[][Guide] Trozan's Ice Shards - A cold Warlock Beginner Guide

Awesome build!

I am grateful for all players posting beginners builds.

I have a sketch about TSS/Sigils cold Lock in my topic, but never finish it. So good you made it! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks Nery, I agree we need moooar beginner guides :stuck_out_tongue:

I would have loved to include the Sigils but the conversion options just aren’t convenient enough, I didn’t like my own sketches with it (and the magi shoulders are too hard and expensive to farm)
How did your sketch perform ?

Here’s the link to my sketch:

WOW, year ago. Don’t remember how it performs. Just the idea to use belt for vitality to cold conversion.

I am realy in love with this build. First time I play a not-dot-caster. Nuking stuff with spells feels great.

https://www.grimtools.com/calc/eZPjB4G2 at act 1 in ultimate right now.

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Glad you like it, thanks for the feedback !

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Ive never had much interest in TSS, but this build guide is beautiful. Great color scheme, and very well organized. Easy to read, easy to follow. This is so well made Im now actually interested in exploring TSS! Will be following this guide when I do.

Thank you for putting the time and work into this. It is a great contribution to an awesome community. Im looking forward to trying it!


Yeah. Nothing bad to say about it. The whole level process was realy smooth. Never got any Problems.

defense are good enough. Sometimes you need to kite a little but its ok.
Offensive its a blast. At the point I got all my devotion points and got ultos + bloody pox its so much fun. Mob groups die with course + bloody pox combo and devotion procs :smiley:


Kiting is part of the Trozan experience, or was, when you get some mythical Trozan pieces to use the Sigils of Consumption, you’ll be leeching enough to stand your ground :stuck_out_tongue:

Great color scheme

I was afraid it was too childish or something, thanks for clearing my doubts.

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This is exactly what I’m looking for. Now I can start my HC Warlock following this guide. Thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Ui Hardcore… Good luck :smiley:

the build is IMO ultra squishy. Thats me right now: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/eVLYXlLZ
farming totems and dungeons for better gear. 9 000 hp and not much armor. No way to leech. But 3700 OA TROLOLOOL

It is indeed really glassy, I wouldn’t take it into hardcore unless you love adrenaline (which is probably what hardcore players want :stuck_out_tongue: )

Getting Mirror to 12/12 and not being shy about using it is a large part of the defence, as its cooldown gets really low. You can also aim for a Glacial/Thunderstruck prefix on your off-hand, physical resistance is very valuable and it’s a good investment of your time as most Trozan builds will use that off-hand.
Anyway, congrats on the upgrades Dabuwa, things should get better now with that scepter (and nice OA lmao, enjoy the crits everywhere)

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Very nice looking guide and strong build with so many “garbage” items! :smiley: inspiring

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Ohh, nice - TSS budged build. My first character was spellbinder TSS and it was a failure so I respecced it but I never got the idea of nuking enemies with “ice meteors” out of my head.

Welp, it’s time to make another alt…

I always appreciate beginner’s builds because I love leveling with self-found gear and slowly “growing” your character. To me “journey” to level 100 is more important than end-game so every build that has “natural power progression” is always welcomed.


I want to say thank you for this build. It’s a blast to play as a new person to the game! I’ve tried some other builds as well, (not to mention many hours of gameplay just stumbling around) and this is surprisingly right up my alley (I’m more of a ranged killer ala D2’s Amazon, not a kite bomb).

And to the developers: I haven’t had this much fun with an ARPG since D2.

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Is there any room for Time Dilation devotion? or is Star Pact enough for cdr?

The devotions are where you can be creative, I chose to use the very high cdr of the build to stack healing devotions, but you can also do a more offensive setup including bat (that you’d convert with a gargoyle belt) for healing, or as you wish, go for TD and abuse mirror as the main defence mechanism. I didn’t test those 2 last setups but they should work very well, so go ahead :ok_hand:

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Amazed that there is not many discussion here) Nice build, and as i Can see in headline, you refreshed it for 1.9.2? Is there any nerfs or buffs?

Thanks man, there were a few little buffs and nerfs here and there, most likely for a neutral impact


Sadly the number of comments in a build topic isn’t always proportional to it’s quality.

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Loving this build!

My favourite by far :slight_smile: