[] Chaos Doom Bolt Warlock -> CR 4:28/ 170ex 6:20/ SR110/ Callagadra 3:23 + Ravager 1:26 + Crate 55 sec + Mogdrogen 3:07

Looks like Spellbinder has a challenger to the throne. Warlock is the new spellbinder confirmed

Good job on the build!

and BTW I have that gun legit! The vendor in BoC had it in his/her inventory and I bought it for like 500k iron bits! Nice bargain :smiley: Is used on a pyromancer now, but I am happy to recreate a warlock (have not played warlock since … can not recall lol)


I spose this need a revisit for moar doombolt and seeing how deep it can push

Insane build gj! :smiley:

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Took the words right out of my mouth lol

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Hi, DW melee warlock is pretty nice to play!

All celestials may be doable, though I haven’t manage to deal with Crate.

Great build, as always!

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I had some DW warlock concept made in GT (meele + caster hybrid with sigils/doom bolt) but did not test it yet. I hope @eardianm revisit his concept, we need warlock back to the glory!

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Does devil flint ammo work till you are able to get oblivion?

Is it okay if I translate your post and post it somewhere else? (korean)

@scrublord_2.0 it’s okay but build is going to be less durable so piloting must be more careful.

@eggbread sure, I am okay with translating even all my builds if korean community is interested in

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Just make sure to credit AlkamosHater as the build creator too. Credit where credit’s due.


thanks a lot! have a good day :smiley:

Hi how are you?
Is there the possibility of a leveling guide for this construction? Even if it’s something simple. Not sure how to start. I’m a new player.

Since the OP hasn’t been posting recently, I could try to use these 2 beginner guides for leveling:


Was about to suggest Monc’s Rookie Bloodsworn as well. You do have Ashes of Malmouth and Forgotten Gods right @Felipe_Froes ? If so you should be fine following that guide above, farming some gear at Level 100 and swapping into AlkamosHater’s Doom Bolt Warlock. If not, that complicates things.


Hello, is this build up to date in

I would also like to know if this is still viable? thanks

i don’t see how this build may not be viable in and onwards.
It is as good as ever and arguably the way to go if you want to play Warlock and/or Doom Bolt.