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I’d run 4pc Ultos and try to get a double rare Ugdenbog gun. Doable with vendor farming; a Skyfallen of Torrents or something like that. But for ranged PS Vindicator would probably be better. Or can always go the classic VoS Druid approach.

the weapon, during levelling use

and get Hydra devotion too
rest you can pretty much still use (assuming it’s a warder ofc, otherwise swap in Arcanist/Inquisitor/Oathkeeper as you please instead of Soldier)

Ok thanks to you and Gnomish. Ill look into vindicator as well. I had that ranged weapon in mind already but i thought it would be a much more involved process to swap over to ranged lol

i’d almost think you could just take the devotions 1:1 from the top20 evoker vindicator :thinking:
*obv don’t copy the skill distribution since the wps are useless on primal strike :sweat_smile:

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Is this build viable in 1.2?

of course it is!

Hi everyone,

I just tried this build and I like it a lot! But I am confused about the Elemental Storm procs. I tested it multiple times and could not see a proc with Wendigo Totem. With War Cry or Wind Devils it works just fine.

Do you think this is a bug or do we need to find another skill for Elemental Storm?

If you tested in on dummies than you need to use pet attack because Wendigo Totems don’t attack dummies in a way. But on normal monsters they proc perfectly fine.

Good evening,

Thank you for this fantastic in depth guide. GD newb here and I’ve been experimenting with my own builds but also viewing multiple different guides for similar chars and comparing. Can I just ask why Toad devotion over say quill? Is it the minor health regen rly that good over all that Ele damage? Just wondeting as it seems to have most bonuses for pets but I thought the wind devils were more fotr debuffing than damage.

Also, how are you staying alive effectively at level 50 because I’m at level 44 and nearly all my regen is coming from a few points in blood pact off the wendigo which I can see you’re not running.

Looking for education :slight_smile: TY

Toad over Quill due to 3% attack damage converted to health (it works with Primal Strike)+ racial damage to beasts

Try pumping more points into Mogdrogen Pact and Veterancy, they will give you health regen.

Take Menhir’s Bulwark as exclusive skill - it grants flat phys damage (which should be converted to lightning once you have items with physical damage converted to lightning), damage absorb and again health regen.

Go and farm Gollus for his rings - they give health regen, +3 to Mogdrogen Pact and +3 to Menhir’s Bulwark, being best in slot for lightning warder in my opinion.

As for devotions:
Get Behemoth devotion for it’s health proc + either Wayward soul (for another heal) or Harvest Scythe (for another source of flat health regen).

Get Crab for flat absorb.

You should have Arcane Bomb from Widow devotion bound to Primal Strike and Elemental Storm from Rhowan’s Crown devotion bound to Wind Devils, it should help you immensely with your damage.

Also have a look at your resistances, you should try and patch them up as much as you can at least with components (make sure you buy all available component blueprints from the faction vendors).

Thank you so much for the detailed response.

I assumed it was for the Health regen, just seemed like ALOT of damage to give up but I guess the point of warder is to live and win by out-surviving your foe isn’t it. makes sense.

Level 40 something currently. Not even begun soldier tree yet. Sticking pretty much to the guide above for my build currently.

Farming Gollus in a couple of minutes. Was wearing 1 already but never realised they were not uniques and had different variants. DERP. Gone back to find Electric/Lightning versions of the item. Thanks

  • EDIT just found 10 different versions of the ring and 3-4 versions are VAST improvements, ele/elec/health etc so thanks for this. enchanted with further health regen. boom. behemoth who

Didn’t have Behemoth as I was using the guide above but will consider it. Not having an issue with survivability yet so will keep it in the back pocket. Blood pact and wendigo totem putting in work and next Dev point is “toad” so between them I should be laughing to be honest

Crab is on todo list

Arcane bomb is indeeed bound to PS. Rhowans not yet unlocked.

As for resistances, not paying attention much YET as I’m not struggling but I understand how important they are. I’m used to POE and I know resi is key

Thank you so much for the time you took to educate and respond. Appreciated very much

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