[] Endless Winter. Bane of the Winter King family: SS Infiltrator, CT Spellbreaker, pseudo-pets Trickster, PS Trickster, BA Blademaster

Hello, guys. Quick post on several builds featuring Bane of the Winter King sword.

I don’t have too much time for guides these days, so i’ll make it short, sorry for that.

General idea

Cold damage is strong, passive RR is very strong, and the sword has pretty much all the stats in the world to make your cold fantasies, like cold Thunderous Strike, come true. But there is a big downside: you can’t dual-wield it.

First stop is the fastest build, to no surprise it’s Shadow Strike Infiltrator:


Next one is Callidor’s Tempest spam. At the same time it’s the only strong full Harra build i was able to make.


Now here is smth on the unusual side: Trickster with fully converted pseudo-pets.


And cold Thunderous Strike, it also works well with this weapon.


To wrap it up, please welcome cold Blade Arc Blademaster.


As per usual with 5min Crucible builds, any of these guys can farm Shattered Realm 75-76 (not deathless though). Here is a video of 76 boss room with the most glassy build of the gang:

Sorry for no full SR videos, hard to upload from where i am now. Update:
In order to celebrate the recent Chain Lightning buff, here is a dedicated build for it with Bane:
(strong amulet prefix can be another one with cold dmg)

Here is how sheet dps looks with Undying god capping CS (never mind OA/DA and health, those were other augments with similar dmg):


Gib more stronk two-handers, please.

If you have any questions regarding any of the builds, or the weapon in general, or if you need a life advice, or if you feel lonely, use the comment section below. Cheers!


Did you try Druid build as well?

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Impressive collection, glad you finally posted it.

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All are nice builds!

Bane is great weapon for cold builds. I have posted it in the past Harra Spam CT, Lee Blade Arc, etc but you’re builds are on next level!

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5 builds in one thread :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Thanks.

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Didn’t try Druid. Should be decent. But the main perk of the weapon is increased power of Nightblade’s RR aura.

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A weapon with very high both flat and % dam, very good skill points, nice both atk/cast speed, huge 10% cdr, hugh bonus aura RR and even toughness with 10% physical res. 1.1.5 we have Spite and 1.1.6 is Winter king. Nice patch as always. What else could we get for 1.1.7?

You’re not right, because Norzan (praetorian) said that there are 0 powerful builds on this sword.
And he simply can’t be wrong about anything. Thus, you are wrong and Bane of the Winter King is perfectly balanced weapon.


Glad you specfied which one because other Norzans would have probably been confused about this.

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Morgo’s been glitching on my computer a lot this patch. That happen to you, @banana_peel?

It’s not THAT unbalanced (I mean the weapon…). Last patches have been generous with very strong 2-handers. Wyrm, Nightbringer… Bane is just one of many. Plus Banana’s setups are “suicidal,” and he makes everything sub 5. No reason to make all the fuss and get innocent builds nerfed. :wink:

Besides, cold SS doesn’t really have much else. Soulrend leaves you with 7% phys res, no attack speed = delays on SS, plus SS infiltrators/breakers can’t really afford another piece of gear with no health. Loxblades don’t exist in real life (at least not the likes that got Morgo nerfed). Spectral Longswords is only good for leveling.

Yes, about that… How to deal with it when you’ve been testing a build for 2 months and someone else just posted a better one? :wink:

I also like this weapon, however compared to other 2H (Dreegalanor, Soulrend, Physical Wyrm) it’s really overloaded with stats (whereas Dreegalanor has retal. Retal on 2H.). But we still have our true king:

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Well, Nightbringer is a purple MI that you have to quit your job, break up with your partner and abandon your family to get. It deserves to be op.

But I wouldn’t say no to giving Bane 50% acid to cold and 50% pierce to cold just like Nightbringer has… :slightly_smiling_face:

Never thought i would see such a good time on winter King cold PS.

actually no, it’s pretty easy to farm. A dude from our Discord was playing self-found on Hardcore and got from 0 to Dark One + Morgo weapon + ring powerhouse in just two-three days of intense farming. Weapon is disgustingly op and easy to get.

Questionable moment - heavily depends on RNG.

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I did notice a hefty decrease in performance, of course, but i blame it on Morgo and SS nerfs.

Still it’s very odd that Bane performs on the level of dual fantasy Loxmeres so smth might be up with dual-wielding. Because your setup went from “demolish everything blindfolded” to “if i try really hard i won’t die”.

Two options:

  1. Claim they stole your build and stalk the dude until they quit the forum
  2. Embrace the fact that you still have a lot to learn and your road is not finished. Fill yourself with joy of excitement in the face of new descoveries

Preferably don’t do 1 and definitely do 2.

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I would do

  1. Forget the build even exists, erase it from your memory, try building something else to ease the pain, preferably a meme that no one has ever done, i.e. Physical Doom Bolt build.

I would say it’s also not an easy task. :wink:

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No I switched to Bane long ago. I’m a legit player now. I only stash the belts (and Alkamos Anguish) :wink:

Might be that dw lost not 15% but in fact 30% wpn dmg on every Nightfall? And all the nerfs were "kinda double”?

2% according to gt. So two Nightbringers per one Alkamos ring. The way is shorter, though. I got one, too, accidentally.

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