[] Ranged Vitality Aura Apostate - Lokarr mediocre - Also FUN - build info & videos

Grimtools: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/JVljdR7N

Why did I do this?

I wanted to create an Aura build to eventually fun-run through Normal, killing everything including all the bosses without ever attacking or using retaliation.

What happened?

At some point, I realised I’d created something that was both silly and rather resilient. Yes, it can kill all the bosses in Normal without attacking or using retal, so yay, that worked. Also, it can face-tank Lokarr using a pistol and a piddly low-level off-hand Leafmane Trophy, so yay again.

Show me…



The two main vitality-conversion items are monster infrequents that do not rely on specific RNG prefix/suffix rolls or scaling values. That’s significant, because it means you can use whatever item drops, even those obtained at a low level, without the need for extreme farming. At end-game (for example, Lokarr) I’m still using the Namadea’s Eye I picked up in Normal difficulty. The Leafmane trophy is also low-level, necessary due to the high spirit requirement for higher-level versions.

Namadea’s Eye - drops from Namadea in Barrowholm cellar. Drop rate is about 20% so you may have to kill Namadea a few times before you get one. Note - you have to be hostile with Barrowholm in order to access the area where this boss spawns. I recommend going hostile with Barrowholm in Normal to get the MI item, then switching to friendly in Elite through Ultimate because of the decent vitality items and augments sold by the Barrowholm vendor. Namadea’s Eye has multiple useful damage conversions for an Apostate, affecting both Ranged Expertise (Inquisitor) and Spectral Binding (Necro).

Leafmane Trophy - drops fairly frequently from various Leafmane enemies found mostly in Ugdenbog/Barrowholm areas. Converts 100% fire damage to vitality on Inquisitor Seal. Also adds a flat 110 vitality damage to Inq Seal, and -15% vitality reduction.

Third item for conversion to vitality damage (among other things) is Radaggan’s Mask. You will need to have the blueprint drop to be able to craft this item. Wearing this gives:
+1 to all Necro skills
+1 to all Inquisitor skills
-1 second recharge to Mark of Torment
12% damage absorption to MoT
2 meter target area to Aura of Censure
100% fire damage converted to vitality to AoC
-80 OA to AoC
-80 DA to Aoc

You can see this is a pretty good item for this build!

You can also craft another mask and transmute it to the shoulder armor from Radaggan’s set. Might take a few rolls of the transmute RNG to get the shoulders. If you don’t fancy doing that, pick up some Korvan Pauldrons (they are the ones with Elemental-to-vitality damage conversion) and farm for a decent drop with the resistances you need. Or just wear the best shoulder item you have acquired that suits the build and your specific needs/playstyle.

All the other gear is really just ‘wear whatever you have that best fits the build’. I tend to prioritise resistances over damage in hardcore, but feel free to go damage crazy if you want to… just try not to die :wink:

Relic - Deathchill Aura but only because it’s called ‘Aura’. I know it doesn’t work like an actual Death Aura but, as I said, this is a FUN build. It’s more important that the relic has ‘Aura’ in the name than it actually contributes a massive deal to the build. Also saves you a load of mats not needing to craft a Mythical relic.


The fairly low number of skills means it’s possible to max them all out.

Necro - all selected skills maxed
Mastery to 32
Reaping Strike
Necrotic Edge
Siphon Souls
Ill Omen
Spectral Binding + Wrath
Call of the Grave
Mark of Torment

Inquisitor - all selected skills maxed except Chilling Rounds
Mastery maxed
Ranged Expertise
Chilling Rounds (soft max - to 10)
Aura of Censure
Inquisitor Seal + Arcane Empowerement


I used the devotion path from Nery’s guide for a vitality caster.

Green node
Remove yellow
Scholar’s Light
Remove Lion and Scholar’s Light
Dying God up to the proc


Steps of Torment boss rush

Build highlight reel

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Lokarr 42s is not great, but congrat on the build :slight_smile:

Indeed. My best Lokarr time is about 23 seconds on a ‘proper’ Purifier build where I was taking the game way too seriously. As I say in the waffling text at the top, the idea was to make a fun-run aura build and it just happened to end up being virtually unkillable versus Lokarr. Well, I got his full set of gear out of about nine or so runs without ever dipping below two-thirds health so it seems pretty decent.

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You do not think storm spread is better single target damage than chilling rounds? (shotgun)

Why not full Radaggan? I don’t see how 2 piece Demonslayer really helps here.

If you want to go crazy with call of the grave, you could even go Death Watcher’s pendant for bonus duration :laughing: Maybe then you could use the Heart of Yugol armor.

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has global pierce to acid conversion iirc.


I am crazy I know

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This looks terrible.

I love it.


Been trying for ages to get better stats. My little green friends does not help enough sadly.

I recently started a new save slot, so I’m using what I’ve found on three other characters and this one. I got the Rada mask blueprint, couldn’t really deal with the effort involved making four and then transmuting versus the RNG. I had the two bits of the Demonslayer gear in stash so I used it. To be honest, this build can survive on total garbage gear in most slots, providing the three main damage-conversion items are being used.

To clarify (I do mention it in the thread description) I never intended this to be any more than a fun-run aura-only build, so I don’t intend trying to make it any better than it is. For Lokarr farming, it served a purpose - incredibly consistent no matter what mutators.

Thanks for the interest!

The pistol adds +3 to Chilling Rounds. As far as this build is concerned, I didn’t overthink it beyond that :slight_smile:

And you know that soul harvest will increase your weapon damage by like 50% ish?

Why is speed really the measurement? What about style, longevity or class…
This is becoming like the stock-market!, Maximum gain, minimum input…
I dare you to come up with something a bit more… Sexy… (red flag alert!..)

what is sexy or not is subjective. Title said “Lokarr melter” and it took +40 seconds. That is not melting in my book. https://www.grimtools.com/calc/eVLwQKM2 BH and storm spread basiclly, around 50% more DPS from the gun.

Also augments etc need to be stream lined, you can’t even crit Lokarr with that low OA.

Anyway, I think these are some sexy meme builds by me :slight_smile:



https://forums.crateentertainment.com/t/1-1-9-0-vindictive-fame-embers-calling-aura-purifier-sr80/107339 (kinda aura build)

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I do love you still have a rascal in your eyes… :slight_smile:
Purifier… Hmmm.

I have this one on hold, can I make anything fun of it?
Mind you Im only farming legit…

Here’s where I left him:


And as you already seen, I suck at understanding the why’s of the game, so don’t mind any crazy points in X & Y…
But with this I really love BWC burning, It was good then, i dunno about now…?

Did this thread just turn into a “help me with my BWC purifier”?

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Sorry. I’ll change it.

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I’m guessing some posters haven’t read that part of the thread description. No problem, I love Lokarr min-maxing too, just not on this build because that was never the point of it.

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I still think the concept can be pushed further, mainly just add soul harvest and tell me how it worked :slight_smile:

That skill would work best with the weapon (bonescythe or something) that converts Bone Harvest cold to vitality. I did think about doing that but ended up with the pistol build for some reason - most likely the buff to ranged from namadea’s eye.

There are all sorts of versions of this build, if you go down the rabbit hole of GT theorycrafting. I wanted an aura (no attack/no retal) build that could kill all the normal bosses without doing anything except just standing there; the consistent (albeit slooooooow and so tedious, I mean 42 seconds, jeez) Lokarr farming was a bonus. For me, anyway.