>< Sledge of The Inquisition - Barthollem's Warmaul Purifier. SR 75-76

Hi everyone; I leveled this purifier for another build idea but that one waits for possible changes on new hotfix, and I thought I should give this hammer a shot. Not gonna explain anything througly; just wanted to share if anyone try to search such build.

Images from the game with perma buffs and WoR buff

Helmet crafted with %Physique, Medal crafted with Slow resist.

:fire::fire: GRIMTOOLS :fire::fire:

PS: Note that impervious prefix with Pierce and Acid resist is needed, without that it’s hard to overcap resistances which might lead you to use another MI, and the only slot is not crucial is pants which cause you lose the slow resist.

It’s a fun build overall, more like an hybrid because half of damage comes from procs. FS damage is not huge and AS is low so build has sustain problems but managable in farming range.

SR 76 Boss Room (with kinda bad mutators.)

Can’t say it’s very safe and fast 75-76 farmer, but with some careful piloting it’s consistent without running out of time/death, though beware of hard physical hitters.

Thanks for reading, any comment is welcome.


Looks alot better than what i came up with https://www.grimtools.com/calc/qNYrqrJ2
The stars would have to align to get that weapon :smiley:
For some reason melee fire builds seem hard to build, there are so few pieces of gear dedicated to melee fire. Good job.

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Thanks, yeah it’s not easy to farm but useful affixes drop a lot like Infernal/of Alacrity which I used till I get the ‘‘of Wildfire’’ suffix. DPS difference between those two is 8-9k.

2H FS is weaker than most other AA and even with an MI that mods it, still hits weak. And you used Infernal Brimstone with it. It’s a cool weapon, but it has low base damage and no flat fire damage. Combine with low WD FS, means no leech. I did try that with a Shieldbreaker and RF and provided a feedback which came into life; now it has phys>fire conversion but the sustain problem is still there. Though thanks to conversion, procs hits more so damage&clear speed got improved.

Perhaps don’t sell Chaos Warmauls if you happen to come across ones as the Chaos variant may be possible to make too:
https://www.grimtools.com/calc/lNkQjGvV (some GT I started in

Interesting, but only possible with GDstash :smiley: And for Pyro, I would like to use Wrath of Tenebris to utilize Doom Bolt with two piece Harbinger set. And probably won’t be sturdy as DW version.

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It doesn’t make sense to play FS with Tenebris though.
Pyro also doesn’t make sense.
You play Reaping Arc / Doom Bolt Deceiver with this weapon :slight_smile:

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Yes, RA made other 2H skills obsolete. I still haven’t tested it, waiting for the nerf :nerd_face: I did theorycrafted such Pyro though, before the RA change. couldn’t find it but it was something like this https://www.grimtools.com/calc/RZRdP3K2 quick sketch.

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