[] Five Eyes All Blind - Pierce/Bleed Infiltrator [4.15 Crucible] [SR90] [All Celestials]


Pierce is the superior damage type

Gear explanation

Gear crafted for %Slow res (1) and %Stun res (2)

  • The Unseeing Eye - the core of the build, also happens to be better and more unique than most legendary ones.
  • 2x Orissia Ring - strong proc, %damage to both damage types, good stats. Can be replaced either with Seal of Orissia or Malmouth Blade Seal/Dreeg Blade Seal
  • Shadow Grasp - BiS.
  • Pack of Treaherous means - stands for %elemental conversion, BiS.
  • Chosen Epaulets - same as belt, affixes don’t matter much, conversion value is far more important.
  • Wendigo Eye - neat medal for pierce casters, can be bought from groove’s vendor. Can be replaced with Mark of Dark Dreams/Direwolf Crest
  • Nemesis - turned out to be better than Belgo’s Relic. I guess -150 DA shred means a lot.
  • Windshears&Mageguard Legguards - stats and beef.
Shattered Realm performance

Casual SR90 run, nothing special. Farming SR75-76 was comfortable.

Crucible performance

My best result so far is 4.07, also did 4.09 and 4.12 so hypothetically could be grinded to sub4. Build is quite reliable in terms of timing.


For all celestial kills went for different skill point distibution, calcs below the videos.

Avatar of Mogdrogen: Facetank all the way, 3 augments for extra lightning res.

Ravager of Flesh: High DA&DA shreds+30%fumbles+20%dodge doing their job.

Callagadra: Kitting, Blade Barrier helps a lot for dealing damage. Killed it in first try.

Crate of Entertaiment: Not really safe but doable.

Bonus Goredrinker Build

Pierce/Bleed Infil utilising goredrinker set and its only playable part - WoP. Done by @romanN1, tweaks by @mad_lee


@mad_lee for help with build polishing.
@nofika4u because that 4.09 rimetongue run got me thinking.


how ? image

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Just Blade Spirits doing the usual Blade Spirit thing.


Z was thinking to pour some love to the epic sets; but after this moment probably no more love for Blind Assassin lol.

Great work! Though using Attuned Lodestone instead HoG for DR means we need HoG love more than epics :rofl:

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blind assassin has always been the best epic set, so imo it never needed any more love.

As soon as they remove confusion from there i am willing to take it.

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Why not ask this issue particular to CR? If all monsters become immune to confuse in CR that would be solve the problem. Because they want to keep these little things as it fit the theme as you know and they won’t change their mind on that. No one asked (or if it’s possible) it’s become an exception uniquely in CR.

Damn didnt know Blind Assassin was capable of these results!
Great build and very nice piloting from self-proclaimed mediocre CR pilot grey-maybe :sweat_smile:


The Sharpshooter of Infiltrators, the Silver Sentinel of Pierce. Can’t wait to see yet another Infiltrator getting hammered , but Blade Spirits are still a hell of a good skill.

Please no, I really like confuse for deep Shattered Realm :sweat_smile:

Nice build btw, looks like I’m gonna visit the spirit guide with my own Blind Assassin infiltrator!

Great build and performance from this blue set! Build is also using one of the strongest skills in the game (not Shadow Strike btw).

Blade Barrier FTW!


i’d rather see pierce getting downtuned across the board (and judging by Z’s replies in RA thread this belt is a dead man). Blade Spirits are good though, no doubts.

In Calla’s fight it was the real MVP so…

Beautiful build. I can’t wait to try it out. I loved Lee’s belgothian, so this should be right up my alley

Interesting! There a save file for this, @grey-maybe? I’d love to take the kid for a spin.

_ThirdEye (s).zip (1.3 MB)
here you go

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Added bonus goredrinker version by Roman.

Naisu, another top build. No idea how it works tho. How do you get sustain here? Living Shadows, unconverted Scales and those 10-20% wpn dmg spams/procs on 20% adcth is enough?

Also, isn’t Blades of Wrath better on something player-bound so that it shotguns? Blade Spirits always just fool around…

Yeah, right? And it’s the silver sent getting all the nerfs.

But I think the op-ness is not the set but pierce brokenness in general. You can convert all dmg in the game, ele, phys and even half the acid if wanna go for ABB, with a bunch of items with zero downsides. And the double dipping in cunning from %dmg and oa.

It’s been demonstrated by most top pierce builds. Just inb4 they nerf sets instead of looking at the bigger picture. Though +2 to all and 34% cdr on a blue set is a bit excessive, maybe.

General pierce strength aside, I think the set is mostly fine because there is no legendary equivalent for the set that you want this set to be toned down for. If this was flame keeper or sharpshooter then there should be a balance where the legendary equivalents are better than the epic ones but in Blind assassin’s case it should be fine if it’s basically a legendary set in terms of power level.

No, it cannot be bought there or from any other vendors.

Has already been addressed

Though it seems like he still hasn’t fixed it.