[] Beginner's Lightning Warder

ok will do that. thankyou

Hi Stupid Dragon , so does this mean IEE and %Critical Damage is exempted from this penalty? I’m currently levelling a PS Range Druid and i’m using the Sparkthrower MI.


Total damage penalty works on every flat damage part of the skill. It will affect flat elemental and energy leech if they are applied via Primal Strike’s weapon damage part, but it will not reduce your %elemental and %crit damage as these are damage modifiers, not flat damage. It’s basically (flat damage) * (1 - %total damage penalty/100) * (1 + %elemental/100) * (1 + %crit/100 if rolled a crit).

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Hello there may i ask where does the seal of corruption blueprint drops/sold?

Best to farm Totems for such blueprints imo.

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Super Noobish here, Are you supposed to max out Arcane Bomb on Widow?


Welcome to grim dawn and to the forums :blush:

Devotion procs (like Arcane Bomb), level up on their own as you use them and hence will max out eventually. So, it is not really something you need to do as much as “something that happens on its own”.


Awesome! Thank you!!

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First of all, I would like to thank the author and the community for making a great guide. I am absolutely new to the game and have a plan to start it today with this build. My question will be addressing the gear. What kind of items am I looking for while leveling? Is there a general rule of thumb for the gear? Should I read up some other guides regarding this?

Thank you for the help.


For this build specifically you want gear that has skill bonuses to Primal Strike, Torrent, Storm Surge, armor / resistances, %lightning damage, offensive ability, attack speed.

There are a couple of general guides that are relevant here:

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Thanks a lot for the detailed answer and the links. I am truly having a lot of fun with this build already.

Imo it’s also worth to analyze OP’s Grim Tools link at various levels to get a feeling what he prioritizes.

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Hey there again. Ultos set blueprint is random drop, right? And - as offtopic - dynamite blueprint random, too?

I just cannot understand how to recognise it in blueprint description in GT, which one is random drop and wich i Can buy from fractions FE. Maybe there is any way?

It can be bought from a faction or a vendor if it has it in its description. It’s random otherwise.


This guide is simply perfect… congrats. Perfect explain for noobs like me

First of all, great guide, really thorough and new player friendly.

Any tip about the loot filter settings to have good itemization through the leveling process? i was considering on the weapon type only show 2h weapons and on the damage type, physical and lightning maybe?

Any suggestions on this or is it irrelevant? Thanks in advance

Only showing 2h weapons is great to filter, but I would not filter damage types, because that would also exclude any gear that does not scale physical and lightning. This means that a lot of gear with other good mods like good resists, armor, DA is also gonna get excluded. During leveling, resists, armor, DA are often more important than damage mods since you get plenty of damage from skills and devotions. If you look at Stupid_Dragon’s snapshots, for example, there are several great gear pieces that do not scale lightning damage directly and would, thus, not show on a filter that excludes it.

I really wish that GD filter options were better and that you could better specify this kind of thing. You either filter too much stuff and miss out on great gear pieces or filter too little and end picking up questionable drops. I usually only filter weapons, shields or off-hands when leveling.

I personally always filter out just yellows and whites on all chars. Can always use the cash and usually you find good gear that way.


I just started this build and i really like it so far. I have one question though i was looking at Kraken in the devotions and i notice Tempest . I’m wondering why would’t you get that devotion since it has so much lightning and electrocute damage not to mention lightning resists and OA and DA %total speed and from the looks a nice proc?

Anyway this is a great guide. I can’t stand the others on this site that just post GT builds and videos of them killing stuff. Thats not a guide. Its just showing the end not the journey to it :slight_smile:

That’s because those are endgame builds, that require specific gear. And they also assume that you have at least a basic understanding of game mechanics. Definitely not beginner friendly builds.