[] Red Velvet Wound - Bleeding&Vitality BS Trickster [SR100] [5.05 Crucible] [All celestials]


When you realize that title of Meshuggah's masterpiece won't make much sense here.

Gear explanation

Gear crafted for stun and slow resistance

  • Full Demonslayer - BiS. Both damage types and skills.
  • Scarab Shell - an item for bleeding BS. That’s it. Pick affix with phys res.
  • 2x Deathlord ring - hence it’s hybrid, the choice is limited, so it’s the best option we have, given low %CS.
  • Reaper’s Legguards - +3 to BS. BiS. Pick any affixes.
  • Lagoth’Ak’s Bloodbinding - looks hybrid. Need to get at least one “of Buchery” affix for 24/16 PB.
  • Bloodfury Spaulders - i’ve always wanted to use these, proc is neat and stats are great, but most vitality/bleeding builds tend to have set shoulders.
  • Lunal’Valgoth’s Girdle - ele to vit conversion. The most important stat.
  • Valguur’s Touch - good stats, useful conversion and strong proc. Absence of %CS is compensated by rings and shoulders.
Shattered Realm performance

SR100 without much sweat:

And SR105 with much sweat:

Crucible performance

4.50 with favourable muts, the average is ~5.05


Avatar of Mogdrogen: Ideally one would want to increase stun resistance, but it’s still doable.

Ravager of Flesh: Can’t facetank red version due to mana leach.

Callagadra: It’s an easy yet boring fight, killed it on the 3rd attempt.

Crate of Entertaiment: The easiest crate kill i ever had, i’d recommend farming it with this build.

Pure Bleed Version


Doesn’t make much sense given hybrid version: worse both in terms of defense and offense, but if somebody wants to play pUre bleeding build - here it is.


@mad_lee for forcing me to try bleed/vitality hybrid.


It greatly pleases me you know this song.


Updated. Went from pure bleed to vitality&bleed hybrid. Feels better.

That’s one of the coolest looking set in the game for sure.
Congratulations on squeezing so much from it.

What makes it so durable in SR in comparison to other builds?
Is is an absurd amount of leech paired with solid Health and Phys Resistance?
And ranged playstyle although you seem to be able to facetank quite a lot.

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Very nice devo path. So this is the strength of combination of vit + blood build. Seems a little thirst for skill points.

Pretty sure we have to change a lot to work in SR, PB builds tend to quite fragile and can be easily one shot.

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more or less, add it to 15% absorb from ult, racial reductions from beasts and chtonians, 35% fumbles, 20% evasion, -rr to life leach and high overcaps. Yet again, these things are proven to be more important than armor and DA values.

i’d say it’s more kitinig/spammer gameplay, you can’t shot from afar for too long, because without energy leech from scales you’re running out of mana almost immediately.

Bat seems to be optional though, can be replaced with 1 point in huntress and rat.
It’s skill thirsty indeed, hence i have only +1 to shaman.

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Still giving solid build advice even from the other side. :sunglasses:

SR 100 completion is sick btw.

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Wasn’t this advice from like, months ago when you were still playing :rofl:

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Don’t ruin the cool story bro :stuck_out_tongue:

But the build is great and SR 100 wow!

I never thought a bleeding build outside of pets would push to SR 100, but I guess I was wrong. Or this one doesn’t count cause it’s a hybrid (:
Strong bleedster nonetheless.


I actually probably misremembered and maybe that was plasmo. I think he also played a similar build back then :rofl:

I’m glad someone pushed the concept this high, I was never able to make it sturdy enough to go past SR75 reliably, and here you are with incredible results :ok_hand:
Btw, why no VoS ? It’s a large defensive debuff, especially with low DA


Cause no skill points and that DA isn’t low to begin with.

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Nay, it was Plasmo’s Archon, amazing build that he never published.

Indeed, 2.9k with the perma-shred, in my memory it was lower like 2.7k, I probably mixed builds up :thinking:

Amazing build and unexpected result for such weird concept, tankiness is unreal compared to full vit caster with offhand.
Great job!

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Meanwhile, done occasional sr75 run. Quite a fast one.


yet another meaningless accomplishment of mine


how many pluses should i add after “everything”?

I counted the number of videos and it’s four.

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