[] [HC] Morgoneth Spellbreaker, cold shadow strike (sr65+, cr170, mog, rava), Starter Guide included!

Welcome to yet another of my HC collection build guides featuring the cold shadow strike Morgoneth Spellbreaker.

^ingame stats ( with all permant buffs & Pneumatic Burst & Lethal Assault up, DPS shown is Shadow Strike

GRIMTOOLS https://www.grimtools.com/calc/mN4geglZ

other variants:


YouTube playlist

Highlight video from patch

Gladiator Crucible of the Dead on patch, average 7 mins 32 sec:


This char was part of a SSF beginner playthrough, you can check out the guide for that beginner spec here:

and the playthrough here.

You can also follow the cold parts of my How to Level a Nightblade Guide.


Core of this build are the Armor of the Eternal Night (target farmable in Tomb of the Heretic) and at least one Loxmere Dagger (target farmable via Loxmere). The rest is pretty flexible.

Feedback & Final Words

Build is unfortunately worse than its Reaper counterpart, which is not really that surprising since the set supports Reaper more than Spellbreaker. The build still does a very good job at being a very quick campaign and crafting mat farmer and is decent for SR and crucible, but by no means anything amazing. The Nerfs to the Shadow Strike parts of the Armor of the Eternal Night set might’ve been a little too harsh, but maybe I’m just bad at building around this set :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyway hope you guys enjoy this build, have fun and happy farming! :smiley:


Added Ravager of Flesh 5 min kill.


Very cool looking build (pun intended.) It’s just strange enough that I’d want to try it haha

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What would be the reaper build? I searched for a build you done, and you have a reaper but you are using other items.

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