[] Thunderbolt - The Primal Strike Warder [c+] [sr+]

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◤ GrimTools ◢

◤ Budget version ◢

Leveling Guide by @Stupid_Dragon


All items were crafted to slow resist

◤ Celestials ◢

Celestial Ravager Of Minds

GT link for Ravager is under vid description

Celestial Callagadra, Scion of the Sands

GT link for Calla is under vid description

Celestial Avatar of Mogdrogen

GT link for Mog is under vid description

SR 75-76

SR 90

SR 100

Crucible 4.24 run

170EX Naked Crucible 6.14 run

Special thanks: Safarel, afanasenkov26, omnitrio, mad_lee, KoS9K, grey-maybe, banana_peel
I also want to thank all Safarel Discord Community
Save file 1.93 MB file on MEGA


Credits to @banana_peel as co-author of the build
Helm and medal were crafted to %Physique and boots to slow resist

@Archangel2245 should be proud of you.




pic from SR90 with Gargaban, Shattered Heart

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where can i get those greens?. crafted?

Any good replacement for the leg piece? I am having a terrible time farming it

unfortunately no, they are bis here. You can make ultos warder with savagery and when you got those pants respec to this version.

У меня вопрос по созвездиям.
У тебя взяты созвездия, которые требуют красные и синие склонности, но при этом, в самом центре только зелёная взята.
Я решил выкачаться по твоему билду. И после того как заполнил 2 созвездия “Ястреб” и “Паук”, другие созвездия взять не могу из тех что выбрал ты. Как тебе это удалось?

  1. Red dot in Crossroads
  2. Ghoul
  3. Remove red dot in Crossroads
  4. Green dot in Crossroads
  5. Spider
  6. Remove green dot in Crossroads
  7. Viper
  8. Sailor’s Guide
  9. Kraken
  10. Widow
  11. Red dot in Crossroads
  12. Revenant
  13. Remove red dot in Crossroads
  14. Hawk
  15. Green dot in Crossroads
  16. Ultos
  17. Jackal
  18. Remove 1 dot in Ghoul
  19. Eel
  20. Spear

Wondering if there are better alternatives for boots? Running boots of primordial rage, and the elemental damage is higher, resistances are better, plus it gives the shot at Aetherblaze.

UPDATE : 0 changes to the build.


Greetings, I’m a new player and am trying your build for the first time in HC. Have to say I’m having a blast with it and the build is very tanky

What I noticed is that before the 1.8 update the build has points in war cry (soldier) but now it does not anymore. The ability is very strong and has allowed me to play better in multiplayer because of the taunt. I’m wondering if grimtools has bugged when you updated it or if you just transfered the points to shaman instead.

Thnx again for the very good build and have a nice day!

Thank you, there are 2 versions-war cry is in deep sr version

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My bad, you’re right lol
I will keep using the one with the warcry since I like it so much. Very solid build

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Added vid with Avatar of Mogdrogen


Added SR 75-76 vid to get some points in GrimSheet: Endgame Build Table - ETE edition [v1.23]

Added 170EX Naked Crucible vid

So good :slight_smile: .

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UPDATE : new GT-links, new SR and Crucible vids

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