V1.1.9.1 Discussion

could we get the %total damage penalty on tremor reduced evern more? to its pre-nerf value, I’d say.
Fire (and every other type) FW neither was, nor is an overperformer but instead it is rather squishy build with 1 RR that suffers from IM and Grava.
Or maybe add some FW/Thermites mods to Sharzul’s Worldeater, as this weapon belongs to Commando only and won’t make it OP anyway.


I get that, the thing is you can force mostly the same major procs and devotions on both versions of the build if you put your mind to it and going 2H doesn’t really promote any specific gear choices for EoR in particular to incentivise major deviation from the base DW version of the build. The one thing that will differ between the two variants for certain is the weapon and how it impacts your main offensive skill so that’s the point of comparison I’ve used. As for emphasis on other aspects of the build, I feel trying to rely on Guardians as a source of dps is a losing effort, you can’t scale those things for crap since they lack any semblance of attack speed. I very much doubt these external factors will make up for losing 50 % of your EoR dps.

I vote to put 1.0 area for Thermite Mines.

On notes of Thermite Mines, dual wielding Grim Fates do not increase the range by 0.6, looks like this modifier do not stack from same item, but do stack with the Infernal Knight helm. Could someone confirm my claim? Is it a bug or not.

Callidor’s Tempest spam version work best with full Agrivix set . One thing you notice is increased target area, which is fairly important for spamable skill. But this mod isn’t available for the other damage types, only on set. And you can’t even use the set on fire or lightning, it will convert your damage type.

Outside of cold, other damage types need some help. Adding better are on chaos conduit and/or MI items is an idea.

And some petrify + trap res to Justical set too, a standstill caster turns into fossil among fight = auto gg.
Added 2handed support to Menhir’bulwark is nice, however ppl only use Sunherald so far, and its quite inferior.

Earthshaker boots give you petrify res.

I’d say slow res and freeze res are are a bit more needed.

Sunherald is pretty damn sweet tho. That’s not the problem with fire FW

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I would like for Demolitionist skill Temper to include % Chaos Damage, as Chaos is the only damage demo have that didn’t get boosted by demo skill unless the skill itself deal chaos damage. Would make more reason for chaos demo to invest more in Temper other than just DA.

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Servitor’s Cleaver change added burn to fire dmg? The chaos cadence version of weapon provide flat damage which is better for sustain. The Righteous fervor skill already have ton of burn and internal trauma (converted to burn)

But they’ve already added flat fire in

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cadence flat only applies every 3rd hit tho
so essentially it’s like 66 base flat when comparing RF to cadence

yeah, I meant remove burn and increase flat fire

Compare to Riftclaw Slicer on a skill (EoR) that you usually hit more often with

I agree a lot with the addition or more options for certain cc res but in a modality that doesn’t invalidate the “difficult” choices that should be made in order to get those cc res.

I value frozen hearts highly and use them frequently as I see death (HC) as a far worse alternative then to use frozen hearts say over bloodied crystals or something else.

Making “uncomfortable” gearing decision are important as not to invalidate items that exist which already provide them.

I think adding a few cc res stats (more specifically) in certain devotions in small values (10-20%) might be beneficial. It could breath life into less used devotions or make their procs more attractive.

Was the 2h EoR suggestions in here? Pretty sure. Sun herald is by far the best option I have found, however the one I loaded has max roll AS (prefix hellfire, suffix alacrity). As a warlord I think I got 180%, however it is highly offset by bad rr and I am funneled into using certain gear and devotion routes to get it not to mention it is really hard to cap stuff (as mentioned) but I always look at it as a compromise in playing a build that I want knowing it cannot be “optimized” unless you roll gg MIs or stash them. Some changes to that I would be on board with for sure.

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could M. Dreadweaver get some better mods?
I mean, flat cold to FC and mods to BH are ok, but WC mod makes zero sense as no one will ever use it as a damage source.
Better replace it with RR or … anything else.

I don’t think that’s a good idea. Gollus’ Ring is one of the few MIs that benefits from having diverse affixes from all across the board.

Many of my HP regen focused builds need non-regen affixes on the rings to cap resistances or get damage/OA/DA to reasonable levels. For example my latest Ritualist wouldn’t work if it wasn’t for the Thunderstruck of Aether/Warped of Basilisk affixes on the Gollus rings. These two are the only ones in my collection of 70+ Gollus rings that fit the build. So a lower chance to find affixes like that would make it harder to build versatilely.
That being said, I’d be OK with a tiny bump towards HP regen affixes if it doesn’t take away the chance to drop with everything else too much.

So yeah, +1 to increasing the drop chance :slight_smile:

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That weapon only has BH modifier, the others are total useless. If you want to use it as AA weapon, there are much better alternatives for Blademasters so FC modifier is gone. (You can’t really make cold BH with Death Knight either because there is no RR.) You can make cold BH Reaper with it but one-handed BH isn’t a reliable damage source and you’ll end up using AA+WPS or SS/RoS and combine skills to deal some damage but there is already a great 2H weapon for all of these specially made for Reapers so why 1H BH?

So I really like the weapon but when I look at it, I see only meme.

It might be useful if it gives Ill Omen modifier with extra cold RR and some DoT so then maybe you can play 1H BH while kiting around.

And for Soldier Side, it only make sense if provide cold damage to Cadence or maybe even Blade Arc, not the Field of Command.

You’d have to get it from gear. Morgoneth’s set + Ungoliax amulet is -30% Cold RR. Still single mastery amounts so gonna be awful for heavy Cold/Elemental resistant enemies and funnels you into specific gearing but it’s better than nothing.

Let’s say you used Haunt ring, it makes -%63 with Murmur, and got ES with 32 flat RR + Viper.

You’ll have phys resist problem due to Morgo Set and no phys resist from masteries. Let’s say you somehow ended up with %25 with other gears/devotions. 1H BH still not enough so you’ll have to use Cadence and WPS, so you need Executioner’s Judgment, remove -%8 RR from amulet. You can complete the campaign, roguelikes and maybe do some 65-66, maybe. And if you gonna use Omen, no need for to invest War Cry since it’ll be a useless skill, even if the modifier provides 1k flat cold damage, it won’t be good enough.

Plus Cold resistance is common among monsters; you’ll have 3 dangerous nemesis in front of you without proper RR.

I’m not denying that Cold Death Knight won’t need work (+1 to swapping out the War Cry mods on Dreadweaver or changes to supporting itemisation) but am pointing out that some of the pieces are already there.

I am somewhat surprised that you think 33 flat Cold damage (66 if dual-wielding) in a mastery where it’s only non-DoT flat damage sources are Deadly Momentum and Menhir’s Bulwark is bad though. If you’re gonna try to make Cold DK work, it needs as much flat as it can possibly get and you can’t afford a ton of Vitality->Cold conversion or skill bonuses for Soul Harvest with your gear selection.

66 flat cold damage is not bad nor useless but not enough to make a decent(not expecting SR 90 or 5 min CR) cold DK(which I like the idea of cold damage besides nightblade) and definitely not enough to make people choose this weapon instead of Chillstrifes or Deathmark set with Blademaster.

I’m not criticizing the numbers but the purpose of the modifiers. BH is ok; atleast no one can say we can’t play 1H cold BH. But War Cry? And already mentioned the FC modifiers is not much since Cold DK isn’t a thing.

So I just suggested that the weapon needs a bit rework, more support for one-hand BH, like make vitality conversion %100, pierce %50 so it can be used Chillblood Carcass like you said or DW and either way you reach %100 cold BH. Maybe RR to Necro side(Because RR can’t be implied on Soldier)

And instead of War Cry maybe Cold Aura of Censure modifier or Storm Box (eveb Horn of Gandarr because it’s a worthy meme)so RoH skill point would be more meaningful.

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