[ -] [HC] [Videos] Beastcaller Set | Physical & Bleeding Pet Conjurer | Ver3.1

GT Conjurer, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

SR 75 - 76 / Callagadra

Run SR 75 - 76 / 11m
Calla / 5m

Why call 0 green? cause green off hand no fixes requirement,if u want good one, will easy get than legendary equipment


with all buff


5min Callagadra?


Fwuffy.exe has stopped working


Oh,ye 4:45 forgot to change 2 rings Augments, otherwise will more fast.

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woot Sand King Hype ! :crab: !

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I just made my conjurer today but full bleeding version: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/62aQX3x2
Swarms and Salazar ghost do tons of damage, seems like the more pets the more bleeding damage? Currently Crucible 5:20/SR 115/Ravager 1:4x min


Hm… so Primal Swarm meta back in? :rofl:


Pure Bleeding is good.
but I want Physical Pet alive.

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NIce build, got some ideas from it how to improve mine [] Physical Pets! 3,3xBriars - Beastcaller Conjurer (~13 min Calla)(Ravager)(SR75-76) but your is bleed based, I don’t want that :confused: too many buttons to push with bleed pet build :sweat_smile:

iirc , how bleed damage works is , it stacks from multiple sources, hence your “sources” in this instance are pets + devotion procs (Someone correct me if i’m wrong).


You have two Wraithbound Bloodsworn off-hand of caged souls? :open_mouth: on this one and on the build you just rip’ed with?

no, this one is Subjugator’s and dead one also show offhand attribute in Videos.

So GT links provided are not display builds as they are/were?

In GT showing offhand affix is best choice. but in game u may not have.

it is confusing and missleading then.

Missleading? seriously?

yes why not upload char as you have to GT and then have another GT where you say “this is with BiS affix” or something.

the post already mention that about effix not necessarily. u can use any pet effix u have. like Subjugator + Caged soul or Wraithbound + binding or just single effix
the effix will not change build core. So what do you want to expression?

@Ulvar1 offhand is for 35% modified damage, does not really matter if it has some % damage here or not. That values are changing maybe few seconds celestial fights.

I have same base off-hand in my build. My question was more like if it does not matter affix why not just upload char to GT as it is? It was just question / proposal. If shown in video what is actually used I have to watch 11 min video on Chinese site :slight_smile: