[] Earthmover - Physical Blitz Warlord [4.30 Crucible] [SR100] [All Celestials]


And when their earthen mouths will open up
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Gear explanation

Gear crafted for %Armor

  • Bloodbriar’s Thorn - The key item.
  • Warden’s Fortress - BiS. For damage try finding Supercharged or Chronomancer's prefix. Second best option is just getting +phys res, like on “Durable”.
  • Bargoll’s Root - BiS, can be bought in Ancient Groove rogue-like.
  • Wendigo Glare - Boosts both Blitz and SS, so the best option but not mandatory like the previous ones. The best place to farm is in Barrowholm’s Forlorn Cellar.
  • Deathstalker - BiS. Farmed in Ancient Groove.
  • Gargoyle Spines - just good due to flexible nature of green item, +3 to blitz and conversion. Can be replaced with Shoulderguards of Justice for even more armor.
  • Faceguard of Justice - Almost a BiS, Milton Casque with %cdr prefix and of ruin suffix should be better for damage.
  • Collosal Grasp - BiS for any physical build with a shield.
  • Chausses of Barbaros - just great, also gives +3 to SS. Can be replaced with a lot of stuff, but i’d not recommend to do so.
  • Myrmidon Chestguard - BiS due to +skillpoints, regarless of its useful stats.
  • Reforged Chains of Oleron - the best physical belt overall, can be replaced with some fancy ugdenbog girdle, but are still better for damage.
  • Ring of the Black Matriarch - BiS for any physical build.
  • Gargabol’s ring - just for stats, build needs above average OA so i took it. Can be replaced with Combustion Band, really close.
  • Earthshatter Treads - good stats, i even use the proc. Alternative would be either Windshear Greaves for %trap res and proc or simply Dreadnought Footpads for +skills to blitz line.
Shattered Realm performance


Crucible performance

Buffed Cr in 4.31, can be faster

NakedEX recorded somewhere during the test patch so its a bit outdated but nevertheless.


All celestials were killed with the same setup, no augments/skills change required.

  • Ravager - 100% success rate across like 30+ kills, need those lifesteal potions for the second phase though.
  • Avatar - just take one +%lightning res potion and you’re good.
  • Crate - requires a bit of kitting here and there.
  • Callagadra - facetank during first phase, for the second watch for heal rotations.

Solid. Markovian’s due some buffs here.


mouth watering time to give my warlord new clothes due to d*gshxt retal dmg

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there is a missing skill in devotion (shifting sands)

IIRC that’s intentional, stats are better than the proc.

oh i see, but if u r to make that, what skill would you join with?

50 da and 6% speed on a non-aa build is better than Azrakaa on Guardians?

I’m not sure what grey thought but I played this build back in the test and I think yes. Final AS is 145% and since you’re charging DM it is very important.

if you drop Sailor Guide and get Eel, you can get both the proc and 50 da/6 speed, not sure it’s worth it.
can get another Seal of Might to compensate loss of phys res, though.

There’s little point in taking Azraaka’s proc over anything, it doesnt deal damage on phys builds so the only use are impaired aim and oa shred. Ofc sailor’s guide + seal of blades is far more valuable.

How is reflect on this build? Is 34% phys res and 25% reflect reduction from Rebuke enough?

There is some flat phys on the skill, too less to make a difference I guess?

I guess it depends on what kind of content you want to run. Your version loses armor and sustain from seal of blades, but gain the proc with reduced OA and Impaired Aim. I would say that your version would work out well in easier content and maybe even crucible, but should be worse for celestials and high shards. You would have to try it out to be sure though.


Something here seems familiar…

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Should be enough for campaign.

yes, will be kinda screwed by armor and it doesnt solve aoe all that much nor contribute to single target. I simply prefer more speeds.

dont lose %adcth for low value proc. thats not the right thing to do.

no way!

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Playing this build with Ulzaad and Milton.
Sheet-Damage (per HIT !) reaches up to 330k physical damage. Was rly surprised by that, never achieved a more powerfule nuke. One-hitting Heroes, that´s a thing here. Amazing!

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Amazing build, GI showed 3 mil damage in high shards. It was my 3rd build I really had fun playing. The only problem I faced in 90ish shards’ boss room was Gargabol , no matter what I did I couldn’t pass him, he literally one-shotted me even while kiting around. Still hell of a build for high shards, good job :+1:

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Very nice build. Made me start a new character.

Have you tried using krieg mask and boots with fleshwarped pauldrons for some extra conversion?

Thanks for the build. Allowed me to finally go through Hardcore and get those last few achievements.

Hi @grey-maybe , one question.
I was going to try out this build with some minor twezks but I would like to go with a different devotion route including bear, assassin’s mark, ulzaar, azrakaa znd oleron.

as devotion binding to skills has always been my wezl spot through GD, could you please comment on the below, I’d do following bindings:

Assassins mark - blitz
Bear - cadence
Azrakaa - deathstalker
Oleron - guardians
Ulzaad - movement rune id take

Would be very much appreciated!

Edit: fyi: I’d drop LoE because I have a Tyrant’s Bargoll of Ruin lying around and want to try another approach