[] :: C o n d u i t :: A new type of support: 24%+430 OA boost to team + Lifesteal and Crit Damage


This is a new type of support build that works by significantly boosting the team’s damage and also makes their lifesteal more effective, allowing the team to better heal themselves. It also provides significant damage mitigation and a few heals to bolster the team’s survivability.

This build is not intended for solo play. It does SOME damage, but it is very slow to finish fights. I was initially worried about the build’s lack of self healing, but a combination of the great damage mitigation it provides, coupled with high lifesteal and a few heals allowed the build to facetank through gladiator crucible 100-110 with no buffs or banners, including a very long, slow fight with Iron Maiden that lasted ~4 minutes. This was without using Mirror of Eroectes. I believe it is capable of clearing SR 76 solo, but I do not have the patience to try it. It may not have the damage to beat Kuba. :stuck_out_tongue:

Unlike my other support builds Conduit does not have the tankiness to facetank world bosses like Callagadra because it’s focus is not on dedicated survival/healing boosts. But if you had a tank in the party, or want to do SR speed runs in a group, or just like to see those beautiful dark red numbers fly off your enemies, then bring this build for a world of teambased fun. :smiley:

Here’s how it works, and it’s benefits to the team:

:: Damage Boost ::
By boosting the team’s OA massively, crit damage to match, all damage (and select damage types), and speed, Conduit is able to significantly boost the damage output of her team. In a screenshot below, she boosted a teammate’s OA from 3500 to 5000, giving them a 44% chance to crit, and a 100% chance to hit.

  • Permanent +24% OA
    Gate to Many Worlds + Putrid Necklace = +12% OA to Iskandra’s Elemental Exchange.
    Mythical Havoc = +4% OA to Word of Renewal
    Eye of the Beholder = +8% OA to the team

  • +431 flat OA: Aura of Conviction, Overload, Inspiration

  • +60% Crit Damage: Arcane Empowerment, Elemental Balance, Hungering Void

  • +20% Total Speed: Battlecry (Chausses of Barbaros), Hungering Void

  • +253% All Damage: Arcane Empowerment, Battlecry (Chausses of Barbaros)
    +50% Ele/Physical: Steel Resolve
    +445% Vitality: Hungering Void, Devouring Darkness (Myth. Heart of Yugol)
    +75% Bleeding: Devouring Darkness (Myth. Heart of Yugol)
    +370% Chaos: Hungering Void

:: Healing and Lifesteal ::
Conduit allows teammates to heal themselves by boosting their damage, providing a slight boost to the team’s lifesteal, and then by debuffing enemy lifesteal resistance. This combination seems to be very effective, even against nemesis bosses. I am yet to try this build against beasts like Callagadra.

  • **+5% Attack Damage Converted to Health: ** Devouring Darkness (Myth. Heart of Yugol)

  • -16% Lifesteal Resistance to Enemies: Haunt, Will of Rattosh

  • Other Heals: Apothecary’s Touch, Word of Renewal, Field Medicine

:: Protective Buffs ::
Lowering incoming damage to the team is an important part of any support build, as it buys time to allow their healing measures to kick in. No amount of regen in the world will help a build if they are one-shot before it can kick in. These damage mitigation measures significantly bolster the survivability of the team:

  • +430 Damage Absorption: Inqusitor Seal

  • +15% Physical Resistance: Aura of Conviction

  • +299 DA: Word of Renewal, Inspiration

  • +1000 HP, +30% Freeze/Petrify/Entrapment resist: Vigor

  • 45% Entrapment/Slow resist: Inspiration

  • Nullification helps to clear dot damage on friendlies. :smiley:

:: Other Debuffs to Enemies ::
To assist with damage mitigation, or to boost crit chance even higher:

  • 18% Fumble/Impaired Aim: Haunt

  • 250 Reduced Defensive Ability: Biting Cold

  • 22% Reduced Damage to Enemies: Horn of Gandarr

  • Nullification helps to clear an enemy’s defensive buffs.

From the image above, stats from a buffed teammate: @desioner’s OA: 5047, DPS at 3.45m per second. Desioner’s build usually has 3000-3500 OA when soloing. His highest crit in this session was 1.6m on Cadence when paired with Conduit.

:: Survivability ::
Conduit’s own tankiness comes from a combination of Maiven’s Sphere for 20% damage absorption, Horn of Gandarr for 22% reduced damage to enemies (or World Gate for 12% reduction if Horn of Gandarr is on cooldown), Inquisitor Seal for 430 flat damage absorption, healing from Apothecary’s Touch, Word of Renewal and Field Medicine, and finally, from lifesteal.

Even though her damage is not good, her lifesteal is - She does about 50k damage per second, and has 20% Healing Increase. With lifesteal of 23%, and attacking a single target, this means that she’ll often be self healing for comfortably over 10k per second against most single targets, not including the added boost of lifesteal every time Twin Fangs procs. By significantly reducing incoming damage, she’s able to hold her own, and has Mirror of Eroectes if panic sets in. I haven’t had to use Mirror yet.



Buffing my pets nicely… great supporter!