratulations. Weirdly fast build. Aren’t Acid Guardians supposed to be faster?
I don’t remember Dervish breaking 5m mark (I cannot find it now).

Anyway, maybe someone would like to test / optimize something like this - DEE / Acid Guardians hybrid Sentinel.
I don’t think I would do this build justice + not the best player :wink: I think I first made it in, made different variant but I didn’t pilot it too well. https://www.grimtools.com/calc/O2G0B35V

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Thanks! I don’t know how good acid guardians could be, some survival tool should be find for it to be viable outside of Crucible. From guardians builds I tested Oppressor version of this build (with few changes in devotions and focusing on RE a lot) and another oppressor but meele wps + guardians (physical too). First one was 4:4x CR, second one a little bit above 5 min (don’t remember exactly, it was long time ago).

Guardians for sure has some potential, I would like to see more builds around them like blade spirits already have :smile:

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Physical Guardians might be an ok leveling strat / beginner build for Physical Oathkeeper
(this build or Octavius Warlord for example).

You can have 5 fully Physical Guardians with just target farmable items
https://www.grimtools.com/calc/lV701ayZ (conversion on off-hand
should be fine here with Fire being converted first by Elemental conversion)
and maybe add some component skill from blueprint that drops along the way.

I was playing Physical Aegis on Veteran but while leveling damage
on single target bosses is not quite there so I moved the points to Guardians
and with early conversion items such as Viper Sandspitter and Korvan Spaulders
(if leveling from scratch you go to Forgotten Gods after killing Warden I guess).
they deal enough damage. Later target farmable Beronath and Magi Visage.


I have this kind of build on my “SSF potential” list :slight_smile:

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I have an idea. In Obelisk-2-nodes was nerfed so let’s go crazy,
skip either Fish or Doggo and go for Tsunami bound to Curse of Frailty:

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They nerfed obelisk again?

I don’t remember precisely but nodes are kinda re-arranged now ( probably).
You can see Alkamos has some Retaliation node in his current not updated setup.
This nerf results in N node Obelisk setups being worse for some N?.

For example 2 Node setup is worse now? But was the arrangement before?

2 nodes was nerfed in you can no longer get the 5% DA + 25 DA node with just 2 nodes in obelisk but instead requires 3 nodes

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