[] Dual Shield Warlord! SR75~76 easy, Callagadra, Scion of the Sands Kill 2m50s, Ravager of Minds Kill 1m40s, Avatar of Mogdrogen Kill 3m16s [vid] Callagadra very easy version

Callagadra kill No Buff potion

Ravager kill

SR 75~76

Grimtools SR version

Grimtools Ravager version

Grimtools Callagadra version

Grimtools Universal version(recommendation)


Avatar of Mogdrogen Kill 3m16s

Ravager of Minds Kill 2m25s

Callagadra, Scion of the Sands Kill 2m50s

SR 75~76

Lokarr Kill 18s


Callagadra fast kill 2m20s


Callagadra very easy kill 3m25s(no buff potion)



Welcome back, Shopping. It’s been a long time since I have seen builds from you or your community.

Interesting Warlord you got there! May I ask, why are you so keen on using double Frozen Heart in your rings as opposed to Topazes or Crystals? Can’t you get Freeze res somewhere else?

Thank you for remembering

I chose to take the freezing resistance
You can change it because it is not fixed.

So powerful! Nice work! :smiley:

Is your primary source of healing 10% Life Steal, Shattering Smash and your regen?


Seal of Blades 5% life steal and Medal option

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May i ask what if i didnt beat scion of the sand yet , what should i do to beat it? OR any replacement to replace the helm?

And what are the potion that you are using when beat scion of the sand? can you help to list them out?

Mythical Warborn Visor

Elixir of the Ancients, Elixir of the Hunt, Lifestealer Oil, Royal Jelly Essence, Elixir of the Dranghoul, Ugdensalve, Stoneheart Oil, Aetherward Oil, Hungerer Oil

I found the Totally Normal Bulwark a little while a go. It cracked me up. Later I found the same one, but it was level 75 not 50. I haven’t looted the one in Ultimate, yet. I also have the Mythical Legionnaire’s Rebuke. Same model. If I can find the normal or empowered Legionnaire’s Rebuke, then I would level up a twin (looking) shield wielding character.

It will be interesting and fun, especially if I can get a good shield bashing character going.

Edit: Level 94 for the Totally Normal Bulwark in Ultimate. I mogged my Death Knight with that and Legionnaire’s Rebuke. So funny looking. Her chest piece has a big skull on it too, but that’s the actual armor. Love this game.

Good job~^^


Now to level this character to 100

Add a very easy version Callagadra kill

Do you have a suggestion for pants to use, until I find the Chausses of Barbaros?

Those pants are the only part i’m missing for this build.


(suffixes ex, of Readiness, of the Dranghoul)

At first I want to say nice build. Tried it a few times and it makes a lot of fun.

Still i have some questions about the build.

  1. Is the new version with the shattered Realm set better or would you recommend the older versions after i defeat Callagdra.

  2. Poison. Is there a way to get better Poison resist or does maxed out Devotions help at the end. Shifting Sand and Light of Empyrian are still low lvl

I suggest you can change the boot component and take a point in Dryad: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/Q2zLo6kZ

The idead sounds good. Atm the Moment I’m using the second version of this build because I’m missing the Calagdras mask. I will try later.

  1. Use the SR set to kill the Callagadra and use the previous build.
  2. Replace shoe components with Ugdenbog Leather

SR set normal version

Thx for the tips. I used your version to defeat Callagadara. Pretty easy i must say.

Now i’m switching to your old version for the rest of the game. I’m using @Tarazets 's version atm and it"s working quite fine.

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