>< Fire Forcewave Warlord. Shar'Zul's Fireworks. SR 85 [No Greens]

Hi everyone, while testing FW on keyboard/mouse difference, I said why shouldn’t I utilize the Worldeaters sitting in my stash and didn’t want to level a commando for it. I’m also a caster noob, so I kinda made this like any other melee build, and used FW on lmb :rofl:

Images from the game with perma buffs


Why should I play this instead Commando with Sunherald?

  • Actually, with a good rolled MI, commando might provide better weapon damage plus it has Menhir’s Bulwark as extra defense. So this is just people who get bored with their Warlords.

Nevertheless, this setup provides you freedom to play more hit&run when needed due to 2x Mobility + Judgment.

  • Justicar Set and Shar’Zul’s Worldeater are core of the build.

  • Combustion Band is for RR and Time-Flux Band is for Slow Resist/good stats mainly so both are BiS.

  • Shard of the Eternal Flame is also BiS, good FW and VM mods plus very good stats.

  • Mythical Hellforged Legplates choice is mainly based %7 physical resistance but any other pants can fit. Proc is also useful.

  • Earthshatter Treads is BiS, good stats and good skill bonusses. I also utilized granted skill as main DR source.

  • Infernal Knight’s Girde also fits perfectly to the build, Oathkeeper MI belt also can be used but resistances/crit damage and good % damage shouldn’t be ignored.

  • Mark of Ulzuin, actually why? It reduces Judgment’s cooldown to 3,4 which makes it same with Meteor Shower. It’s a perfect match and very QoL, whenever you cast Judgment, you cast meteor Shower. And I must say other alternatives for the slot lack OA which builds needs to utilize those crit damages.

  • Serenity, it’s hard to balance resistances without it.

Devotions & Skills
  • Classic Torch + Elemental Storm path except Chariot of the Dead.

  • I initially get invest 4 point revenant and 4 to Raven, then I feel like lifesteal doesn’t enough for this build. Somehow it felt like really hard to leech. So I decided to get CotD and bind to Resilience which worked a lot better. I didn’t even feel %6 lifesteal loss, maybe something I don’t know about FW makes it hard to leech.

  • By the same sustain problem, I invested extra points (which were originally on Judgment line) into Menhir’s Will to make it’s CD very low. It worked perfectly, suddenly you revive from death no matter what happens thanks to 3 circuit breaker, which allowed this build to reach SR 85 and repeat the success without dying.

  • I also re-spec some points from VM line and softcapped Fighting Spirit which compensated the mediocre OA.

  • The rest is usual, extra Scars of Battle points to cap CC resists.


It’s very smooth actually. You charge with fully converted Blitz, Judgment+Ground Smash+Shar’Zul’s Wrath(for OA shred) and spam FW; repeat. When facing strong enemies escape with VM(it has 1,7 sec CD), reposition yourself, repeat. The only worse part you need to be more close than usual FW builds to reduce damage with Ground Smash. DoT stacking is not extraordinary but still helps you to hit&run time to time.

SR 85 with okish mutators

As I told you build is not very tanky, can’t sustain much but very much a survivor. AoE is great! But single target damage is mediocre so Boss Rooms takes longer than Chunks. Hardest boss I encountered was obviously IM. With bad mutators that bitch can hurt you. Grava is easier due to 2x Sanctified Bone. Gargabol was also another PITA, harder than Gargaban…

It’s very reliable in farming range. Fun to play, very versatile but as I said Commando might perform better(or not since I didn’t play such build yet)

Thanks for reading, any comment is welcome.


This is a really good question as Worldeater for Commando still beats any other weapon :slight_smile:

Didn’t play Commando as I mentioned above but with a huge difference? Because getting a Searing/of Wildfire Sunherald is much easier than getting a good rolled Shar’Zul. It may lack skill points and phys resist but it has Menhir’s Bulwark mod which should compensate those. And with GDstashed Infernal/of Wildfire affixes you reach insane damage numbers.

And good manners… When I tag you for feedback you ingore it, but you show up to prove me wrong when I said ‘‘Sunherald+Commando might be better’’. Don’t worry you are still a better builder/pilot than me :wink:

no-green Worldeater FW that I play is a bit faster than 4-douled-rared Sunherald, and FW with double-rares is significantly faster.

well, everyone has real life and other stuff, right? and this may also be a bit off-topic.

my words have nothing about this, btw :slightly_smiling_face:

Didn’t understand anything with this sentence but I guess the short story is Shar’Zul is still a bit faster than Sunherald right?

You check forum atleast once in a few days and mostly on a daily basis so you could just mention when you had time that ‘‘Yes, Chaos Sabo with Ember’s Calling require phys resist and health’’. Anyway thread is closed, done is done.

Thanks for the info!

roughly, yes.

and actually, I never played ember calling chaos sabo so can’t speak for what I didn’t try myself.

You tweaked a lot of alternatives with your Chaos Sabo and didn’t even theorycraft with Ember’s Calling so you say? [Suggestion] Chaos Sabo could definitely use some love One suggestion thread to make archetype work and they provide a set after that. Updated build thread with Ember’s Calling helmet [ -] (DW Melee) Scion of the Void - Chaos Sabo [c+][sr+] ? I remember you were the one who suggested pierce>fire conversion on the set pieces contradicts with chaos damage setup; as me and a few others on previous patch discussion? Which is done, no more pierce>fire conversion. So please stop pretending and just say I didn’t want to support you. It’s okay that somewhat russian community likes to ignore me but it’s not okay pretending you’re not :slight_smile:

So I say. From the very beginning I used 3 parts of Rahzin set and tweaked only helm and pants.

Suggested it only for helmet as it is very strong itself.

If you find some ember sabo calcs of mine, that would be very good for supporting your words. If you don’t, then this looks like just accusing me.

Okay, my bad. So long.