>< Infernal Brimstone Shieldbreaker SR 75-76 farmer [No Greens]

Hi everyone, with the recent conduit amulet changes(which is great) broke my DW Fire SB, I take this situation as a chance to revise this old build of mine/make it better before going back to DW. The old build was a rookie one, so I completely rewriting the guide aswell and changing everything. I was made a theorycraft before and added to previous version of the thread but I made changes on that aswell and made the build without MI’s.

Images from the game with perma buffs+ Consecration+ Burning Justice

PS: Helmet crafted with %4 Physique, Medal and Amulet crafted with %8 Armor bonus in total.


Quick Explanation :

  • If you want a greenless build, every piece of the gear are must get because class itself is really PITA to balance resistances, I priored to them more than damage. You maybe change rings but you gonna have to recover the resistances. My suggestion would be also pick gears with highest health bonus. You may use Mark of Burning Shadow in medal spot, it’s definitely a better choice but you lose hell of an OA and I thought with better OA, I utilize already high crit damage and compensate the damage loss.

  • Sustain is bad because RF damage is not high and %30 of it is burn damage. The real damage is burn from other skills/procs and devotion skills. You may see 250-300k Burn ticks with crit. This makes the build more a hybrid. You can kite when you got stuck etc.

  • The same reason(above), sustain is bad. Single target RF damage is low. Even %15 Adcth may not be enough is some situations so you need to roam a bit, dodge hits etc but you can facetank most of the creatures in 75-76 level because build have good circuit breakers/armor not bad phys resist/good overcaps etc.

  • It’s a fun build, meteors raining down from sky, ground is burning, you skate and smash. AoE is great, very fast build to farm around.

SR 75-76 Images with different mutators.

Because of low sustain, I doubt that it can do more than 80. It can be adjustable to more kiter build maybe but then why the hell you use 2H weapon for such build, since there are already very good casters like [] Blightlord Shieldbreaker (SR 100, 5:30 Crucible, 4:57 fastest, Callagadra, Crate, Ravager of Flesh) /// [] The Burn Ward - 5m Crucible Gladiator 150-170, SR 75-76 no greens caster Shieldbreaker [c+][g3][sr+] these.

I know we had the last patch ever but, If devs read this text, please add physical>fire conversion to the weapon or atleast add a RF modifier to it.

Thanks for reading, any comment is welcome.


Since this is one of my first builds and looks terrible in every aspect. I decided to make some adjustments to it. Though I use my Shieldbreaker DW now and probably not going to make it 2H to test this because it requires too much resources which is not easy to farm in legit ways. But; I did a theorycraft and I’m confident this will work much better than thread version.


If anyone wants to play such build my suggestion to use this setup. It has total -%126 RR. Should atleast double it’s damage. Phys resist and health is a bit lower and lost the health regen feature but it should hit more and lifesteal more. Invested the circuit breakers and get some OA/damage reduction so this build should perform much better in any way.


Nice pants!

Why 4 points invested in vire and no point in tectonic for cdr?

edit: and why full justice set when you do not use judgment?

Well this build had always resistance problems so that double rare might be needed to have decent overcaps but a lot of suffixes should work in both medal and pants as long as the player get the right resistances.

It’s just extra 3 points invested, I though it should better to have more burn damage than cdr or investing those points to somewhere else. And since I binded it to Torch, I want their cooldown run out simultaneously so every vire’s might use should proc the Meteor Shower but it’s not hard to remove 1 point from rebuke and use it in tectonic shift.

if using vire defensively lower cooldown and range can be nice.

but yes I hate that demolitionst belt it has no resistances at all :frowning:

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Updated for , well actually I remade it not just updated it :smiley: Changed a lot of things and even re-orginized the thread itself, deleted the old link aswell. edit: LoL forgot to add grimtools link…

Can this build do all content including ravenger and mog? Great build though :slight_smile:

You spelled Callagadra and Crate wrong

Thanks, but no this build can not kill any of the superbosses. Maybe with super careful kiting you may kill the Ravager of Minds or Souls, but it will require some adjustments like investing some points into Judgment and probably will take ages so one mistake after the second phase, you die. I don’t recommend you this build if you want to kill superbosses. This one is for fun farming.