[] Totems of strength! Light Defender Vindicator


I rediscovered the wheel, kinda. Lightning totems Vindicator is one of the most obvious builds in the game but since it haven’t been done in a while, well decided to earn some points for #teamVindi.


  • perma buffs, damage for Chain Lightning

GRIM TOOLS :arrow_right: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/D2p9kg6V

GEAR: :hammer_and_pick:

Key here is to use full Light Defender set for Totems and Box mod. Since Wind Devils are always mandatory for lightning Shaman build, Spark of Ultos weapon provides some QoL, as well as skill points, % damage and conversion from cold. Off-hand gives totems mods as well, crucial to use it with Sandstorm prefix (I have few legit ones with this prefix and crappy suffix). Amulet is for % CDR and offensive ability. Relic is also pretty dope for lightning builds, belt is green MI for vitality to cold conversion, helps with Bat conversion, also Wendigo ofc.


Aggressive map with Ultos and Spear as T3 devotions. Also Elemental Storm for flat RR and Tsunami proc, which is pretty potent with conversion. Also Ghoul+Bat defensive combo.


Build isn’t suitable for SR past 75/76 but truly shines in Crucible, where you can deploy all of your totems and zap enemies in a flash. Average times are sub-5 with 3 buffs and 4 beacons, video of my run of 4:34!

Also Moggy is really easy, ironically lightning builds are suitable to deal with him, because of the high lightning overcaps and % max resistances.


Wrong build title, should be “obvious totems”

3 buffs and 4 beacons is the new way do do crucible? Just asking because I have not played it that much lately :slight_smile:

It’s been the way since like

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Don’t think I have played crucible since Forgotten Gods was released :slight_smile: I thought 3 buffs and one beacon


More like That was the first build exploiting beacons as source of flat RR before the nerfs.
[] The Speed of light! 6 Mortar Traps Sorceress *5:25 on average

Yes it used to be 3 buffs and maxed Banner in bottom left. It’s still is fast but only on few builds. Beacons are also more fun.

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Yeah something like that. The question mark on my comment was cause I wasn’t sure, in case that came off as condescending to @Ulvar1


Will thunderstruck prefix work on the offhand? I don’t have sandstorm but I have a thunderstruck of thunder.

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Offensively Thunderstruck is even better but problem is Light Defender set lack physical resistance and build desperately need it. Also slow isn’t bad. So my answer is, depend for what you build it but I prefer Sandstorm.

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Thunderstrack has phys res right? Also have higher chance to drop i think than sandstorm.

@x1x1x1x2 i was not offended lol you just want more forum drama haha

What blessing you guys not take?

Yes, it has some phys res, though less than Sandstorm. And no slow res unfortunately. But beggars can’t be choosers :sweat_smile:

Less on average or always less?

According to grimtools:

Sandstorm: 7/9% phys res
Thunderstruck: 5/7% phys res

So you need thunderstruck’s best roll to equal sandstorm’s worst.


Oopsie, @Ulvar1 and you’re right, it was added some time ago apparently. Then yes, Thunderstruck is great, even better perhaps. Only thing you need to take care is the slow resistance, one item crafted will do the trick or if you can cover resistances, boots component.

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Hard_to_watch_and_analyze_the_run_due_to_constant_screen_shakes_on_Crits / 10
You don’t like the camera rotation yet the screen having an epilepsy attack is fine? :wink:

Btw Why are you not using Storm Shards? You want one fewer button to press?
Wouldn’t you have mentioned it if it was by choice?

PS Awesome job as always, I sometimes forget to say it because you do it by default.

PS2 Also a great intro picture. I feel like you’re slowly getting back to your peak form in this regard.

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You’re killing me! Or maybe the screen shake does :smile:

My runs are covert operations, they are there but no one can see them.

About Shards, I am not fan, another button to spam, which cost me Chain Lightning cast and I barely keep my totems in max numbers. But if you use auto cast tool, definitely use them.


Where’s my elgoloth scepter, Nery? :frowning:

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I don’t know. I haven’t take yours, Spark of Ultos is fine.