[] Ravenous Earth Oppressors - Physical & Acid variants (SR65)

Yes, it transmuted the base skill so % vit and acid converted too.

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Hey that’s good acid RE build!

I like the idea of 3 pieces of Dreeg set, that physical resistance is sweet.

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Not as offensive as yours and uses many wonky green items. But I am sure one can get those cc resists else where. I just thought fun with many green items on green damage build :smiley: lol

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Speaking of which, there were few all green builds, one was acid, other was this???

Eating dinosaur’s soup :yum:

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Yes I saw that GD stash anthem build and it made my laugh hard I almost pee myself :smiley:
my character I used for [] MIra - Desolator Savagery Vindicator (SR80) was designed for making similar build but legit :wink: but … I gave up :smiley: now with better drop rates perhaps possible again?

Ohh I did not noticed that! Thanks!

Yeah you’re right OA is way to low to trigger Assassin’s Mark.

Only when monsters die really? I did not know this :neutral_face:

Yeah plus the low attack speed, the life leech will be pretty low.

I changed the build a little bit to overcome some of these disadvantages without much sacrifice:

  • Boosted OA to 3000 - boosted Fighting Spirit, Field Command, replaced pants with Barbaros, replaced belt and added % offensive ability on new relic
  • Removed cadence - Maul is now procced by Deathstalker summon
  • Removed both Markovian’s Advantage and Reaping Strike procs
  • Replaced relic with Deathstalker
  • Boosted Menhir’s Will for more health restored and lower down time
  • Replaced medal with Mark of Stone Will
  • Ravenous Earth lost 1 point due to the relic replacement
  • Lost flat physical resistance reduction from Foul Eruption but gained -10% physical resistance aura from Deathstalker summon
  • Replaced belt as Foul Eruption lost its hard points and it is too low to benefit from the synergy
  • Readjusted attribute points to aim for 3k OA and 3k DA
  • Lost a bit of % block chance
  • Lost a bit of health points
  • Lost -10% Skill Energy Cost - this will probably translate into a energy pot frenzy
  • Lost a lot of retaliation damage

Adjusted build: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/lNkmJPvV

that looks better
but ring proc can not stack (only chance for cast stacks)
do you have those green items? they look sick.
I very suggest gladiator belt so you can steal life with vitality spells like bat, tip of scales and siphon soul
seal of blades life steal will not work if used in axe and you slam with shield.
resistance over cap is thrash you will die if debuffed - perhaps a nice gargabol ring for covering resistance ?