[] Chaos Doom Bolt Warlock -> CR 4:28/ 170ex 6:20/ SR110/ Callagadra 3:23 + Ravager 1:26 + Crate 55 sec + Mogdrogen 3:07

Hello, because we don’t have many Warlocks there I want to present you one with very good results. It’s chaos caster utilizting Doom Bolt + Sigils + Oblivion. Build is very tanky and able to do all content.


If you wish to stay more safe just do physique dump, damage drop is not that significant, I was able to do sub5 min in Crucible with full physique. More gear choices and explanation below.

Weapon - rare gun is most expensive thing there, chaos modifiers are recommended. If you don’t have “of the abyss” mod, take Essence of Ch’thon augument for %RR. However this gun is not mandatory, build works well with Mythical Fang of Ch’thon (great for additional survivality too) or Mythical Clairvoyant’s Wand.

Helmet - for DB modifier and everything else.

Offhand - I tested more offhands but this one is the best - full vitality->chaos conversion and defensive stats, it’s better than everything else. Mythical Codex of Violent Rifts is not better - it’s hard to do perfect shorts with 0,5 recharge more and survivality drop very hard.

Rings - for chaos RR mostly, Warlock lacks it.

Amulet - this one is recommended due to chaos RR on bloody pox (and we need pox or cof for proc all our devotions).

Shoulders - +3 DB and %OA/DA is cool. If you don’t have any with chaos damage either there are better choices - Voidsoul Mantle or Mythical Mantle of the Black Flame (better one).

Armor - damage, good aura, CC res, +3 doom bolt and +4 conversion, just everything in this armor is perfect for us.

Gloves - for DB cdr and more damage.

Boots - bonuses for Sigils and Slow resistances.

Belt - very important due to conversions.

Pants - flexible choice, I took rare one because of more possible points into Spirit (thanks for Mad_lee for this suggestion). Absolutely not necessary, you can take Demonbone Legplates, that’s more defensive choice too. I was able to do sub5 crucible still with these pants.

Medal - For Sigils bonuses and possible good rolls. Mythical Blood Sigil of Ch’thon is good alternative, as well as Mythical Black Star of Deceit.

Relic - Oblivion because converted it’s great Aoe, survivality and damage, one of cores of the build. Combined with Sigils our life leech is on Dark One level.

Crucible 4:28

Roman’s 4:36 with 4+3 setup

170 ex naked 6:20, maaaybe I could go under 6 min with more fishing, did only one run.

SR 110 with lame bosses

Callagadra 3:23

Ravager 1:26

Mogdrogen 3:07

Crate 55 seconds



Do you need attack speed to build? Is there any weapon damage among your attack skills?
The skill points invested in Solael’s Witchfire look like a waste

Oblivion has 100% WD so stacking flat damage is worth both for survivality and killings things faster :wink:

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Fire Cold Lightning Acid Vitality Aether Chaos Physical Doom Bolt Warlocks left.


I think it can be done! Beronath for converted Oblivion + Sigils as another damage sources and I think it could be decent.

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IIRC, corrupted inashkor head converts both chaos and vitality into physical for doom bolt.

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Yes, and either Beronath + Gladiator belt for converting other things. Only phys DB could not be enough, other sources should be taken too I think.

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Nice. That OA :astonished: Chaos has quite a bit of variety now in gear.

I had looked at the acid Conduit before and imho it’s meh due to being forced to use a +5 badge of mastery or otherwise having to use a lot of the same gear as chaos/vit and struggle for % acid damage. Which feels bad. Probably it’ll end up as a Sentinel.

Maybe something like this Sentinel with high cooldown with better support skill allocations (ie, move much into Wasting). Or just reusing a lot of the same gear from the chaos build.

Acid doom bolt with good results has been made two times already:

Problem is if we want to do it on Warlock because this class do not provide really anything for Acid damage. Acid usually has low crit so main strenght of arcanist in this case (high OA + some crit) is wasted.

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Hi great build 1 question though whats the best way to lvl warlock i mean whats the best skill to max for lvl,4k hours in game and belive it or not i never leveled a worlock i was for sure i never will untill now lol


Hi, you can check leveling guides for Warlock there:

Maybe there are more ways but I found these two.

Probably standard Arcanist leveling - Fireblast and Olextra’s Flash Freeze coupled with Curse of Frailty/Vulnerability

Or what @AlkamosHater posted above :smile:

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Your’s and grey’s DB warlocks have made it jump to such a high place in tier list.


My Warlock miss all points from Celestials and naked crucible, add them :smile: Few more builds and it could even go first spot

Oh, sorry! Keep forgetting celestials are a thing.

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Yeah, I think if anyone made a clairvoyant Warlock and even if it’s performance wasn’t that good it would net quite a few points, probably enough to beat Druid.
Then there are exotics like acid ray that properly built could probably get a few points as well.
A bit sad about chaos CT but probably not gonna make it.

Maybe either DW meele could work somehow? Didn’t anyone try rahzin yet?

Added 4:28 run, finally no double reapers everywhere

I remember seeing it or was it Sorc?

But your build absolutely rocks! And people mocking the Warlock class :smiling_imp:

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I don’t remember really but I am sure more exotic Rahzin could work. Arcanist got a lot of Chaos flat, OA, crit so why wouldn’t it work? :smile:

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