>< Cold Blade Arc Blademaster. 75/76

Hi everyone, afaik the only Cold BA build in the forum is [] The Big Cool: 6:40 Crucible, Meme-Powered no greens Cold Blade Arc Blademaster [c+][sr][vid][g3] by Mad_Lee and it’s pretty much outdated by any means. So I wanted to share this one for the sake of experiment and meme.


Since my cold melee builds keep disappointing me including this one, not gonna explain gears specificly, just brief FAQ;

  1. Is Ravager Helmet mandatory?

Nope, fettan mask will do the job.

  1. Is Warder’s prefix on medal mandatory?

Nope, it’s just %8 more WD, won’t break the build in farming range.

  1. Why not Frostdread Cuirass?

Phys resist from Fateweaver is useful, but Frostdread is the one if you want more damage.

SR 76 Boss Room

Kuba is hard, leave that for last. You can see Moosi and Fabius in the video, pretty managable but slow.

Thanks for reading, any comment & feedback is welcome.


apparently we have another Cold BA build in here [] Endless Winter. Bane of the Winter King family: SS Infiltrator, CT Spellbreaker, pseudo-pets Trickster, PS Trickster, BA Blademaster , scroll down a bit and you’ll see but it’s also outdated since there is no conduit amulet in it. And no wonder you can’t find it by searching ‘‘cold blade arc’’ in the forum…

very fun build,spaming blade arc and blizzards falling from the sky feels very satisfying,and that weapon is kinda op lol

its kinda funny that soldier feels more ‘‘reapy’’ than an actual reaper o.O