[] Menhir's Fire Forcewave - Commando - Crucible 4:57

∼Menhir’s Fire Forcewave∼

This 2h sword got me when I first saw the mods on it. As a big Commando/Shieldbreaker fan, the idea of having a tanky 2h fire wielder with Menhir’s Bulwark was an amazing idea.

After toying a bit with it I decided on using FW with it as a first build. From here on my main goal was to do Fire FW under 5 min and make it reliable and tanky at that.

Build: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/O2GEa8nZ - Extremely weird devo route i know. But I explain below and hint some options for you too if this is just too weird for you. If certain things change to help out FW more i’m happy to go back to more dps oriented routes.

Video Crucible: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJBYfeK3OJE - Fun fact. I forgot to buy any Health potions. 0 pots used at any time. Decided to make this the run since it goes to show that it is reliable in the worst of moments like 165 where Grava and Valdaran is just about the worst combo you can get vs this build.

Crucible stats pic

Video SR 80 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D86e9_GnMfM -Haven’t touched SR in a while so I played it safe with bosses
The only differences are:

  1. Leathery hide Component
  2. Avenger relic! We lose very little damage, gain much needed 10% DA and the massive physical damage on the proc gets turned to fire damage

This is just for SR 80 or beyond if you wanna go there. SR 75 can easily be stable with the offensive setup from crucible

In closing can’t say testing was easy getting there because FW has a few major problems:

  1. Mediocre single target dmg at best
  2. Very sensible to CC (not stun but slow and freeze mostly) - which demands that you really invest in countering it by all means
  3. Grava. Basically nr.2 but just can make things so much worse

This took me through all sorts devotion changes that you can also apply if you wish, but i can tell you that you will lose either the dps or the staying power. Some variants:

  • 100% converted Maul + Ghoul (pretty solid with deeper SR potential, less dps)
  • Ghoul + Torrent + 4 pt Blind Sage on top of Ulzuin (Best DPS but unreliable)
  • Bat + 4 pt Blind Sage on top…anything with Bat was by far the most boring, not for me anyway

Overall even with the super weird devo patter I’m pleased with where the build is. I hope any future patch/hotfix will hive it a bit more of anything, dps or CC res, to help it out a bit. If anything changes i’ll try faster runs.



Thanks for a very good Fire FW test and also with the new weapon!
I rate it Not_using_my_modded_stolen_from_Korvaak_Fire_FW / 10:

Haha if only Volcanic Stride were that thicc too :sweat_smile: looks good!


That’s a good idea. I need to check it, maybe it’s easily doable.

Nice take on fire fw build! Interesting devotion

Was not my first choice… or my 10th :smiley: far from it

I had a faster 4:50 video with devos that made more sense but it wasn’t reliable.

GRava was a real issue for this build. Until any adjustments are made, this setup lets you face anything. I’d be glad to retry some runs

Going for weird shit?



Praise the Sunherald! Good to see that the weapon is also viable for Forcewave.


_BlankTester.zip (790.4 KB)
Everything you need is in toons personal stash , bags have pots/keys/waystones.
While some people still send me stuff to try with bags filled with garbage and nothing in personal stash just drives me craycray fluff

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I’m liking this build a lot. Fire FW is always fun. Does this one top Afanasenkov’s? I’ll need to check.

I’d say it’s ONLY viable for fire FW. The BA builds are lacking in most departments and miserable to play.

Could you elaborate on “viable” and “miserable to play”?

I think the sunherald wpn is in a weird (sun) spot. What is the puropse of this weapon besides being 1) a cheap alternative to world eater 2) a potentially better alternative to world eater if you have godly rolls on sword :sweat_smile:

If the sword was intended to be used for fire BA, then the 100% pierce to fire conversion for menhirs bulwark is useless. And it is for fire FW you want that conversion anyway so you can use Shambler amulet instead of shard of eternal flame… :thinking:

Perhaps sword should have some modifier to BA, like 50 fire RR or something :thinking: instead of pierce to fire conversion.

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Yes to 1, hell yes to nr 2. The flat damage of a good Herald cannot be compared to Sharz.

Sharz can do more stuff than just FW sure, but not con commando. The burst dmg of it’s skill is better used on dual RR classes. Another reason I didn’t go sharz. Herald casts the proc automatically, another huge advantage for FW

Now moving on to BA. I also wanted to try BA but I simply didn’t because itemization is lacking for it that’s all. FW easily has the + skills and mods. BA needs more attention in some future patch or hotfix.

Otherwise could work just as well

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Right, I forgot about that thingy! :slight_smile:

Maybe the +4 blast shield can be put to +4 BA instead on the sword :thinking: The Fire BA conduit could use some love too I guess

Needs some mods beyond that. Like sweet burn mods similar to FW on Eternal flame

I mean, they could just give the BA conduit a similar burn mod.

Very nice build @Superfluff ! I’m suprised sunherald performs this well on fire FW.

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SR 80 video added. To my surprise it can do ok there still. The only changes are:

  1. Leathery hide Component
  2. Avenger relic! We lose very little damage, gain much needed 10% DA and the massive physical damage on the proc gets turned to fire damage

For SR 75 you can easily use Crucible setup.

World Eater would be BiS right? Or a godly rolled sword would be better. Given the drop chance of world eater, I would very well try to farm the god roll :smile:


A good rolled sword is Better. More flat damage, auto casted proc, you get to use Menhir and keep the OA with the medal i’m using.

It’s more expensive so Sharz is absolutely the next best thing. Until you get a sword, Sharz is the way

Also the Sword can easily do SR 80 and smashes SR 75 with Menhir’s Bulwark

I rather farm the sword than the world eater tbh, and the drop chances are not that slim - recall affix bias