>< Pyro Reborn, DW Melee Chaos Pyromancer. No Greens. SR 85+

Hi everyone, I’ld like to share my melee pyro with you. It’s a strong build, have really serious damage and melt things but health is still low even with SR set so it limits his power although still tankier than it look with good circuit breakers and damage absorption. It can go beyond SR 85 but before 90 probably you start to get one-shotted, but with dedication and patience it’s quite possible, even Reaper melts very fast. It should be an alternative to Rah’zin WH. Not an easy to play build so I’ll make this one short.

Images from the game with perma buffs+ BoD+ Dying God/Abomination procs

:damage_chaos::damage_chaos:GRIMTOOLS LINK:damage_chaos::damage_chaos:


High RR(-%142) + high flat, High % damage + 2x t3 buff = Fast Killer.


Low Health
Frequent need of mana potion.
Low movement speed without DG proc :frowning:

  • I choosed SR set because to balance things(surely it can be even more aggressive).

  • One Fand of Chthon for lifesteal and RR, rings are both for RR.

  • Gloves are for +2 possession and acid conversion.

  • Boots are for good stats and hellfire mine bonus.

  • Pants are the only legendary chaos pants(yeah).

  • Belt is for conversion.

  • Medal is for racial damage and stats(also with good rolls you have %100 pierce>chaos conversion.).

  • I used transmuted BWC for both flat RR and damage reduction, plus it’s a great proccer. The rest is usual, nothing extraordinary. If you use some autocaster or something, having sigils as 1 pointer would contribute the sustain aswell but it was too piano for me so I skipped it.

SR 85

Despite killing everything very fast, you can also die very fast. Especially againts hard physical hitters. I killed in chunks by 3x Aetherial Abomination lol, but boss rooms are more easy, you can control the situation. If build had 14k+ health I could easily push for 90.

Didn’t test againts any celestial but if I succeed I’ll update it.

Thanks for reading, any comment is welcome.


Honestly, this build looks fantastic. Id just take extra points from static strike and put all in flashbang for the nice aoe and massive DA reduction, but idk how effective that difference from DA to flat damage is. But this build screams at least 1 green to fix that life, probably leggings. Great build nonetheless. Kinda offtopic, but is fire strike the best DAR for aoe damage?

Edit: i would do something like this with 1 green, 1 rare mod: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/L2JABxDN
Little bit less damage, less overcapped res, but more armor and life.

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If you already pushing sr80+. it will for sure be a good sr 65-75 farmer so some dope nemesis pants will drop for sure that can help push hp up to 14k

Thanks, yeah a good double-rare pants would solve a lot of problems however probably requires some non-related affixes so I didn’t even tried to fit one. You also need OA to proc two of your RRs etc and the flat damage loss from Static Strike is bigger than you think, I tried, I would hardcap it if I had more points :slight_smile:

but Menacing/ of Scorched Runes affixes on that Aleksander pants would be perfect for health and resistances so you can even change some augments into health ones.(but probably very hard to get without GDstash)