[ -] Ice Unbreakable - Mageslayer Cold Flames of Ignaffar Infiltrator [sr+][mi][vid]

Hi! :slightly_smiling_face:

Before patch brings in a lot of confusing features and nerfs, I would like to share a somewhat quickly assembled build for chilling in Grim Dawn (yes, pun is intended :laughing:). Infiltrator class is ideal for the idea - both masteries have Cold Damage and RR.

First, I wanted to try Flames of Ignaffar skill. But ordinary Fire or Chaos/Vitality did not fascinate me enough. And then I stumbled upon Farath’s Cube which turns flames into a freezing torrent. It was indeed amazing to watch :astonished:. It reminded me of my favorite Druid spell in Diablo 2 - Arctic Blast :snowflake:. That was awesome experience indeed. Oh, good old days… Need to install Diablo 2 again :relaxed:.

But let us return to the current topic and show what I have made. Want to mention another simmilar build from Ashes of Malmouth era []Cold Ignaffar Infiltrator - The Mage Slayer by @Superfluff. I found that build after finishing my own, so all coincidences are accidental :smile:. Good build, even though it is outdated.

1. Grimtools link

I decided to go Leviathan path with some QoL features like Chariot constellation for smooth gameplay. And I like its Whirlpool proc :slightly_smiling_face:.

2. In-game character stats.
general stats, only passive and Word of Renewal with Pneumatic Burst buffs are active
Flames of Ignaffar breakdown
magic stats
defense stats

3. Gear/Build explanation
I tried to balance both defense and damage output as well as (most important) CC resists. The build is pretty sturdy, but not mobile because of Inquisitor Seal ability. You need to facetank much. With those thoughts in mind I have chosen the following gear:

  1. Core items.
    Full Mageslayer set. Supports both masteries, Elemental Flames of Ignaffar (Cold included, no conversions - that is what we need), good bonuses to Veil of Shadow.
    Off-hand. Farath’s Cube. Makes our FoI Cold, some RR for Box of Elgoloth. Has great bonuses overall, but… Why no Casting Speed? :thinking: For channeled spell or spammable one (Panetti’s Missiles) it is crucial for damage and surviving.
    Medal. Bloodsworn Sigil. Lifeleech for FoI, more Endless Flame points to reduce manacost. Look for OA/DA suffixes mostly (we can dump some components and augments for resistances). Dread Lord and Light Bringer prefixes are also great (additional Life Leech and Casting Speed).
  2. Mandatory items.
    Weapon. Spelldrinker. + 1 to Inquisitor skills, huge %Elemental bonus, Energy Absorption, Cast Speed.
    Chest. Fateweaver’s Raiment. Big boost for all Resistances (Physical included) except CC, Elemental Damage on the top. Great item. Or Vestment of Mourning for global Lightning-to-Cold conversion and +2 to Night’s Chill.
    Ring 1. Band of the Eternal Haunt. Another Cold RR, nice stats, craftable.
    Relic. Bane. Cast Speed, %OA, ADCtH, healing proc. I think this is the best Inquisitor relic in the game :face_with_monocle:. Change my mind.
  3. Can be changed.
    Ring 2. Time-Flux Band. I took it because of overall bonuses, Slow Resistance and useful proc (against most enemies). Craftable. Living Ring (MI) can be an alternative.
    Pants. Mageguard Legguards. Full Inquisitor Seal line, Physical Resistance, big chunk of Health, some points to Elemental Awakening. Arcane Harmony Legguards are an alternative (or some good-rolled Solael Sect MI ones).
    Belt. Scales of Beronath. +1 to Inquisitor skills, +2 to Inquisitor Seal, a solid item. Ugdenbog Waistguard MI belt with appropriate affixes can be an alternative.
    Boots. Amatok’s Step. My personal choice. Slow and Physical Resistances, OK proc. Can be easily changed though. Choose whatever you want (Footpads of the Grey Magi, Stoneplate Greaves etc.).
    Craft for Stun Resistance (blacksmith in Steelcap District) at least two items.

About Resistance Reduction. Total amount is ~154% (-47% from modified Veil of Shadow, -30% from Aura of Censure, -12% from modified Storm Box of Elgoloth, -10% from Eternal Haunt ring proc, -23% from Murmur constellation and 32 flat from Rhowan’s Crown constellation proc) plus 20% RR from Viper constellation, so it can vary. Only Kubacabra, Moosilauke and some heavily-geared mages are able to hold for long against such values :slightly_smiling_face:.

4. Gameplay
Cast Storm Box of Elgoloth on the thickest enemy, Inquisitor Seal under yourself (or enemy) for tankiness and freeze everything with FoI. Uptime Word and Burst, Shadow Strike and Amatok’s Breath for battlefield movement. Blade Barrier in dire circumstances (be careful, you cannot move during its cast). Simple and straight gameplay.

5. Videos
Mad Queen.




SR 75 full

That is it for now. Thank you for attention and future feedback :grinning:. Will add more videos in the future. Have a good time!


Reserved for future ideas.

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Added Kra’Vall and Reaper of the Lost (a.k.a. Tiny Ravager) videos. Also, I killed Mogdrogen.

First time I was too confident and made a stupid mistake, resulting in my defeat. Frustrated, I took my revenge second time. But did not turn on video recording :laughing:. Anyway, the fight was not long (about 5-6 minutes), first phase was pure facetanking, second required some distancing due to Mogdrogen’s love for shotguns in hero’s face and increased damage (also, my DA and Stun res were too low for him, I think :thinking:). Used occasional health potions only in second phase.

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wow so i never really payed attention to the fact that this FoI innately has weapon damage. That is pretty neat. Overal this build has many good stats for a lot of situations. Seems very cool(literally) well done.

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This is how I try to make my builds - to handle most situations with simple adjustments if needed (Augments, potions etc). Do not like making specified Crucible or SR/Celestials builds :man_shrugging:.

Hello, fellow builders! :slightly_smiling_face:

Patch brings some changes to this build:

  • Chillheart: added 16% Cast Speed and increased Cold damage modifier for Eye of Reckoning to 60
  • The Mageslayer Set: replaced % Elemental Resist with 20% Chaos Resist
  • Mageslayer’s Hood: increased % Pierce Resist to 28%

So, the Chillheart dagger is now our weapon of choice and it beats Spelldrinker scepter damage-wise.

The topic was updated with two new Chillheart builds (look at Grimtools link section). Here are two SR75 videos as well.

Have fun!


Hello again, fellow builders! :slightly_smiling_face:

It is time to update this Cold FoI infiltrator for current patch. In short - I returned to original setup with some component tweaks and different medal (was used in Chillheart setups). Now GT link is like this: Infiltrator, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator. Since we desperately need Casting Speed and Chillheart was nerfed (but we have got full conversion for FoI on Farath’s Cube), Spelldrinker is again our weapon of choice (better damage and more %CS, Energy Absorption).
Here are buffs and nerfs this build suffered:

  • Rare Prefix - Tempest: increased % Offensive Ability to 4% on level 82+ versions of the affix
  • Chillheart: reduced Cast Speed to 10%
  • Farath’s Cube: increased % Offensive Ability to 5% and % Health to 8%. Increased Cold damage modifier for Panetti’s Replicating Missile to 100 and added 100% of Lightning dealt as Cold modifier for Flames of Ignaffar. Added +2 to Distortion (whatever :unamused:).
  • Mythical Spelldrinker: added 45% of Pierce dealt as Elemental.
  • The Mageslayer Set: increased % Health bonus to 16% and increased Frostburn modifier for Veil of Shadow to 300 / 2s. Increased % Cold Resist Reduction modifier for Olexra’s Flash Freeze to -18% (whatever as well).
  • Flames of Ignaffar: increased Target area cone by approximately 10% and increased Fire damage scaling with rank
  • Intensify: increased Lightning damage scaling with rank
  • Lightning Tether: increased Lightning damage scaling with rank, particularly at ultimate ranks
  • Phantasmal Armor: increased Armor scaling with rank to 152 by rank 12, 320 by max ultimate rank

As always, full SR 75 run.

Build is still good, suffers from heavy Physical monsters a bit, but that is not a huge problem.

Thanks for your support and have fun! :slightly_smiling_face:


This build looks super fun! I’ve gotten a lot of the stuff together while farming on my main char. Just wondering if you have any lvling advice for an infiltrator? Any skill choices for lvling or devotion route would be cool. Thanks!

Thank you for appreciation :slightly_smiling_face:.

Since Cold FoI is available only in endgame (from 94), I would recommend usual Inquisitor leveling with Word of Pain/Storm Box of Elgoloth (as I did), or, if you want, use this nice guide by @banana_peel [] Beginner's Shadow Strike Infiltrator. Cruise through endgame in faction gear and without keyboard.

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Hello! :slightly_smiling_face:

What’s new in

  • Farath’s Cube: increased Cold damage modifier for Panetti’s Replicating Missile to 130 and reduced Cold damage modifier for Flames of Ignaffar to 52
  • Mythical Spelldrinker: increased Defensive Ability to 40
  • The Mageslayer Set: increased % Health to 20%
  • Mageslayer’s Armguard: added 12% Attack Speed and reduced Elemental damage modifier for Flames of Ignaffar to 60
  • Mageslayer’s Hood: reduced Elemental damage modifier for Flames of Ignaffar to 50
  • Mageslayer’s Shoulderguard: increased Health to 610 and Energy to 800
  • Chariot of the Dead: increased Health to 150
  • Leviathan: increased % Health to 6%, Cold damage to 18 and Frostburn damage to 20 / 3s
  • Murmur: increased Health to 200, Defensive Ability to 40 and % Vitality Resist to 15%
  • Blade Barrier: increased base Health Regeneration and its scaling with rank and increased Cooldown scaling at ultimate ranks to 12s by max ultimate rank. Crowd Control Resist is now 80% at all ranks. The buff is now undispellable.

Damage nerfs, Health buffs. Thank you very much :laughing:. So, now the build looks like this to compensate damage loss. Performs good :slightly_smiling_face:. Until next patch!

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Good day! :slightly_smiling_face:

What is happening to this frosty FoI Mageslayer in

  • Reduced monster % Cold Resist by 6% on Ultimate difficulty and 3% on Elite difficulty
  • Mythical Spelldrinker: increased Defensive Ability to 70
  • Pneumatic Burst: reduced Cooldown to 8s and increased Offensive Ability scaling with rank to 110 by rank 12, 200 by max ultimate rank
  • Shadow Dance: increased Defensive Ability scaling with rank to 160 by rank 12, 290 by max ultimate rank, and increased % Melee and % Ranged Avoidance scaling with rank to 22% by rank 12, 28% by max ultimate rank
  • Elemental Awakening: increased Frostburn, % Elemental damage and % Frostburn damage damage scaling with rank
  • Word of Renewal: reduced Cooldown to 12s

Minor buffs, zero nerfs. Always welcome :slightly_smiling_face:. The build is same. Thanks for your support!


This is build update:

  • Rare Prefix - Tempest: added % Elemental Dot damage
  • Fateweaver’s Raiment: added % Elemental Dot damage
  • Mythical Scales of Beronath: added % Elemental Dot damage and increased Offensive Ability to 80
  • Mythical Spelldrinker: replaced % Aether damage with % Elemental Dot damage. Added 80 Elemental damage modifier for Word of Pain.
  • Chariot of the Dead: increased % Stun Resist to 20% and Health to 250
  • Leviathan: increased % Health to 8%
  • Sailor’s Guide: added 15% Fire Resist and increased % Run Speed to 10%
  • Wayward Soul: reduced Cooldown to 8s and Duration to 5s

The build is up-to-date. Have fun!

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Hello! :slightly_smiling_face:

What does current patch have for this build?

  • Candle: reduced Energy Regeneration to 2.5
  • Ghoul: increased Health Regeneration to 16 and % Health Regeneration to 30%
  • Ghoulish Hunger: added % Increased Healing (Forgotten Gods only) and added % Cast Speed
  • Pneumatic Burst: increased Duration to 60s. Increased Energy Cost, % Heal and Health Regeneration scaling with rank.
  • Inquisitor Seal: increased Energy Cost scaling with rank
  • Storm Box of Elgoloth: increased Duration to 8s
  • Lightning Tether: maximum tethers increased to 5
  • Word of Renewal: increased Duration to 60s. Increased Energy Cost and Heal scaling with rank. Increased % Heal scaling at ultimate ranks.

Just some minor global fluctuations, the build is unchanged, videos were updated. Until next time!