[] [HC] Vitality Reaping Arc - 2h vitality Cabalist & Ritualist (sr65+, cr170, Mog, Rava, L, vids)


^ingame stats with all permant buffs, soul harvest and call of the grave up, without other temporary buffs. DPS shown is Reaping Arc, highest crit 548k.
My Ritualist version has up to 300k DPS and 850k crit.

GRIMTOOLS Cabalist Shattered Realm set & Nightbringer: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4ZDB9Pz2 Ritualist Blood Knight set & Wildblood Crusher: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/b28OmDqN


YT playlist

Highlight video from patch

  • vs dummy ~25s (Cabalist), ~19s (Ritualist)

  • Cabalist Shattered Realm 65-66 (build can obviously go higher, farming on 75-76 should be no problem I’m just too lazy to grind SR right now)

  • Cabalist Crucible Gladiator 1-170 with timestamps. 3x 150-170, fastest run 6min 12sec. Sub 6 should be possible, if you are a better pilot than me.




You can level both classes either with Ravenous Earth & dual wield Bone Spike or with Bone Harvest & Reaping Halberd & Death’s Whisper Hood (for which you would have to side with Kymon’s Chosen, which is a little tricky as a Necromancer).

Feedback & Final Words

Reaping Arc has 245% Weapon Damage, 26/16 Blade Arc has 205% WD, what more can I say :stuck_out_tongue:
To give a fair comparison though, Blade Arc obviously has item support via e.g. Mythical Grasp of Unchained Might, so overall a proper 2h Blade Arc spam build like a Witchblade with Gutsmasher or a Deathknight with a well rolled Kovan Celestial Halberd will beat the DPS of Reaping Arc. However Reaping Arc needs no gear, can be slapped on top of many already existing builds like e.g. vitality Blood Knight Bone Harvest builds or aether Spellbinders.

TL;DR this build along with all other Reaping Arc builds will be nerfed in, but Kraken and some animations’ speed will be buffed, so we’ll see how this build will exactly change next patch…

Any kind of feedback is apprechiated and check out my other builds in my HC build collection! :slight_smile:


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