[ -] Ravenous KriegMonger - Aether Ravenous Earth Apostate (SR80)

:damage_aether: Aether Ravenous Earth Apostate :damage_aether:

Hello fellow grimmers, in patch the acid damage modifier to Ravenous Earth on the Necromancer conduit amulet was changed to support aether instead.

I have not seen a build using this so I thought let’s try to make one :stuck_out_tongue: I did physical and acid RE here. Now what class should we use? The obvious go-to choice is spellbinder because spellbinder is … spellbinder, it’s awesome. But why would you do aether RE with spellbinder when there are 69 other skills available? My approach was then to make a good meme build with apostate instead :sweat_smile: I already hade an apostate leveled up from [] Uroboruuk - a build journal and guide for SSF Drain Essence Apostate so I thought hey let’s do this! I did change the name of that char in GDstash to something more suitable for this mission.

The conduit changes the color FX on RE

Here you can see more skill color FX changes Visual changes of skills through items

:point_right: :point_right: GrimTools calc :point_left: :point_left:

For information regarding updates: read here consider using Sanctified bone in helmet now that Prismatic Diamond got longer cooldown, to help against Reaper (undead racial dmg bonus).

Stats standing on seal & Word of Renewal, not activated Deadly Aim. Stupid me forgot to toggle on seal of blades skill :sweat_smile:

Skills and Devotions should be almost a no-brainer with some exceptions: Storm Box deals meme damage, perhaps more points into Foul Eruption for a bit faster trash clear could be used. Maybe one could go for Rattosh instead to get better sustain against nemesis…

Items, I consider these two MI’s to be mandatory:

  • Magi Visage you will find plenty of these when you farm for those elusive Magi Rings :wink: I happened to have “overseer” prefix and a somewhat non-garbage suffix, but other well rolled such helmets works too. You might wondering about the conflicting conversion, but we will not add any flat acid damage to RE, it only has poison that is not gonna convert into aether. So with the conduit, we are left with RE that deals Aether damage and Vitality decay (and some poison damage).

  • Medal Basilisk Crest to make us cast RE faster and thus stacking them. Also makes energy a bit easier to handle. I used one with the most OA that I had found basically. Alternetive medal Mark of Nacrathan might be interesting choice to have easier time to get Inquisitor seal up to ranks and/or combined with full Bonemonger set to use Inquisitor seals in an offensive manner. But idea with my build was to focus on RE.

Some alternative gearing I considered for the other slots (you can also have a look at the alternative versions of build above for more ideas).

  • Belt: I wanted to get RE as high as possible so a +1 necro belt was used. If you struggle with getting vitality to aether conversion, you always have the green Arcanist belt as a (somewhat misplaced) option. Finally Mythical Scales of beronath, +1 inq skills and +2 inq seal, I used this on my alternative version. Mythical Spiritseeker Cord could be option too, but offers neither DA or OA

  • Weapon Bonespike with aether dmg affixes could be used, but I think Mythical Wrath of the Ascendant gives too much to ignore, +1 necro and vit to aether conversion which will make your bat and wendigo devotion heal you a lot & a very nice proc.

  • Krieg vs Bonemonger set items. My first theorycraft used 4 pieces of Krieg set but I settled for 2 piece set of Krieg and Bonemonger for a more allround build (bonemonger shoulder has vit to aether conversion). A full bonemonger set build would also use Inq seals in an offensive manner.

  • Instead of magelord rings you could use Ring of Tawrot which will free up other item slots for vit to aether conversion. But, I don’t have these rings, and I think the magelord ring set is worth for its +5 inq seal bonus. (Note, now conduit give vit > aether converison!)

  • Pants, sick rolled Anasteria’s Legguards or Mythical Wraithborne Legwraps could work too. These pants gives rank to RE Mythical Scorchrune Legwraps but I did not consider them defensive enough compared to the Mythical Leggings of Arcane Currents.

  • Shoulder, I was considering a well rolled Ascended Shoulderplates for its armor bonus, but decided to scrap that idea.

  • Belt: Mythical Arcanoweave Cord very good belt.

  • Caster off-hand Mythical Codex of Lies the proc should be really good for damage. Never tested it, perhaps I will soon.

  • Component, note that I have seal of corruption but I am not using its skill, too lazy to cast it :wink: Seal of blades is used for armor and more life steal for Spear of the heavens proc. One idea I had was to use chain lightning as spam, but nah costed too much energy (you have to pop energy pot now and then as it is already).

:medal_sports: Performance

SR65-66 farming is very easy, SR75-76 is doable too but you have to focus a bit more and play somewhat good. High aether resistant monsters (like Reaper and Aleksander) can be though but if you play good you will survive - I did die one time each session at first but now I can do 75-76 farming very consistently without dying :grava_yes:

Most in the Main Campaign is a joke, though I have not done Ravager, Crate or Calla (I am not tryhard enough to do them on weak casters :scorv:)

Crucible I have no idea, I don’t find that game mode interesting these days :zzz:

:speech_balloon: This concludes build, thanks for reading let me know if you have made an attempt of making Aether Ravenous Earth build :slight_smile:

:love_you_gesture: Thanks to @MergosWetNurse whom I know is working on Aether RE build, looking forward to read about your results :slight_smile:

Probably my last build this patch… see you in 1.1.9 :zantai:

A great build that uses Aether RE conduit, that also happen NOT to be a spellbinder is this one [] [HC] Clairvoyant Cabalist ( SR 85, 6 min Crucible, Ravager of Flesh, Crate of Entertainment) check it out!


I like that it’s not another binder, nice build!!! What’s RE’s tooltip looking like?

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Thanks, yes - I love spellbinders, but you can do almost anything with them to make em work thanks to MoT and MoE. I wanted to explore some more “memeish” class options for aether casters, and this build came to mind (which I theorycrafted like 2 months ago)

This is rank 25/16, not super high damage but it is decent.

LoL cool FX! and good results. I think you can do Ravager, might take some time though :smiley: Does seal of blades on off-hand really needed?

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Not needed, I wanted some armor. Also life steal for spear of heavens proc is useful. The original idea was to use Chain Lightning but energy drained too much. For more damage, stick in wrathstone or another seal of corruption.

I am not try-hard enough to dance ravager for 10 mintues lol

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Nice build, love it didn’t ruin the amount of binders we have (69)!

Should note that Seal of Blade’s lifesteal is local on your offhand and thus does nothing afaik (since there is no skill that uses %WD of the offhand). You need to put in in your main hand instead.


Note that adcth in caster off-hands counts as global source of adcth :wink: Just as restless remains in gloves.


10k flat is pretty good actually, it’s close to Dark ones/Blightlord powerhouses.

3 k hours andy doesn’t know that stats from components on off hands are global. Pathetic, honestly (:


its 10,8k ~ 11k flat :wink: the alternative version with scales of beronath has 10,3k flat.

My physical build, has advantage that 95% of that flat is converted to physical damage and ignores armor.

My acid build, has the disadvantage that necro has (at least how I built this) no acid RR.

These youtube builders heh? :wink:


Rly liking it @Ulvar1
Good job on this guy and yes, I’m indeed working on mine… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Just didnt play alot lately. :rofl:


Right, I should do Moggy at least, he is fun :slight_smile:

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Truely is, just a REAL BIG FAT FUCKING shame that he doesnt respawn like :deer: and others… :unamused:

It is, love that fight!



@Zantai Take notes! :face_with_monocle: …please! :sob:

Respawn for Mog :pray:

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Some small buffs

  • Conduit necklaces may now also roll with % Conversion, depending on the modifiers it comes with.


Average roll is 25% on the conversion (range 20 - 30%)

This means for us, we get 100% vitality to aether damage conversion - bat & wendigo is better heal now

  • Sear Souls: reduced % Damage Modified penalty to -10%. Removed % Attack damage Converted to Health penalty. This modifier was not functioning, but as the skill was balanced around that, we are going to simply remove it…

Old value was -15% dmg, now its -10% so … yay… :slight_smile:


Update, did SR80 a few times with the “tankier” spec with small changes, sanctified bone in helmet.

I think this build has grown a lot on me, it is now my fav non-spellbinder aether build :slight_smile:

https://www.grimtools.com/calc/w26oYQ8V this is the version I played.

For higher SR pushing, consider using Aura of Conviction for more Phys res.

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