[] Beginner's Lightning Warder

Yeah like Foehammer said those aren’t meant to be guides. There are endgame builds, aimed towards people already very familiar with the game, and then there are leveling guides. There is no obligation for a post to have both. The ones that are guides explicitly have “Beginner” or somesuch in the title. If you want a lot more look in the Beginner build guides compendium.

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You get plenty of Lightning damage goodness from Hand of Ultos and Spear of the Heavens. Very few if any builds can afford to tunnel vision damage and damage procs. Some spots in devotion, gearing, skills or otherwise have to be set apart to build up important stats to the appropriate levels (e.g. Kraken) and Tempest either doesn’t have those stats, doesn’t have them in adequate levels, the affinity requirement/reward for it makes it difficult to fit in with everything else wanted in the limited number of devotion points, or some combination of the above.


Or in another words - you need those Blue and Red points that Kraken provides (for i.e. Ultos and Spear)
and at the same time it’s the best devotion that gives those so you just take it.
And with 26% attack speed and other bonuses it’s probably even better than Tempest.

I think I made a 2h build without Kraken once (went full Bleed - Wolf etc, without Blue points)
and once with partial Kraken (because I didn’t need Casting Speed nodes as I had 200% anyway)
and all the rest, let’s say a hundred, with Kraken.


Aye, Kraken is almost required for any 2H weapon build, it’s just that good. If it’s a question between that and Tempest? Always Kraken. Always. No question.


i was asking why not take tempest along with kraken cause that is some good lighting damage it provides. Isnt there a way to have kraken, tempest, spear and ultos?

Yes. But it means losing other important constellations that provide resistance reduction or life steal to boost survival so becomes inefficient/unattractive to go after.

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Yeah I don’t even think you can drop anything that you can afford to here. Like, you can’t drop Crown, and Ghoul is just way too nice survivability especially for a budget build, etc. And Tempest gives a measly return on its expensive investment. So yeah - just too much to grab, not enough points.


Seems to me you’d need 56 points for Tempest, Ultos, Spear, Kraken, Widow and Elemental Storm - so not possible.

That’s a great build! I got lucky enough to get a Blueprint for the Ultos’ headgear and switched to [] Thunderbolt - The Primal Strike Warder [c+] [sr+] this one. It’s a blast!


Hey guys, how would this build look end game? sorry for noob question… lets say its not a budget build… but i want to use same abilities and devotions, would i just go for mythic ultos?

@Replays recommended in the guide [] Thunderbolt - The Primal Strike Warder [c+] [sr+]

New guy here, I think there has been a change in some of the passives for shaman in the last few updates, would you still rather have Oak Skin maxed instead of Heart of the Wild? and no extra points into Mogdrogens pact?
Edit: nvm, i skipped ahead to the end instead of the leveling guide, it scales worse after level 10 so its not worth maxing if you have shaman skill + items.

I’m noticing the level 21-35 snapshot is missing the component for the head slot. What do you recommend putting there?

Rune stones are pretty good head slots especially if you need more Elemental Resistance. Always check to see if you resistances can be buffed by searching in the blacksmiths window. If your resistances are good, then add items that buff the damage type which in this case would be elemental, lightning, or physical once you get Korvan Storm Halberd.

With the first char!
Where can i find the weapon like this build?

Temple of Osyr and Cairan Docks areas.



Hi, sorry if i missed anything but ive been going crazy with the deovtion tree.
I got all the way to 17 , sailors guide, then when i went to spend points in spear of heaven i couldnt , still missing 1 red and 3 blue nodes. I dont think i missed anything , did they change the tree in patches or did they rework something ? Thank you

The path is correct, you made a mistake along the way. Recheck all your points, if they are the same as the main link except Ghoul and Spear. You probably didn’t complete Viper or Kraken and have Red crossroad instead (that you thought you needed to get Ultos).

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Ya , thank you, turns out my mouse click was clicking random points on its own the 2 times i respeced.
Cheers for the reply

If you were going to do this build as ranged Primal Strike instead of melee what would you change?